Withers, Bill - Something That Turns You On Lyrics

I hope you find in me
Something that turns you on
A tie that binds with me
And holds us together from now on

Oh! I want to be what you need. Ow baby yeah!
When it gets down to love
I want to be what you want me to be
When it gets down to love

Really want to be what you need
Wanna be the one that turns you on
Really want to be what you need
Wanna be the one that turns you on

I hope you find in me
Something that's peaceful and warm
Something that keeps us together
‘Til one of us is dead and gone

Oh! I want to be what you need
Ow baby yeah!
When it gets down to love
I want to be what you want me to be
When it gets down to love

Really want to be what you need
Wanna be the one that turns you on
Really want to be what you need
Wanna be the one that turns you on

I hope you find in me
Something that burns on and on
Something that keeps us together
Keeps our love still holding on

I want to be what you need
When it gets down to love
I want to be what you want me to be
When it gets down to love

Really want to be what you need
Wanna be the one that turns you on
Really want to be what you need
Wanna be the one that turns you on

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Withers, Bill Something That Turns You On Comments
  1. Dawn Moloto

    my first boyfriend in college played me this song when we were dating in 1986.

  2. John Kerley

    Remember first hearing this on Robbie Vincent’s music for a candle lit dinner

  3. Laurens Mulder

    Phil Perry's ad libs are sooooooo fine

  4. Ramon LeBlanc Harts

    Still listening in 2019

    Laurens Mulder

    yep me too

  5. Sean Wells


  6. Johannes Landiwe Radebe

    Bill you are the BEST.👌

  7. TheTomz71

    all the songs on this lp r good

  8. Copper D Davis

    Sing it, Bill

  9. Sheila Palmer

    You are a legend

  10. Sheila Palmer

    Ilove your style

  11. Sheila Palmer

    You are so deep

  12. Sheila Palmer

    You are so hot

  13. Sheila Palmer

    You are so bless

  14. Sheila Palmer

    Ilove. Your voice

  15. Sheila Palmer

    Please do a live concert

  16. Sheila Palmer

    You are a genius

  17. Sheila Palmer

    Ilove your style

  18. Sheila Palmer

    You are awesome

  19. Sheila Palmer

    You are a powerhouse

  20. Sheila Palmer

    You are so hot

  21. Angela King

    I think I listen to this song about five times or more a day. The spirit is awesome in this song.

  22. Ronald Nock

    To me, i think this is the best song bill ever did, and got hardly no airplay. SHAME

  23. daisypaul

    2019 😮

  24. Rafael Oliveira

    Som de Qualidade. 2019 Muito bom.

  25. Augustus White

    Bought this LP when i first heard it on Robbie Vincent Show.Respect to Robbie Vincent.

  26. Brady Poirier

    Chords, anyone? Hoping to jam this acoustically..

  27. Ramon Hart

    Still listening in 2018

  28. Tharan Manning

    This song brings back memories from my junior year at college when they were playing this song throughout the dorms.

  29. Willard Perry

    Great track Phil Perry and crew harmonizing at a top level,,of course Bill doing his thing, super combination!

  30. thabo matlala

    this was my 1st vinyl,unfortunately I can't get "Watching me watching you"(title ) on a CD. This is my all time best.

  31. Enddy Santos Pereira

    no meu coraçao

  32. Enddy Santos Pereira

    real r&b

  33. Enddy Santos Pereira

    cara essa musica e totalmente minha , linda amoooooo

  34. Marcos Balensuera

    Soul de primeira...Baita música.

  35. kenneth roberts

    Last one love it he went out on top

  36. Lavaredx

    Vai e vem

  37. Roberto Campos

    Clássica sem palavras

  38. Clyde Ward

    bill know something before he say please lol

  39. TallCool 1

    ...Nice, easy going music...👍..
    he's got such a 'Soft, Velvet Style'...💜

  40. Ben Stewart

    Listen! I really want to be what you need, when it gets down to love!

  41. Jarreau Forney

    this brother is so soulful beautiful music love bill withers

  42. Margaret Lawrence

    This is my favourite of all time...yesss!

  43. Nathan LaMarche

    "Watching you watching me" is one of Bill Withers' all time best albums ever made. And one of my all time favorites. Keep up the wonderful work Bill.

    Maica Clarke

    Nathan LaMarche , I think this the last the last album he made.

    Nhleko Clement

    Not only was it his best, the year it came out, it was the best album. I first bought it in vinyl, then later the CD

  44. Darren Brennan

    Love Bill ! RIP to the ultimate BROTHER.


    Lol, uhhh Bill Withers is still alive buddy.

    Darren Brennan

    Oh shit ! I got fucked up there.

    Maica Clarke

    Darren Brennan , if Bill heard how you've buried him alive,he certainly will have something to say about it.very witty, philosophical gentleman.

  45. Christopher Aizen

    Yoooo. This is amazing

  46. Carla Linton

    Carla Linton. I love Bill Withers. One of my favorite songs by Bill Withers is called Something That Turns You On. That's one of my favorite Old School Jams.

    Maica Clarke

    Carla Linton ,but you know music.

  47. Chloé Loulous

    Why have I only just discovered Bill Whithers 😞 Being so young we don't get to hear real music


    they corrected it too lmao

    Ben Stewart

    Good music, that is....This is from the 70's, the era of good music!

  48. Altair Godoy

    The best

  49. Valentin Iancu

    ♡ ♡ ♡

  50. Kelvin Mays



    xis - vai e vem

  52. Marcos Francisco P

    simplesmente linda essa musica....100 palavras ..

    Altair Godoy

    +Marcos Francisco P linda mesmo

  53. Imma De Martino

    Fatevi accarezzare da questa meraviglia !!! 💜

  54. C Flow

    Always loved this! Phil Perry is also on this. (1:14 yeah.....)

  55. Tessa VN

    Produced by Ralph MacDonald. You are missed. ... ♫♪ ♪♫

  56. Ken Batten

    Great song by Bill of many, many great songs by Bill

  57. ThugPeace1700

    Dedicated to all my loves. Girls and women of my past and my future. I always love you. Peace

  58. Deephouse Gent

    So many overlooked and forgotten R&B cuts lend themselves to the Steppers Set... This is definitely one such track. Nice post, nice find.

  59. Kenneth Addy

    A blinder of a tune !

  60. Jairo dos santos

    Meu Deus tempos bom aqueles , não tinha a putaria que tem hoje  que nojo ,.

  61. Silmara Pereira Costa

    Dançar juntinho. Como e bom!

  62. Ramon LeBlanc Harts

    Great friggin' song ( check out my old school Youtube freestyle dance video RAMON HART'S PERFORMANCE OF A LIFETIME ).

  63. Silmara Pereira Costa

    Dancei muito!

  64. nair oliveira barbosa

    essa eu curti muito e sei cantar ela ate hoje em dia amo essa musica melodia rara so a chic show tinha dancei ela varias veses acabei casando e estou ate hoje por essas melodias existirem e que o amor prevalesse valeu

    Paulo Henryque Santana

    Chic Show era Show.

  65. CrukdStr8

    Bill is he greatest of them all!

  66. Dave Mercado

    Dear 80's electronic drums and producers that thought it was cool. 'You still suck" too bad great artists had to carry you on their talented backs.

  67. Ramon LeBlanc Harts

    I was a teenager growing up in South L.A. when I heard this on urban radio. Amazingly, after nearly 30 years - it STILL sounds fresh! I would like to invite you all to join us at the Facebook fan group: Fans Of TV ONES UNSUNG.

    Ramon Hart, Co-Admin
    Facebook MAIN profile: Ramon La Cruz Hart ( D'Amour Scott Douglas Broussard )
    Mobile: 817-231-1060
    Yahoo! E-mail Address: [email protected]

  68. Ramon LeBlanc Harts

    I have been looking for this song. I was a teenager in high school when I first heard it over the radiowaves while in South L.A.! A beautiful song.

    The Yacht Rock Show

    Ramon LeBlanc Harts Tune in the yacht Rock Show podcast on @spotify @applepodcast @iheartradio we play this and more!

  69. Joey258610

    Thanks for posting. Bill Withers, find that fire in your soul again. The world needs your soul now more than ever.

  70. shambo22

    wonderfull song. reminds me millions of things. thanks for posting. thank you Bill. Wherever you are...

  71. monaj3lisa

    wow wow woow......dangerously seductive

  72. monaj3lisa

    ....the sideburns and 5 O'clock shadooow....haha

  73. fnkdrmmr

    See more on James Gadson @ SoulDrummers . com


    this is good muisc here

  75. CharR

    @BeeFlannel I have it I tought it was posted already. If I'll work something out.

  76. CharR

    @Cch092775 Yes true. I read in an interview once that Bill retired due to the changes in the industry and the music itself. This is one his best projects after "Just The Two of Us.

  77. Claude Chaney

    Ninja, of course he's still alive but he is not recording. This song was the last song.
    I miss his music.

  78. danewson

    This whole album was sick. Every song was bad ass. All day.

  79. penny banks


    VERY INSPIRATIONAL!!! We want to see you again!!

  80. ANTE Music

    Best song fo sho

  81. Beverlee Henri-DuBois

    Does anyone have "Tryin' to Find A Love" that is on this album? Its ridiculously sexy, and I'd love to hear it again.

  82. mojay11

    All these years I never knew who the male vocalist was singing wth BIll Withers on the track, thanks for pointing that out.

  83. calidime30

    Smooth jam

  84. Ernest Edwards

    Phil Perry on backup vocals...

  85. sgtrius

    he's got to be a musical genius. he wrote and sang, lean on me which has turned into sort of an anthem. very talented musician

  86. N Lone

    Awesome track - brings back wonderful memories

  87. UltraPOPDJ

    Very obscure. I have not heard this record since it was on the radio back in 1985. Too bad there was not video to justify this. I still love this smooth ballad to this day!

  88. loviedovie222

    still sounds good after all these years. we need to get back to the smooth sound.

  89. geird68

    All time fav. Luv it

  90. ristobenjie

    I was in high school when this song came out and longed for the day when I could live out its words. This was a great album too. Especially "Don't make me wait"

  91. CharR

    Me too. This album is great!

  92. Claude Chaney

    I really miss Bill Withers. The arrangement is simply wonderful.

  93. CottonKulan

    Really nice song

  94. hama jalal

    Daaaanm what a song! Thank so much for this lovely song/ Kurda