Wiz Khalifa - G.F.U. Lyrics

[1st Verse - Wiz Khalifa]
24, from the hood and I made 11 million this year so I'm throwin up paper. Got a bunch of niggas with me that done made it from the bottom, gettin money, all throwin up Taylor, you can roll em out, puff em, I don't save it, I stuff em I don't, gotta chase money I'm good I'll bake the whole onion and replace it likes it's nothin ya I'm talking straight cookies no oven. And I'm smokin in public, rich folks still love it. He talkin, he bluffin, that's my chick, she stuntin. And my team is the wildest, try and get high enough to see Mr. Wallace. Thumbs green like the malice, this is for my youngins gettin steemed up in college. If you seen all my closets so much style, its like my stylist had a stylist. And my crib like a palace, Wizzle go hard like a callus.

[Chorus - Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J]
[Wiz Khalifa] All we smoke is papers, blowin hella flavors, smokin till it's gone, that's how we do it cause we're Taylor'd
[Juicy J] Get high (get high) get fucked up (get fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (fucked up)

[2nd Verse - Juicy J]
Cop a Pound, come a pound, roll a pound, blow it down, call a hoe, it's goin down, Juicy J from stoner town. Originality where Mary Jane control the sound. Blue Dream and Lean for all of those who knew the time. Hash, keef oils in the gas mask, we doin numbers like its math class. Match one, nigga don't you know I'm match back, Colors on the herb make the bud look abstract. Smoke good, cause I deserve it, sour deisel got me swervin. I'm swervin, right up on the curbin. Big bong rips, got my chest hurtin, Purp naps, in the Marriott suite, I wanna taste the weed but the swisher too sweet. So make sure you know its only Taylor's if we meet. If you get trippy mane you can't even choke a bean. Blood came through and just dropped off a load. And I ain't sellin shit everything gettin smoked. Smoke when I get up, smoke myself to sleep. Taylor Gang bitch 10 pounds every week.

[Wiz Khalifa] All we smoke is papers, blowin hella flavors, smokin till it's gone, that's how we do it cause we're Taylor'd
[Juicy J] Get high (get high) get fucked up (fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (fucked up)

[3rd Verse - Berner]
Burn, Ima rep for my city, I'm on two blue pills and got the room smellin pissy. Ask, I tell her don't kiss me don't come up for air, lost your bitch to the game, fuck it life isn't fair I'm to chill. 2 mil re-caught with my rap money. Two or three pads bad bitches roll the planes for me. Two strains that my new nickname, cherry pound cookie all you see is a big flame. Stunt, grown man with a coat on, trippy in a room full of girls with no clothes on. Butta ya I love how I'm living. I just left the night club I'm in bed with three women. Too high, too fly, big belly cause I eat good. Blew 30 grand on drinks, I better sleep good. Bag full of shit you prolly seen in my twitpics. Hoodrich the only thing a stripper get is good dick. Ya I'm so slow motion in an S class floatin hard to keep my eyes open, A king pin I keep by weed by the elbow. Skin all itchy tonight, I'm drinkin yellow

[Wiz Khalifa] All we smoke is papers, blowin hella flavors, smokin till it's gone, that's how we do it cause we're Taylor'd
[Juicy J] Get high (get high) get fucked up (get fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (get fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (get fucked up) Get high (get high) get fucked up (get fucked up)

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Wiz Khalifa G.F.U. Comments
  1. Cameron Penner23

    Remember when this dropped now it’s 2019 and I’ve made a return

  2. dizzle Robinson

    Wtf berner got the room smelling pissy?

  3. Taylor Stolz

    Smoke good cause I deserve it

  4. Chris Goree

    Bruh lyric correction? Blood came thru just dropped off a load sounds like and would make more sense if it was *plug* came thru..

  5. LaaLoo Tv

    I miss these type of songs🥺

  6. ItsJeremyThoee

    Listening in 2019

  7. Dennis Pham

    Listening in 2019

  8. LaaLoo Tv

    Man this shit still Fire 🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

  9. Compton 310 SportS


  10. WhudUP Do

    Some dope shit, thats for fucking sure

  11. Eclipz2k

    Anyone know how to get this song on Spotify? I've searched for it but can't find it

  12. Blake Carmello

    Berner went crazy 😰🔥


    listening in 2017

    Chris Taylor

    this shit still goes

  14. Duck

    I'm late

  15. Relatable Debatable

    Almost all of berners part is wrong. Whoever wrote these lyrics is awful

  16. Victor Ramos

    this ma shit

  17. Jeremiah

    Those arent the lyrics for Berner's part, he says "bad bitches water plants for me" not "roll the planes" and he says "re-cop with my rap money" not "recaught" and he says "cherry pie n' cookie" not "cherry pound" theres prawlly more mistakes but those ones was all in a row and I was trippin on that, Berner is one of the most understandable rappers in the game, c'mon bruh...thanx for postin' the track though.


    He's terrible though, bein put on by Wiz best respek

    Dro Rod

    that is a terrible statement he murdered Nicki and drakes truffle butter


    he murdered more than that, hehe

    Chris Goree

    It's also supposed to be plug came thru just dropped off a load, not blood

    dizzle Robinson

    He also smells pissy

  18. Cameron Hickman

    juicy killed it

  19. Cameron Hickman

    juicy killed it

  20. Spencer Ellis

    set speed to 1.25, party & thank me later.

  21. Resilient Venom

    The lyrics arnt that slow

  22. Tammy Wright

    Straight 🔥nigga

  23. Si1entKiller99

    lyrics aren't correct

  24. FradyKvt420

    all 3 of them killed this song literally rare to find a song where all 3 verses are absolute fire

    Anthony Copas

    What's the difference - Dr. Dre, Eminem, Xzibit

    Kool Dread

    sausage3334 pop ñp p ppp


    @sausage3334 LOOLL SHUT THE FUCK UP

    Quinton Davis- McElroy

    With juicy and wiz, and usually Chevy it's always a banger

  25. Lil Scrawnz

    It's not blood came through it's PLUG* came through. Jus lettin ya know

    Dan Hulsoor

    "and ma house like a place" lmao

  26. cj muterspaw

    berner went hard

  27. KayNastyy510

    all we smoke is papers blowin hella flavors

  28. BadaBOOM420

    He changed it lol

  29. matt goodnuts

    There we go. That's the way this shit supposed to sound

  30. Quinton Shiver

    most people actually mistake YOLO for G.F.U.

  31. Matt logans

    wiz and juicy to fresh, but i gotta admit Berner was the best. He was the best at wiz's concerts too.

  32. logan fogel

    fuck you hater! GTFO!

  33. Fallen

    Lyrics are wrong, but dope song.

  34. Mikeila Isathug

    Wiz Khalifa makes everything better

  35. Neal Pittman

    which are you

  36. Dani Caelum


  37. Kyle Cavazos

    way better than the original one

  38. johnny currie


  39. Lo Life Productions

    Dont slow it down. just dont

  40. robby busch

    i hate it when people have TV in their names.... i bet you never been on tv

  41. robby busch

    why have those stupid video changers on the video?? just makes people pissed

  42. TreySosaChief keef

    You gone have to fight me

  43. campincarl37

    Lol this is obvious white kid rap. I still love Juicy J in this song. His voice is hilarious.

  44. TheUFCnetwork

    PS3 is his favorite.

  45. Justin Bodrero

    "TGOD". So annoying when people say that. They aren't apart of no fucking gang.

  46. TreySosaChief keef

    how is he trying to be gangsta?

  47. Justin Bodrero

    You're probably the biggest Wangsta here. ha shut up kid.

  48. Mike Hillias

    Fuck corwin... 1. What kinda gay ass name is that?! 2. The 80's called an they want their outfit back

  49. Corwin Aquino

    If Rick Ross can get girls, so can Berner. Typical hater.

  50. Some Guy

    its almost true

  51. nickfury1012

    why bother calling me sir when you call me dumbass.
    ? stupid ass

  52. Mike Hillias

    and we all know hes not the one getting the girls....

  53. Mike Hillias

    berner needs to take his fat ass and get out of the rap game because his rap sounded like a 12 year old boy.... what an embarassment on his part.... -_________-

  54. marco cruz

    those 146 dislikes r fromr ymcmb cuzz tgod killed the motto c;


  55. chelcie barker

    ruined it!!! twats

  56. Partyrock306

    Shuuut theeeeee fuuuuck uup!! **Juicy j voice**

  57. Khalifa Goon

    1:52 he says plug came through , not blood lmao.

  58. Hunter Hansma

    Why didnt wiz just make this song. Drake is gay af. #TGOD

  59. Olivia Guillen Blas

    dope shit

  60. beaurene marion

    Damn THE BOIZ had tht track smokin...TGOD

  61. Buddy Baby

    Check out my freestyle to this(buddybaby1000)please comment good or bad

  62. ReeferMusicOfficial

    check my music on my channel french inhale freestyle

  63. TheCheckdown

    what i was thinking

  64. Matthew Garza


  65. chungsan3


  66. jeddpascoo

    i'm so slow motion

  67. Aparicio BlackG

    so fuckin raw

  68. nickfury1012

    do you realize how retarded how you sound when you say "you're a dumbass, sir"?

  69. Ole Dew

    So I Heard YMCMB made a remix to this

  70. Nicholas Smith

    you're a dumbass sir, in the description it even says its a remix of the motto.

  71. CashGameMoneyTime34

    haha berner went innn

  72. Temba Lama

    jucy kills this shit

  73. Leon

    Dat Bass !

  74. LocalBuDz

    I hate juicy man. Just in for cheese.

  75. nickfury1012

    this was waaaay before the motto

  76. mauricio rodriguez

    i like wiz but this shit was whack on some real shit

  77. mauricio rodriguez

    dumbest comment goes to you

  78. mlitvenenko

    Fuckin rights

  79. truthisreal.

    Nobody killed a damn thing. They didn't say shit. I only like this son for the chorus

  80. Lefties Rule

    Yolo is retarded G.F.U. is way better.

  81. Based Boyz

    what are you stupid?

  82. Taylor Lewis

    You should be kicked in the head for saying that about Juicy. Trippppppy.

  83. Sky sharp

    This shit is DOPE!!!!!!!!!

  84. trenton james

    wiz is killing drakes song taylor gang

  85. Lance Isbell

    TGOD TOGD TGOD throw it up dank sm59kers hoover shit

  86. Super Mane

    honestly i didnt think berner was as good as he put him self out to be, but he just killed that hoe!!!!!!

  87. jcastro903

    berner got to murkin

  88. msfagsaregay

    Ok well what if the people came her to see how the song was just in case they actually would like it, but they didnt so they commented their opinions.

  89. Dakota Ferryman

    Cop a pound, Come a pound, Roll a pound, blow it down XD i love that part

  90. Anmy Figuereo


  91. Douglas McCrotchTits

    1. Wiz
    2. Wiz
    3. Juicy J
    *Stay taylor'd homie

  92. Zach Rowe

    No disrespect to anyones beliefs.. If you are for pot then cool, but nothing wrong with smoking a blunt now and then, if a man needs to relax he does, I was smoking one while listening to this on break from school. So dot hate, just toke it and join in with me(;

  93. Dqwonnakz12

    THis stit is Fucking TiT And no i l to it all Day!!xD

  94. Brad Hodgson

    Taylor Gang!!!

  95. Brad Parker

    Fuck YOLO Nigga