Wishbone Ash - The King Will Come Lyrics

In the fire, the king will come.
Thunder rolls, piper and drum.
Evil sons, overrun,
Count their sins - judgment comes.

The checkerboard of nights and days -
Man will die, man be saved.
The sky will fall, the earth will pray,
When judgment comes to claim its day.

See the word of the prophet
On a stone in his hand.
Poison pen revelation,
Or just a sign in the sand?

The checkerboard of nights and days -
Man will die, man be saved.
The sky will fall, the earth will pray,
When judgment comes to claim its day.

See the word of the prophet
On a stone in his hand.
Poison pen revelation,
Or just a sign in the sand?

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Wishbone Ash The King Will Come Comments
  1. magdy farrag

    Love them ...

  2. Azra Jugo

    one of the greatest songs of our time,,,,

  3. Neun

    foda cade os br em 2022 manow ?? 😍

  4. Joey Benoit

    260 thumbs down! You guys are nuts! Wishbone Ash was phenomenal!

  5. leftyzappa


  6. Tim Barringer

    Bought this album in October 1972. It still sounds fresh and vital to this day. That is the sign of a true classic. Wishbone recorderd some great music in their day and this one stands at the top.

  7. EllyCat

    Jammie ....

  8. Thanasis nos

    The rythm guitar reminds me of crazy train chorus

  9. Thanasis nos

    God damn me i wasnt ready for this.

  10. Andy2018 Wat

    First time I've ever heard this. It won't be the last.

  11. nickdryad

    I used to play this on my gramophone when I were a lad. It was an HMV.

  12. Dieter Wolf

    IT was a beautiful time.

  13. Cindy Dufala

    Bravo ⚘ loved this the so cool when it came out just as much as I do now. It's rather dope. 2-12-2020. Entire album is a masterpiece.

  14. Lloyd Stout

    Sound is awful but this is a great album so what are you doing go on Audiogon and buy it!!!....

  15. benbeck1

    Goosebumps when I hear the epic intro and epic guitar solo. Great song!!

  16. John Drover

    Once a favourite- got me through my school years 73 to 77 👍🏼

  17. P.Lambert Artist Germany

    Oni ich vermisse Dich, shit us rock

  18. Andy Ebbers

    I like it a lot!!!! going well with my whiskey tonight!

  19. cas3003

    Ancient Greek Mycenaean soldier looking at the Plain of Argus

  20. Xenibalt

    danny's shirt sent me

  21. Peter Wagner

    geil ..........

  22. Nikolaos Mosxakis


  23. Duane Goodson

    Every time I hear this I have to turn it up.

  24. Σταυρος κουρταλης

    The whole album is “Pure perfection”....a masterpiece!!! One of the best if not the best albums of the Rock music

  25. DNA Cowboy

    ‘And Aragorn, the new King of Gondor was welcomed into the city as one of their own’.......THIS should have been the soundtrack for Jackson’s LOTR trilogy.

  26. John Sunderland

    First ever gig for me at Portsmouth Guildhall back in the early seventies. I was mesmerised by this, Throw down the Sword and Warrior in trilogy. Wonderful stuff.

  27. Greatbritishpatriot Greatbritishpatriot

    Procul harem
    The animals
    Led zeppelin
    Wishbone ash
    The kinks
    Just a few of the greatest groups ever during the late 60s

  28. fmtf niuprog

    John Tout (Renaissance) plays the organ...!

  29. Audiogeeks Vintage Sales

    I aw these guys twice. What great guitar boogie. I saw then in the ST PAUL civic center(18,000-20,000) . I wish it would gave been the theater section (2500 seats. This vabd us vetter in a small venue

  30. find a way never stop ever

    Its like Clapton in Sabath for Stills and Nash

  31. Debbie Ritter

    The King Will Come -- Lyrics

    In the fire, the king will come.
    Thunder rolls, piper and drum.
    Evil sons, overrun,
    Count their sins - judgment comes.
    The checkerboard of nights and days -
    Man will die, man be saved.
    The sky will fall, the earth will pray,
    When judgment comes to claim its day.
    See the word of the prophet
    On a stone in his hand.
    Poison pen revelation,
    Or just a sign in the sand?
    The checkerboard of nights and days -
    Man will die, man be saved.
    The sky will fall, the earth will pray,
    When judgment comes to claim its day.
    See the word of the prophet
    On a stone in his hand.
    Poison pen revelation,
    Or just a sign in the sand?


    It's weird , I remember people from the albums they had and if I had never met him I would have never been so attached to the music , cause lets face it Wishbone wasn't a big commercial band , but had a big , melodic sound with crazy guitars .

  33. Cellao

    Me: Perfection does not exist
    Wishbone Ash: You fool, listen to this

    *4:29** starts*

  34. old guy

    WOW! Knew I'd heard of Wishbone Ash. Started listening and realized I haven't heard this since the 70's.Back then you could hear stuff this good on the radio.

  35. zenon zaniewski

    czekałem na ten motyw gitarowy 45 lat- ta muzyka jest tak młoda jak ja

  36. galaxyseven

    I'm a huge fan, and had the incredible pleasure of being their opening act on two occasions and had a really nice chat with their longtime bassist Bob Skeat. He used my amp, liked my Modulus bass and also advised me to get a Music Man Stingray like what he plays. I did, and it's got an amazing sound. Oh, and my dream came true a year ago when my trio, Tiny Rhino, covered King Will Come at Dogwood in Beacon, NY. What a night that was, the air conditioning at the place was broken, it must have been over 100F on stage!
    I have more stories about seeing and meeting them, if anyone asks me, I'll be happy to go on about it, otherwise, I'll just shut the hell up.
    Rock on Andy et al !


    Oscar Norberg 🐵

  38. peter fairbrother

    There are some songs / riffs, I can't imagine a world without them. Not remotely complex but this is one ... air guitar imminent :)

  39. Carolyn Johnsen

    Saturday, January 4, 2020 and this sounds just as good if not better, as it did in 1973 when I was 16. Amazing Stayability!

  40. William Freimuth

    This was pure gold in my 70s collection ...lost to a fire at the cabin.
    Great to have it back now.

  41. I, Jupiter

    Hail Brittania! The 70s Brit bands just simply rocked! They had it all, concepts, great playing and vocals and that questing spirit for new sounds and frontiers. Great stuff! The King is here.....

  42. richard coughlan

    Such a beastly intro build up and first riff. Quality. The bass is incredible. Just well paced and a good choice of notes to work in unison with and yet opposing the guitar (in a good way).....

  43. Tony Hedditch

    The album cover ( just like Led Zeppelin 4 ), is enough. Words don't need to say anything. Visualization & the music is all that matters.

  44. mark pattinson

    This has been performed by both Andy Powell's version of WA and Martin Turner's MTWA, NOTHING comes close to this.

  45. Laura ok

    I still have this Album. Turned 1 of my kids onto it

  46. That 70's feel gb . Sound

    hard life (MULDEW)

  47. Vanei Pontes

    Simply Masterpiece 🎵🎼🎶🎸😎👊

  48. Suren Mac

    I am from india 1987 born , i first listened to band just 1 year ago by random music and realised how good this band is . I hear always hear commercial music that plays non stop on radio and always realised it is not nice to hear .I felt most of good music made in between 1960 to 1980 havent heard by this millenials yet So i am Realising old is gold and it as more peace and purpose in making music compared to modern .

  49. Robert McAllister

    Still have this album. Great music. Great album cover. Underrated as hell. These guys could play.

  50. すぎたにのぶゆき

    英国のツインギターのウィッシュボーン・アッシュの3枚目のアルバム、アーガス(百眼の巨人)のB 面の1曲目に入っていた、キング・イン・ザ・ウイルカム。アンディー・パウエルのワウワウペダル踏み巻くりと綺麗なハーモニーがいかにもW・アッシュらしいです。納得‼️のぶ😘

  51. sonofaglitch

    I can hear this song's influence on Magna Carta Cartel very strongly.

  52. stefanveatch2

    This is one of the best metal albums ever. It is special. ---Going to see Ash for the first time in Phoenix AZ in feb 2020. Throw down the mother fucken sword!!!!

  53. Winston Jackson

    My long lasting favourite song and track of all.love this fabulous song.🏄

  54. . y .

    Who's listening to this in 2020?

  55. Info Illness

    F***ck me a track with a superior guitar solo from an era when guitar solos were superior....wow...

  56. Christopher James Lee

    Many years ago a friend and I went to see a girl he'd met on holiday. Her Dad offered us both a beer and started talking about music. Hours later, completely trashed, we sat and listened to this album. I've loved it ever since.

    Harry Cooke

    So cool 🍻

  57. Joe Fargo

    OMG why don't they make music like this today ??

  58. Ong Gi

    my friend used to like this ....HELL YAH !

  59. Olga Giezenberg


  60. Swinson Air

    Used to hear this late at night on KAAY Little Rock

  61. Ned Edwards

    Had an 8 track installed in my Hillman Imp, …...cheap but reliable, …..Argus was weekend my go to music, Still cool,

    Marcus Naish

    never heard a hillman imp called reliable before. or did you mean the 8 track player.

    Ned Edwards

    @Marcus Naish The Imp was fine back in the 70"s.... Cheap to run its .9 ltr single overhead cam engine. Water pump blew once but OK as a runabout, not for motorways, but there weren't any around us then. Happy days.

  62. OtakuOverkill

    Darth Vader with a spear!

  63. david warren


  64. Colin deBourg

    Got this album for my 21st birthday in 1972 which I still have, just how bloody good is this ?

    Robert McAllister

    It's fng bloody good

  65. Kip Strange

    Whos all listening in 2019?

    James Martin

    I was only 17 the first time I heard Wishbone Ash, too young to appreciate it back then.

    Argyris Sketo


  66. Peter Parisius

    It gives me goosebumps.

  67. Duane Goodson

    Metallica should have done a remake of this song that would be a perfect fit.


    I agree :)

    Annamaria Palanza

    Duane Goodson man, that’s so true!!!!

  68. Kevin Wilson

    Probably the most perfect album ever made.

    Mr Fahrenheit

    Roxy Music ripped it for Avalon imo, but given the similar theme we can't complain.

  69. henk Tuinman

    I am now 68 and listning stil
    I was with my girlfriend and now still with her more than 50 years.
    We go in 2020 to a concert with wishbone ash with my son of 28 and girlfriend in holland
    Bring me back to when i was 22 year old
    Nice to go there together

    Robert Bradley

    67yrs young and listening from Cleveland. Have fun man!!

    Dennis Mohican

    Still Jamming here in Austin, Tx too!
    Nice story Henk, Man hard to believe that some members of this great band are still active and keeping the name alive! I hope ya'll have a great time at the show!
    59 years

    Cindy Dufala

    henk Tuinman happy Golden Anniversary.

    Cindy Dufala

    Robert Bradley hiya from the Rubber City listening now. Still. Peace

  70. Czesław BEDNAREK


  71. Michel Vignères

    It is a shame, and not the group fault, that the album has not been correctly mixed, as it wld have sounded even more impressive

  72. piyush sopory

    It tells you how good and competitive the music scene must have been those days when a band of this caliber got overlooked

    carlsagan lives

    Fuckin' great observation, you are correct, sir! (Ma'am?)

  73. Greg Finbar

    Wow to have seen them. I feel privileged


    Same Here. In Colston Hall

  74. chris k

    Came for Vader, stayed for the song...

  75. Freddie P

    I remember this record cover, I saw it many times in the shop. I thought of buying it but never did. It was always a Yes or Moody Blues record.

  76. cameriqueTV


  77. Cindy Dufala

    This is so dope. Loved it then, love it again. And again. And now. Bravo ⚘

  78. Aquila Rossa

    Who is listening to this after hearing Steve Harris saying he was influenced by this and it is what he set out to do with Iron Maiden? The guitar harmonies especially seem to be an influence. I am hearing hints of Rory Gallagher in this song. A Million Miles Away.

  79. A Lloyd

    I kept waiting for this song to go to another level but it didn't

  80. A Lloyd

    Really? Nobody thinks that is Darth Vader on the cover?


    Sorry, nobody knew Darth Vader in 1972. Maybe George Lucas was inspired, when he ever
    took a glimpse on this wonderfull cover.

  81. A Lloyd

    Darth Vader is that you?

  82. Mange Larsson Schyberg

    Evo euu

  83. Spentmore Yearly

    This is the heaviest folk/rock ever.

  84. Gaetano Aloia

    Sono Magnifici!
    ...non li conoscevo ma ho già ordinato il vinile.

  85. Karen What's it to ya

    Right on - They are immortal! Never been so happy listening to their music!

  86. theo Seghers

    Fantastic song from this band, more than 45 years old

  87. Chris Crawford

    Glad to see some of the young farts are realizing how much killer music came out of the 60’s and 70’s. Damn we grew up in a good time!

    Lj Sites

    gebbletook , see if you can go do something constructive you insolent twit.

    Spinning Spin

    And with all the inspiration of said time, created the most inspirationless hell imaginable. Bravo Boomer

    Spinning Spin

    Me think you speak much truth sir


    @Norman Flossinballs Oh what a burn! How creative! Did you come up with that by yourself?

    Old Hardman Johnson

    @roxtc22 they teach sarcasm in school now......along with 2 plus 2 equals five and freedom is slavery.....sarcasm is the refuge of the clueless.

  88. chazblitz

    My cousin who was a bit older than us got drafted and sent to Vietnam and he stored his albums at my grandmother's house. He had stuff they didn't play on American radio in 1973. If not for him, I might not know about Wishbone Ash, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Leon Russell, Captain Beefheart and Zappa and much more. It's wasnt like today where everyone has access to everything at a keystroke.

  89. iplaybass1956

    Man that Gibson Thunderbird bass GROWLS like a junk yard dog... A BIG ONE!

    Robert McAllister

    Well said. Excellent description.

    Taime Uppe

    yep big dog

  90. Biker Brad

    An Awesome Album Argus was, along with their album No Smoke Without Fire the great British invasion which not quite a decade later was followed by the German & Scandinavian Metal invasion yes folks those really were the DAYS of our young lives and it didn't and will not ever get any better than that!!!!!!!

  91. Robert Cubinelli

    The best tune by WA....by far😍😎👀

  92. Sid Scrote

    After buying this album 45 years ago, whilst serving in the Army in Germany, I had the honour of watching them live in Tewkesbury (UK) on the 19th  of September 2019. they did not disappoint !!!!.

  93. Terry Murden

    I was 15, my first big concert. December 1972. Got a front row seat at a packed Sheffield City Hall. Ted Turner stepping forward in the dark to play that wonderful haunting solo around Andy's opening chords. Then lights up for that explosive riff. Unforgettable. A moment forever seared on the memory. Best £1.10 I ever spent.

  94. Larry Williams

    I'm 69 now and this is still as good as it wasn't 73 rock on ash

  95. No Brakes

    Back in high school WA was MY band.......Best dual guitatists, awesome bass and strong drums. Loved their harmony and midevil sound. Saw them twice in the 70's and still love their sound in 2019.

  96. Pippa Johnson

    Grew up listening to these with my dad. He’s 72 now and I’m 45 and we both see them every time they tour to this day, Martin Turners crew primarily but some times Andy Powell. Martins band are so friendly and down to earth and make time after every gig for the fans. This is a true classic

  97. Ashra Tempel

    Amazing album. Never gets old.