Wiz Khalifa - Good Dank Lyrics

Yea........ten steps ahead of these niggas, thats y they fuck wit me instead of these niggas..fool,
Kush and orange juice nigga, I'm tryna use betta words...BEATCHH...germ on the boards,
This time around we want all the money, you niggas short changin, shit, show sumthin...
Champagne and e-z widers....presidential view

[Verse 1]
I keeps it real nothin like you actors do joints I flick,
Bong raps I kicks all cant rips this off tag on your matress fool,
You rather b hi this that shit bitch now u in the presence of the fly
Luis cover my eyes
Not them 100 dollar ray bands fam these 675
Rap ass niggas tellin u lies runnin game sumthins money jus cant distguise
So y keepin it g is where I keep my pride
You a lame smoke some good wit a a cuple of niggas who ride
Look fella
Trees yella and jus by the smell you can tell us cronic I smoke my pockets on mozzerella
Your bitch here twistin up like propellas
Got my paper rite now we like white boy here they way they jelous,

When we come we came to spend money we think it aint nothin thats why we get to cuffin
They hoes she comin to drank and smoke some of this good dank then go back to my place dont ask you already know,
Aint worried bout another nigga while I'm gettin mine homie I aint got the time,
Face in the clouds I'm feelin like the time is on my side,
But they dont wanna see me flyyyyyyyyy..they dont wanna see meee fllyyyyyyyyy....life is all I know,
Flick this weed and dro, grindin paid its toll, (oh, oh) now everywhere I go I flyyyy,

[Verse 2]
Most of my bitches use and abuse these niggas callin em makin em pay they dues
Spendin all your hard earned money on bags and shoes when all they need is kush and orange juice
Shit thats what I feed em, they download my songs watch my interviews and read em,
Treat her like u love her I fuck her once then I dont need her,
I'm playin I keep a couple of those skinnies that I hit up anytime I'm in they city shorty,
I aint on a sports team but ya nigga ballin, dont pick up my line less I see its money callin,
Jordan shorts by the pair and my sox is ralph lauren, and I got that dank from my nigga down new orleans,
Real as they come everyone of my niggas all in,
Niggas'll talk slick but me I'm gettin to the paper cuz they see us and act like they never hated

Where we come we came to spend money we think it aint nothin thats y we get to cuffin
They hoes she comin to drank and smoke some of this good dank then go back to my place dont ask you already know,
Aint worried bout another nigga while I'm gettin mine homie I aint got the time,
Face in the clouds I'm feelin like the time is on my side,
But they dont wanna see me flyyyyyyyyy..they dont wanna see meee fllyyyyyyyyy....life is all I know,
Flips this weed and dro, grindin paid its toll, now everywhere I go I flyyyy,
... taylor gang in this bitch....e you a fool, big bags of kush, put a x in the middle, add the orange juice nigga...

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Wiz Khalifa Good Dank Comments
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    WhO's LiStEnInG iN 2020?!??!??!

    This song's still a banger tho...

  2. Joshua White

    2020 still listening...

  3. sendersOnly

    But they dont wanna see me fly

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    We like white boy hair 👌😂

  7. king sykes

    i would want part 2 of this album

  8. Bryan Bentley

    I remember back in high school me & my bros smoke 💨 big gas ⛽️ to this whole tape & having this song on repeat 😂 feeling like I’m on cloud 9

  9. _ iPrincecity

    Off the x we taking this into 2020 🖤🎸

  10. Blk Meyer Lanski

    Lawd this nigga Wiz back then was straight Camelot! Olympus!

  11. Ross Jephson

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  12. Manuel White

    I'm blazing it up cookies from California right now

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    9 years later, went from teenager to grown ass man married with a kid, and STILL vibe out to this, in the cut, and still blazin. These 3 songs are gonna hit the same no matter how old they get

  16. Rob King

    This is my second favorite wiz song

  17. Swaeu 619

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  18. Danny Ibarra

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    Nov 2019 still bumping

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    Still a real banger in 2019!

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    this mixtape was just FIRE

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  26. DonKing

    Life is all I know soo I flyyy the best punchline. Song dope but that part 👌

  27. Anthony Isaiah

    There will never be another song like this... Remember this and enjoy

  28. lilmanjp

    K & OJ.


    💨💨💨Fly, Fly, Fly FFFLLLLLYYYYYYYY💨💨💨💨

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    Remember when music was good and not just a bunch of noise and yelling


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    Darren Marshall

    Champagne and EZ Widers

    Darren Marshall

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    Darren Marshall

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    Tell me some story Khalifa ..
    #Sing Khalifa

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    Wiz has all I been listening to ever since I went to a dispensary for the first time since I was able to go as a visitor with a friend. So blazed and straight chilling 😎

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    Southside Yoda - Statments I write miss the flight its the way I like if you around maybe you my type cause I only have one Ring its important to be Real its my scheme Im up next to be Stage present im too involed in skys if I could get a chance Id Label It Deep Depth Records or Die Tha Name is mine Probably still lost in the complex over a Person who's Dead He wont ever Give Back A street Soilder once Alive But now can only care about his set no ones to Blame its just the Game
    where talken long hours Grinden you just put on chains me Im loose cause I said Im tamed realease the lie now im above the stage for Operrtunity Gains I wont Bow unless he Silences the wind
    Im Ready to much will call
    thats why Im given up thinking yours is ours Written on a comment military Bars where to invest If you cant read my scars
    Bet you wont even make time for an evils war Southside Yoda I even the scores

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