Witt Lowry - Last Letter Lyrics

I miss, I mi—, I miss you
Eh, fuck it!

This might be the hardest song I've ever had to write
Yeah, I dreamt about you last night
I only see you when I close my eyes tight
Yeah, I wish I told you how I felt before you left
But it just never felt right
Yeah, [*crying*]
I wish I told you everything before you left
I won't forget the day that they found the growth in your chest
The cancer took ahold of your body and then it spread
I talk to you more now than I ever did—I'm a mess
This song will never capture the pain that I could express
I learned from you that nothing is perfect, but try your best
I know you had your demons that younger me didn't get
And out of all our demons, our biggest might be regret
Relate more than ever, remember back when I would only see you every other week
And every other Wednesday, you would take us out to eat
Mom and you had split, so we're living in between
Looking up the word "divorced" to understand what it could mean
But I don't understand, Mom is with another man
You been drinking heavier, to me it was just another can
Culture full of broken homes, we were just another fam
Coulda left like other dads, you, you had another plan
So you stuck around, dealt a life that you probably would never choose
You bottled it inside and that bottle turned into booze
The Jäger took ahold and your body took the abuse
But finally found soberity, cried when I got the news
I know, been hurting more than I show
Inspired by your story, couple things you should know
I met this girl at my show, teared up by what I was told
She said, "I'm sober 'cause of you, you do way more than you know"
And I say—

And I say, "Ohh, please grant me the serenity
To accept everything I cannot change"
You, you always told me I had to do anything
To have you back, see you one day
I, I wonder if you see me when I fall, yeah
I wonder if you hear me now at all
Maybe if the world played this through speakers
I'd be loud enough to reach you, and you'll hear
My last letter for you

And I don't understand how you would stay so optimistic
You started chemo, fought the battle, never quit
That really left an imprint
And we would talk about our lives and after this
How we would live 'em different
See, Mom and you would put your differences aside
Every day she would visit, see the love and your vision
See the hurt in your smile, your wisdom is what I'm missing the most
I'll never be ready to let you go
I never felt so helpless it's outta both our control
You told me how you wanted to travel, next year you'll go
And your body had become fragile, not once did you lose your soul
We were told, it was progressing and you had less than a week
True love is every tear when we told you we had to leave
And how we would converse it, not once did we need to speak
That one day in late October you passed away in your sleep
I been cryin' when I think about it
I miss your smile, I miss your laugh, and now I live without it
I told you music was my passion, and you never doubt it
And people tell me they relate, but now I truly doubt it
Remember cryin' on your grave and yellin' up to you, "How did I lose my way?"
I won't forget that summer was some of my darkest days
Was asking for a sign, sat in my tears and prayed
When I saw that sign you sent me, that day was forever changed
I know, I know, I should've been a better me
Oh, blame me when we argue, I said things I didn't mean
Me and you are who our issues should have always been between
So I'm sorry for the lack of communication from me
I just wish that you were here, so you could watch me win a Grammy
But more importantly to build a family
I hope I make you proud and become everything I can be
I hope they play it loud and send this letter where I can't reach
Sincerely, Mark

And I said, "Ohh, please grant me the serenity
To accept everything I cannot change"
You, you always told me I had to do anything
To have you back, see you one day
I, I wonder if you see me when I fall, yeah
I wonder if you hear me now at all
Maybe if the world played this through speakers
I'd be loud enough to reach you, and you'll hear
My last letter for you

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Witt Lowry Last Letter Comments
  1. Ken Zzor

    Maybe if The world play this trought speakers il be loud enough to Reach you...

  2. Christina MBD

    I just found out lastnight my favorite uncle has mesothelioma. The doctor gave him 6 months to 1 year to live. Why is life so hard? It hurts so much to know I wont have him around soon... got to make the rest of my time with him special. This just sucks so bad.

  3. Nina

    I lost my grandpa on the 23rd of december 2017 to cancer and my gran on the 19th of september 2019 to sepsis and she also suffered with dementia. It was a really hard loss and even tho I wasnt extremely close to them I still think about them everyday. It was so hard to see them suddenly deteriorate and how mistreated they were because they were sick. This song really hits hard and I sometimes struggle to listen all the way through without crying

  4. Griffin Leggieri

    Why am I crying

  5. James Bass

    Witty ft Enkay47 would blow the shit out the water


    Why does this remind me of "How Could You Leave Us" By NF

  7. Islam Bakli _ إسلام باكلي

    Who would dislike this!

  8. Slander

    Thank you youtube recommendations


    i feel like everyday i should just loe my pride and tell my dad i love him before i lose him but i cant and i know when i lose him its gonna ht me hard because we are so alike but we fight the most and im scared hes gonna die oneday and im gonna lose him and never gonna be able to tell him

    Emilio Fernandez

    KONO DIO DA I’m on the same boat but remember once they’re gone it’s too late to say what you wanted 🙏🏻


    @Emilio Fernandez i aggree

  10. Mr.Galaxy Gaming

    I heard this song today for the first time and I was honestly speechless a little over two years ago in August of 2017 I lost my father figure and probably one of the most important people in my life to lung cancer, I miss you so much papaw and everyday is so hard without you you were such a big part of what made me the man I am today, I just wish you’d be here to see the key points of my life you weren’t able to be there for my graduation in May and you won’t be there the day I get married, but I know that you’ll forever live inside my heart and I’ll never let your memory be forgotten. Fly high sailor, you were strong until the end and you’ll never be forgotten 8-8-17 ❤️

  11. Anthony Productions

    My mom died yesterday of cancer if you wanna see everything i said look at gregs comment and look at his replies the worse pain i could ever have i love you mom never going to forget you 10/12/69 - 12/4/19❤

    Emilio Fernandez

    Anthony Productions 🙏🏻

  12. Daisy Lee

    I tried to be all sad and then was like bro is that the kid from diary of a wimpy kid

  13. Younger Family

    I am so sorry for you bro💔

  14. wakulu riel

    When the doctor hugged him it got me. Just like me when my father died at the e.r. i was like shouting and everything till the doctor hugged me like he felt every man's lost. What a hard job to do doctor.

  15. Cohenreacts12 113

    witt you did great job on this song i fell the pain just watching this . i hope everyone is doing well love your music

  16. FexGaming - Gaming and More

    I can relate to this in someway, my friend has been diagnosed with cancer in his throat,we’ve been friends since we were 5 and we went to the same schools, we are both 17, we sometimes argue, our last argument was 3 years ago, I haven’t seen him since, but I’m going to see him in 2 days, I hope he’s ok

  17. Chris bello

    I miss my father.

  18. Nicksick Nicky

    *trigger warning* I personally feel that everyone needs to stop commenting, “I lost (insert name here) and I can’t get over it”. people need to stop looking for pity over the internet. If this genuinely upsets you, go to a therapist! Not a bunch of people that reply to your comment with “it’ll get better hun! Hang in there❤️” in the end that won’t help you, not to sound rude it’s just my opinion. We’re all sad here which is why we’re listening to this song, nobody needs any more sob stories.

    TDKswimmer 24

    I highly disagree. #teamwitt is a family, we all help each other. If you dont understand what its like to lose a loved one it can tear you whole. I don't know your story and you dont know mine. But just because someone is in pain you should never tell what they can and cannot post. They are here for help, not to be bullied.

    Nicksick Nicky

    TDKswimmer 24 I never said they couldn’t post certain things, it was just my opinion. I’ve lost many people in my life so I can understand.

  19. Taylor Ortiz

    Idk about y’all but the most sad part for me is when the son and dad was laughing together and having fun

    Can’t relate

  20. VictorIsNotBad IHOPE

    Holy shit ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Lauren

    Wow, I cry every time.

  22. Ziot Ghoul

    Hit me right in the feels

  23. Ejder Katili Braum

    ı miss

  24. Nurul Ain Jusoh

    Literally cry

  25. Angel Granados

    Honestly cant listen to this without breaking down. I miss my dad and I wish I can talk to him on last time before he left and tell him the things I he never heard me say to him. I still try to move on and keep him in my memories but cant I walk out my room every day hopeing he is still in his favorite recliner watching TV but all i see is a empty one instead. I miss you dad.


    <3 <3 <3

  26. Hannah Olson

    Answer that phone call, go visit, hug them and tell them you love them every chance you can. I’ve learned so much after losing my mom, my whole life was turned upside down in a week. I never understood loss until I lost her. It’s true what they say, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.

  27. MrPsykobob

    My father past from pancreatic cancer two years ago. September 27/28. My dad was my best friend. I had to go back home (different state) to take care of him. Had to help the emt's bodily carry him out of the house. Witt... I miss him so much. He was my best friend. I had 4 days with him. Two verbal . Two non verbal. Thank you for sharing this. Every year has been tough. I wish my pops could see me now. Much love man. I'm a wipe the tears from my face now. It means alot to me. I'm certain you read these. Thank you. Oddly enough my pops was born 7/12. Two years older. I'm sorry brother. I'm a quit rambling. Thank you. Just thank you.

  28. Reaper Killer

    I recently lost both my Mother and Father..😔

  29. TenLettersRap

    Back to visit this song, my mother in law is about to die from cancer and some of these lyrics are speaking even louder to me...😭

  30. Michael Gilbert

    one day in late october...

  31. Melancholic

    Today is October 27, 2019. This song made me cry and my chest hurts. Today is the anniversary of his passing. Thinking of you today Witt Lowry.

  32. stephen hoffman

    Might not have lost my dad but i lost my grandpa and this song literally makes me cry every time I hear it come on I won’t forget the day I had to say goodbye

  33. ss10

    It's been four years... Wishing the Richards family the best

  34. Tempt ._.

    This acc made me cry 😭

  35. Dillon Shepherd

    So glad you came to Dallas for the ‘Nevers Road tour’ & played this song. My grandma passed away 6 days prior due to cancer.

  36. gracesongg

    everyone: this is so sad 😭😭
    me: look it’s greg heffley

  37. Siya Zwane

    When he said 'You bottled it inside and that bottle turned into booz' I felt that

  38. DrazyTrill music

    I'm just saying you should have way more views than it does shout out to you man keep that real music going 💪💯💯

  39. No Mate

    This is gay

  40. Acidous

    I remember listening to this song and thought "This makes me upset". My mum just died yesterday, the cause is not yet known but all I think now when I listen to this is "I miss you" and "I wish I did more". I'll forever love you mum, wherever you are now I hope you're watching over me.

  41. Lauren

    Wow just heard of him and he made me cry already.

  42. Ronnie Powers

    i can never tell you how much this song means to me. how much meeting you in Cleveland meant to me, and how much seeing you perform it meant to me.

  43. McBOSS T. Duck

    You’re underrated. You are amazing and I love you.

  44. Logan Johnson

    Had a homie commit suicide a little over a month ago another overdose last night. This song be hittin hard right now respectively.

  45. Mel_Mak 14

    Was the guy in this Greg from diary of a wimpy kid


    A little late, but I was going to comment this also. I'm almost positive it's him lol.

  46. amber bates

    Fuck cancer.

  47. hanna issa

    Is that Zachary Gordon or am I blind?

  48. Misfit Marsh

    Witt lowry+NF is what my life needs...

  49. insane jake

    I can't imagine loosing my dad lost my grand pa and this song hit hard 💔

  50. paul liseo

    What got me was when he fell in the drs arms. Hit me hard.

  51. Sky

    When he says "Miss your smile, miss your laugh", it makes me cry because it reminds me of my mentally handicapped aunt. She passed away last summer and I cried a lot. I was in the room next to hers and I saw my family crying and knew. And now, every night I cry myself to sleep. I relate to a lot of this song. Even though he says he truly doubts it, he shouldn't because it's true. If you have lost someone and cry every night like me, don't. If you need to, get it out. Try not to think about them and think about other things if possible. If you try and find something else to think about, the crying and suffering will suppress itself.

  52. madwavesd

    Bro I ve been listening to that masterpiece and I really wanna tell ya how much this thing really left an imprint on me just the feeling of this vibe going through the body the chill this little tear in the corner of the eyes... Everytime the same feeling never fading still so intense man this song is the most beautiful song that as ever been written absolutely stunning every time thanks it really helps to deal with a lot of thing and keeping in mind that tomorrow isn t promised to anyone it could not be you but u r family it s so much more hurtful than if it was u rself... Anyways this text is getting way too long keep going u'll be breaking through and have the wonderful life u deserve cause if u believe man I m telling u u deserve all of it

  53. TheHalo3odstfan

    I lost my dad to cancer in 2012. I was in 8th grade at the time. Tomorrow will be 7 years since his passing. Cherish every moment with your loved ones. I just wish he were still here. :(

  54. Kim Gow

    I lost my only biological child, my brother, my stepmother, Mother,Stepfather and Father and my bf plus bff at sametime early 2000's and I am bisexual an just lost my wife of last 11yrs last December. I lost everyone who was anyone to me but my adopted kids an my don is 27 w my 3kids across the country and my daughter is here. My younger siblings are drug addicts and me an my older sister have all their kids and the youngest who we have her 3 just got knocked up. I had dreams in my life an my life has never been mine,had to take care of everyone else. I'm going to be 46 in January and looks like Ima be getting a new born hopefully not strung out. I need prayers bc I feel like were cursed!!!😭😭😭 didnt even mention that I have lost over 100 ppl in my life an was in my 1st fostercare by 10yrs old an my Father got me an my friend addicted to drugs,ciggs, alcohol at 8yrs old so he cld touch us while he was shooting up my Mom was getting beaten to death by my stepfather. Then stepmother got Hiv in 86 the full blown Aids died in 95, lost my son in 92 Lyrik Ryan, my bf Tommy in 94, lost my Mom to Domestic violence in 02,then my father killed my stepfather 10wks later in 02 then himself on Thanksgiving 04 lost my Meme in 86 f and her sister took over who I adored so much an lost her in 09 had met my gf Jessica in 10/24/07 a yr later she became my wife in 08. Lost my brother in 2011, I was doa in 2010 an 2012 lost my bff Claire in 2013, got home invaded 5yrs ago in 2014 and faked my death to survive, then my Grandmother was 100 and passed in 2015...I got lost for few yrs till 2016 from depression and I have loss so many ppl its insane. now these poor kids have to grow up with only me sn my older sister bc were all that's left on our side of the family. We took all of them all so they cld have a chance in this life. An, its 6 of them and it's so hard....... and now our selfish sister who cldnt raise her 3 beautiful kids is pregnant again??I dnt want sympathy at all just please know that your not as lone and live your dreams and if you have good parents or stepparents love them bc I dnt know what th as it's like at all. Still at 45yrs old a part of me is dead inside an will never be back again!!-God bless you all Amen
    Maybe this cld help some ppl ,idk? Even if its 1 my mission is done!! Sorry Witt about your Dad. May you meet again someday in the heavens!!! I see signs all the time from my Angel's and they live in my dreams

  55. Metricate

    This song is incredible! <3

  56. Nightcore nightworld

    Every time I hear this song it reminds me of my friend Santee who died just not even a year ago and it hurts to know he's gone and I thank Witt Lory for all he's done he made me strong after hearing this song and I know he's smiling down on me saying I'm proud of you little man

  57. Lee Eubanks

    I hope every single person who has lost someone they cared about deeply finds peace and finds happiness once again.. Thank you Witt Lowery.

  58. Ashley Berryhill

    Fuck..... Most of his songs give me fucking chill bumps! This man has TALENT! How people like him make beauty out of their pain makes me jealous. I can't make anything out of mine but feeling numb.

  59. callum beeney

    Witt if you dad was still here he would be so proud of you for every song album lyric and words you sing

  60. Sir Dereck the Egg

    Never had a song bring so many emotions to me everytime I listen. The live performance in Manchester was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. The pure passion and emotion coming out of Witt's voice is unmatched, in both the live performance and the studio.... 14 hours to Never's Road. Anyone else revisiting all his songs? <3

  61. Sir Dereck the Egg

    Never had a song bring so many emotions to me everytime I listen. The live performance in Manchester was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced. The pure passion and emotion coming out of Witt's voice is unmatched, in both the live performance and the studio.... 14 hours to Never's Road. Anyone else revisiting all his songs? <3

  62. Xavier Cabrera

    I want to see nf and with lowery collab

  63. TheWolvirine25

    Man this one gets me..

  64. balkis s

    I never met my father cause he died when i was 2 days baby.my mother said my face resemble his.i wish i can see him even in dream

  65. Not Justin Cooper

    That’s the kid from diary of a wimpy kid

  66. Christian Klinge

    yo this is greg on diary of a wimpy kid

  67. YBZ Recall

    Dam this hit hard man

  68. bryce 1424

    Holy shit! 💛 bring this on AGT! Win you a mil and I’ll see you in Vegas bro

  69. Name ee


  70. Vince Gonzalez

    I don't even know what to say...what a song...man, I teared up 10 seconds in. Keeping making music Witt Lowry, people are being inspired by you.

  71. Mike Birch

    One of the best songs. Hit home on so many levels. Thats why im such a fan Witt ty for keeping it real and for sharing your experiences and pain so that we may have an outlet for the pains of thisnworld that we cannot express ourselves.

  72. Het game kanaal

    I feel this. My grandma is currently dying of cancer in her head.

  73. dou._ aa

    Isn't that the wimpy kid

  74. PES 645

    Rip my dad January 26 2019

    I lost him too drugs and his birthday was yesterday

    Kirito - @_Kvrito

    Don't know you but im standing with you! Head up bro.

  75. crzy J

    Not sure if i have ever cried as much as i did listening to your song man. This is a real heavy heart hitter.

  76. Dylan W

    dude I am why to drunk for these emotions...I broke down so damn hard. I love the song and I am so sorry for your loss.

  77. Good For life

    Sorry for your lost stay strong 💯😢

  78. James Pruitt

    I lost my father to cancer last month. Man I can relate to this song in so many ways. Fuck You Cancer...

  79. Good For life

    God damn this shit hit me right in the heart 😢

  80. Richard haznich

    Man..this song is hard😢can relate but not like that type of people who been through..this hit home

  81. Zach Risner

    Man, this song has got me thinking. My dad passed away about 8 years ago, when I was 9. I'm 17 now. And I unfortunately have had traumatic brain injury since then. Making it extremely difficult to remember my father. And this song has me thinking about it, I never gets better, but just keep going guys.

  82. Carly Ronquille

    I love this song so much, but had only listened on Spotify to this point. This is my first time watching this video and it is so heartbreaking seeing it. Giving me chills and tears all over again. 💔 RIP Mom 7/18/1958 - 8/1/2015

  83. Sidhartha Panigrahi

    Love tou brother.

  84. Donnil

    I'm literally shedding a few tears because this makes me think about my Aunt, she currently has cancer right now, and well... she doesn't have much longer left.. She was diagnosed with Ocular Melanoma 9 years ago, which is a very rare type of cancer with her tumor starting in the eye, the doctor told her that she had a better chance to win the lottery than to get that type of cancer. She was told that she had 8 months, and today she is still alive. She was a very strong woman, she contributed to the U.S. Army, is an advocate for children, and is such an overall giver. It sickens me, to think why God takes all the best, and most positive people from us and we keep all of the negative and shitty people. It's like the more "good" we do, the quicker we are taken out of our world.

  85. SwingCasterFilms


  86. uh disturbance

    been hurting more than i show 😪

  87. Oscar Escobar

    His crying in the beginning gets me Everytime

  88. Random The Wise

    I know exactly this feeling like your lung is being squeezed with an iron hand whenever you remember when you see the one who taught you everything you know laying there with a port in the chest having breathed their last breath in their sleep not having made it in time to tell them everything you always wanted to say but never could this resonates you aren't alone i know what thats like know he is proud of you

  89. Hannah Vasquez

    Thank you for writing this. I lost my dad to cancer january 24th of 2019 and it has been the worst pain i ever felt.

  90. Hannane D

    It's almost a decade now since my dad left and I'm still missing you dad I'm still crying as a little child hoping you'd come back

  91. VxLL

    Mom's spaghetti