Witt Lowry - Welcome Lyrics

I've had a lot on my mind
I've had a lot on my chest
I wear my heart on my sleeve
I wear my hurt like a vest
Work every day of the week
Mmm, they told me I needed some rest
Want 'em to mention my name
Whenever they mention the best
Damn, I feel so good to be back
The one and only, had to take a step back, so I could learn it in depth
I'm callin' Dan, callin' John and then Matt
To tell 'em all I put their bets on me with every cent that they have
You hear that detail in that instrumental?
Spill out my whole entire soul, for me that's fundamental
We put in work, that's why we're here, was never accidental
It's time to see what we can find inside my fuckin' mental
Welcome back

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