Witt Lowry - Common Sense (Freestyle) Lyrics

See, we both are the shit
I just came out of the ovaries
You came up outta the ass
And wonder why Witt is sounding so mad
Well, you talk about the best and bring me up last
You rap about bitches and bitches and CASH
You lookin' for real, when I'm fit for the task
Remember you callin' me whack
Now it's a shame you too lame to go put you on blast
I never got a chance! Nah never!
From teachers or friends or girls, whatever
You jealous of me, well see you should do better
The whack eminem and that shit is not clever, come on!
If ya gonna diss me, do it
Jackin' my dick till I change it and bruise it
I came on the PHONE, now I can't even use it
Don't make hip-hop, make passionate music
Get it? Passionate music?
I'm a nice guy so they try to abuse it
You better believe I be checkin' this condom
Cause honestly my future isn't in you, bitch
You're wastin' my time want to ENTER YOUR mind
You want me to ENTER from front and behind?
Then honestly, girl, if you have common sense
You could be a dime plus 9
This girl was like Mark, rap really makes me wet
I'm a model, I just haven't modeled much yet
Your next video, I should be on set
Last night was a mess, don't read that text
Wait, you know other rappers too?
Oh my Gosh, I heard him on DJ Booth
Quick, can you take an Instagram pic of us two?
I will [?] beat the puss till it came unglued
Girls like you make my ass go crazy
Lately, you all the same, see if I was a typical rapper
I'd drive a Mercedes and chill with some typical ladies
But you cannot change me
Till they OPEN my skull and see there is no brain to get changed see
I am a spirit that came from the sky, took over this body right here that they gave me
Jokes on you, say your name and they all say who?
Our pics you should hold onto
That's the most relevant that you will ever be
I ain't tryna be mean, we just know that it's true
When I was younger, I swore till my mouth got tired
Hot sauce in my mouth and my brain rewired
Now i spit you in the head [?]
Could it be that I be so much hot?
Damn! Get high, muthafucka
Now get high, muthafucka
Waste yo time, muthafucka, you not catchin' up to my grind, muthafucka
Takin' the game, I'm takin' you out
You step in my lane? I'm buildin' an army, my armys insane
It's funny how we create power from pain
The fuck are you sayn?
Man, fuck what they say
Told me I couldn't, I'm findin' a way
Man, fuck what they say, never could settle for bein' ok
Man, fuck what they say, step in the ring if you READY to play
I take ya opinions and throw em away
See I'm gonna make you remember my name
It's Witt!

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Witt Lowry Common Sense (Freestyle) Comments
  1. ll Fallen ll


  2. ToXiiCz

    2019 still banging


    I discovered this 1 week ago lol

  3. River Beatty-Pawis


  4. colten libbett

    2014 where the fuck was i at

  5. Silas Ohien


  6. Alpha

    old but gold fr

  7. Supine - STS & More

    It says Freestlye in the title. Was this actually a legit freestyle?
    If so, this man is better than anything I've heard

  8. Create Account

    Nice xd

  9. Chris Pro

    Stillll listen to this shit... 😎

  10. Beevo


  11. austin hopkins

    His imitation of the girl is fucking hilarious 😂

  12. iamAEROS

    this is actually amazing

  13. luisa morales

    at first I thought it was hopsin

  14. K.O.V

    if anyone can tell me the beat plz thank you

  15. PhotonNebula

    I cannot beileve this is a freestyle... Holy shit 🔥

  16. ThankGod4RedHood !

    My neighbors love this song so much that they threw a brick at my window to here it better!

    Airborne Azza

    ThankGod4RedHood ! Hear*

    Markush Gaming

    actually have had a brick come through my window once, now i guess i understand why

  17. Tony Asenov

    Like in my Eyes you are the next Eminem bro , keep up the good work  !!!

  18. Grant Onishi

    Did he diss Eminem on purpose? LMAO

  19. Minenhle Daliswa

    witt is good

  20. Ryan Jacques

    damm 2017 still listening


    Ryan Jacques still in 2019?

  21. FeaR Winter


  22. KronosJB

    Listen to this song at least 10 times everyday so good and lit and a nice flow, and would I be able to use it in one of my videos #TEAMWITT

  23. callie

    I notice that a few of his tracks get published on the 26th of the month, my Birthday is in May on the 26th that would be like the best birthday present ever if he dropped on on my birthday lmao.
    but that would be like 1 in a million

  24. DanViceTV

    Witt + Joji

  25. Sloppy Walrus

    Why is this not on his own Channel?

  26. Lilroux

    savage AF

  27. Carol Costacurta

    #dance #teamwitt

  28. Leg3nd

    hi yonas

    Sean Harnden

    sup deadpool

    Hacker .77

    just found this again on accident😂😂😂

  29. Kishan

    Team Witt

  30. Rezy


  31. Karma

    Such a savage

  32. Luke Smith

    This is crazy savage lol... Gg Witt...I wish he kept this on his channel...

  33. Faded Blades

    Did anyone notice it was a freestyle?


    It kinda says it in the title.... So uh..... Yeah I think everyone noticed

  34. Evoker Hero

    Witt is a fucking side king of rappers. Eminem is the real king

    Sebastian Perry

    nobody ever declared him as a king of anything? if you're not on the #teamwitt train the get the fuck outta here.

    Evoker Hero

    @Sebastian Perry First of all you shut the fuck up I did not say anything about hating Witty you Faggot and second of all its my opinion so fuck you and shut the fuck up piece of shit


    +Reflex Corruptzzz Learn that no one gives a fuck about you'r opinion,just like mine and every others.You can say you'r opinion,sure,but don't think that there will be rainbows under you'r comment.

    Team Ruthless

    Eminem is a god and Witt is an assassin

  35. Xyzenvi

    Witt + Black bear
    Dam Like if you agree


    @ThatOneBluberry and NF


    @shimo NF is lit, his flow and emotion <3


    @ThatOneBluberry and we need K.A.A.N


    @shimo the only thing with K.A.A.N. is his lyricism style doesnt fit the rest. Don't get me wrong, K.A.A.N. is one of my favourite rappers on the scene. His flow and wordplay is godlike

  36. Philly Kerbie

    #teamwitt like if you came here from his post of this song and everyone thought it was new

    milan desender

    hha yeah

  37. Sayef_Li

    is this music copyright free?


    @Dat FancyIan lel

    Nfandlowry NL

    +RoneyFT Gaming gay


    @Cool Cats​ hope you are feeling good in life

    Nfandlowry NL

    +RoneyFT Gaming huh

  38. Neza

    fck man i feel so sad hearing this and my gf leavin me

    Parkway Sleeper

    dont feel sad feel empowered


    she wasn`t worth you then brah
    the right one will come, trust me i know dem feelz


    I can tell u there is worse like meeting up with a bitch who just cheat with u on her bf and doesnt actually cares about u. and if u r just lucky enough she alleged u of beeing a rapist so friends turn against, because she tries to 'save' her 'pride'.

    The Prototype

    mukcat = fucking savage

  39. Joe Herr

    He is the equivalent of Kevin Flum

  40. Tommy Huynh t_wrex_mtb

    Witt Lowry FTW! I just edited a mountain bike video to this song


    Your mom ftw

  41. AyerZ Trades

    Where can i get this beat????

  42. Dan 910

    We all know this isn't a freestyle lmfao, The definition of a freestyle in 2016 has completely changed.


    It was a freestyle originally.

    Dan 910

    +Meg When I think of a freestyle i mean off the dome, This is a memorized "Freeverse"


    How do you know?

  43. Lee Humphries

    Been listening to with for so long literally have all of his songs downloaded

  44. Not lil or yung, more like average

    I love that slut part ahahaaha

  45. UnKnown Killer


  46. Samaria Robinson

    omg he sounds so much like eminem

    Samaria Robinson

    marquise Huh?

    Samaria Robinson

    are you telling me to end my life?

    Samaria Robinson

    idk? i'm confused

    Samaria Robinson

    what did i do???

  47. Georgie Hollebon

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    (ノ≧∇≦)ノ ミ ┸━┸
    ┬──┬ ¯\_(ツ)

  48. Maricela Hernandez

    Eminem is what came to mind as soon as he started rapping! New song to add to my workout playlist 🤗

    Toby. Z

    you should check all his songs, they are perfect, every single one of them

    Maricela Hernandez

    @Toby Z. Thanks, I will!


    Ikr.. Fm


    please dont say he is like eminem

    Betzi Garcia

    Don't compare him to him all he does is mumble and rap about something random that can barbly be understand

  49. Aencro

    yo this song is fucking sick

  50. Jacob Webb

    dope witt

  51. Atrium

    3,333 Likes? Nah fuck you. 3,334 Now ;)

  52. Dylan D

    used to think Witt was getting repetitive with the whole girlfriend break up shit but damn never mind. he went off..

  53. SoixanteCinq65

    how the fuck did i download this song? ._.

    ʙᴀɴᴋᴀɪ ᴛʜᴇ ꜱᴛᴀᴍᴘᴇᴅᴇ

    +YoureSick Description


    or youtube - mp3


    it was a freestyle but he just rehearsed it (better) ;O

  55. RiejuTeam Nederland

    This is insane, one of the best rappers on youtube sine i heard him

  56. Shane Burrows

    I guess you can call this....


    Sorry, I'll leave now...


    +Shane Burrows ''4 months ago'' And he still replies like after 3 months xD


    Shane Burrows call 911

    Shane Burrows

    I'm British, call 999

    Gaming Time 67

    Shane Burrows the cringe of this comment 1 year later is unreal. Almost as cringe worthy as my username

  57. Kristopher Laggan

    sounds so much like Eminem but better in certain ways. Witt has a lot of potential. he's gonna make it big

  58. Ben Morrison

    witt is brilliant, but dont compare him to eminem, dont compare anyone to eminem, eminem is literally the god of rap there is no denying it. the closest to em would be guys like Kendrick, nwa, biggie, pac etc.

    Ben Morrison

    most of you bitches only care about a hot beat and a catchy chorus that just repeats the same 4 words anyway

    Luke DiSilvio

    Witt sucks. But Em isn't the king of rap. Have you ever even heard Nas big l? Mobb deep? Wu?

    Ben Morrison

    @Requis J'karbar bro, if i hadnt why would i even make that comment?

  59. PuRe-_-Luck_

    everyone going on about his style like he copies Eminem, like idgaf good music is good music :)

  60. Jem - Gaming

    sounds so much like Eminem xD

  61. Harry Bateman

    Witt that was so on point much love ❤

  62. Royal Rap


  63. xhannahx K

    Witt;s going to be famous some day. We were all there for him from the beginning. #TEAMWITT

    Edvin Nilsson




    Jayden Binns

    xhannahx K #TeamWitt


    So funny to read this comment again 2 years later where he could be considered famous

  64. Elijah Schaller

    Damn Witt!? Shit goes hard

  65. Collin Andrews

    am i the only one who hears g eazy in his style and voice as well as eminem?

  66. Aencro

    Is this song copy righted?

  67. Sleet

    his rap emotions are very similar to enimems. Witt is lot better at this point. He has more emotion and can flow perfect.

    The Jc ™

    @ali ismail better then em? Have you listened to kamikaze? Lmao no rapper future or past touch eminem period. Btw your 2 years late to this convo lmao

    ali ismail

    @The Jc ™ Yes I am and in these past 2 years Witt is wayyyy better without question

    ali ismail

    @The Jc ™ Eminem has so many better raps. Whyd u suggested that one

    The Jc ™

    ali ismail I think you have been smoking some wild wild herbs bro lmao, washed up em still shits on every artist in the game. He is the only real hip hop artist and even his weakest of albums goes platinum and makes more sales then any other artist so please keep telling me a YouTube rapper like Witt is better then a literal god of the genre

    The Jc ™

    ali ismail kamikaze A’s in the entire album my dude. The ringer alone blows the last 5 years of modern rap out the water easily

  68. HeyItz Matty

    He's not Eminem. Alot more angry. Not saying that's a bad thing, but he's Witt. That's how he is, but I kind of get how you say he sounds like Eminem, but again I disagree ;-;

    The Jc ™

    he doesent have his own style theres nothing different about this guy he completely copys everything em used to do lmao and still does 

    Luke DiSilvio

    Shut the fuck up.

    Team Ruthless

    The Jc ™ Being angry and passionate is trademarked by Eminem

    Betzi Garcia

    Emininem only mumbles and raps randomly about something that could be barbly understood

  69. Haiden Cook

    yooo fuck this guy ........ he just got me a noise complaint :(


    best bars = noise complaint

    Tony Lowes

    Lol for real?

  70. LoseY0urSelf

    Biting SlimShady doesn`t make it good

  71. Nate Graf

    That diss he did to anyone about them calling him a eminem and said stop riding his dick, LMFAO but yet he seems to be the next big rapper. :p

  72. Venomaus

    too bad this freestyle was written


    +ShadyLiveProductions Don't leak his secrets :o Lol was still good though :P


    I'm pretty sure it was a freestyle he just kept on adding lines tho on paper,


    +MuZz Gaming It is actually from one of his songs. I don't remember the name though, it's one of his old songs and it didn't get that much recognition. Just search up the lyrics and you may find the song.


    Perfect no?


    Too bad you don't know that freestyles are written 90% of the time, off-the-top freestyles and pre-written freestyles are two different things under the same category lmfao pre-written are typically written within a day of spitting it, off the top is obviously off the top, at the moment type shit

  73. Maximohz

    That beat is fuckin sick!

  74. James Murphy

    Dude this song is the shit and you are the shit. Crazy good song. It gives me chills. Keep it up, favorite song in the world right now. Nothing but respect for you witt

  75. P K Slays

    haha like people say u sound like eminem .. nothing like em u good in your own way u got that heart shit keep it up

  76. TCLA TV

    Nice job it s so good

  77. CarbonXVIX

    Yep I'm loving this rap as well!

  78. Taylor Rychlak

    Witty's fans are pretty bold lmao

  79. carlos diaz

    witt would kill eminem 

    Rajbin Marak

    carlos diaz hahhaha Witt can't do that

  80. HowFar-

    Make more songs like this Witt but don't stop making songs about girls

  81. 2001 Ford F-350

    Damn Mark. Wow.

  82. SnD Montage

    what is this beat track called????????

  83. Satori Flaveh

    Witty & Eminem should do a rap together like if you think so

    John Fielding

    No they're to similar the styles would clash

    Team Ruthless

    No I don't want eminem to be killed

  84. Aleshya Clark

    witty is my favorite from swagy track! i swear, if his music was easier to find id have it in my music files on everything!! <3
    Make more music Witty!

  85. Zeyaa FG

    Doesn't witty sound like Quest?

  86. ismax4000

    WITTY <3 AwEsOmE ! 

  87. Pici Pocok

    This is the best ...

  88. Adrian Humphries

    #TeamWitty to the death of me 

  89. Adrian Humphries

    No its a new song

  90. papa

    the day witty stops rapping about girls i will start to listen more to him

    David Lastiki

    white kid steve go hate on the rappers who tali about drugs not Witt. He doesn't only talk about girls anymore either lol