Wishbone Ash - Standing In The Rain Lyrics

Flying through the sky
His true love waits.
Lonely time's gone by.
There's a problem at the border
He learns they won't let him through.

She was standing in the rain.
She waits in vain for you.
She was standing in the rain.
She knows her love will pull her through.

Immigration law must be obeyed.
Close the case, return another day.
On the phone he tries to tell her
He must go without a single word.

She was standing in the rain.
She waits in vain for you.
She was standing in the rain.
She knows her love will pull her through.

Taking to the cloudy skies again,
The city lights shimmer on the plane.
In his eyes he sees the sadness,
For his love will always be the same.

She was standing in the rain.
She waits in vain for you.
She was standing in the rain.
She knows her love will pull her through.

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Wishbone Ash Standing In The Rain Comments
  1. Dale Nelson

    A huge U.S. wishbone ash fan. Cheers

  2. John Gorman

    Yeah - I like this one , Ted is a cracking good guitarist and vocalist, so original and melodic and very technical without overdoing it, this track is the awesome blinder of a highlight of this album and one of the very best Wishbone Ash songs come on Ted, what else have you got stashed away ????!!!!!We want more of this mate!!!

  3. John Ferguson

    Excellent LP

  4. Javier Luis

    Un temazo sin duda

  5. John Ferguson

    Love the ASH

  6. matty boy walker

    This is actually one of my favourite songs from the ash

    John Ferguson

    Mine too,Love Argus and Just Testing.

    matty boy walker

    @John Ferguson me too I'm.goin to see Martin's version of the band tomorrow night in Aberdeen and I cannot wait

  7. Tim Ballard

    what an incredible solo!

  8. Steve Haw

    Already a great piece of rock................then that first note on Ted´s solo! - just takes me somewhere else.

  9. mbgaomo

    As soon as it is available for download, I will be purchasing it. What a great album!


    I really love this band!

  11. Globe Backyard TV

    There's a problem at the boarder, he leans they won't let him through. Music is timeless, I can't help but to think of the poor migrants forced out of their country by some psychopath world leaders causing all the destabilization. Man we got some house keeping to do!

    Benoit Vanhees

    +Globe Backyard TV Yes, seen every story apart these migrants could tell, it's a human tragedy. But hundreds of thousands of migrants on the run and coming all like moths attracted by a light in the dark to picked and choosed West European countries isn't a fun thought either. Just think of the sudden pressure on the housing market, the job market, the school system and the set of cultural rules and habbits. I'm not as optimistic as Frau Merkel.

    Underwater Adventures

    Benoit Vanhees load of bollocks! give up your house and job for them of it means ..that much to you!

  12. Fernando Canal

    The live in Chicago version is still better!

    popularside percy

    @Fernando Canal I agree entirely

  13. Allen Williams

    As my favorite band never lets me down, Gentlemen... I Salute You!

  14. TheKitkatgold

    terrific!! - thanks for sharing !

  15. Jimmy wriddle

    4.26 and this blows my mind Fantastic track even better live

  16. Billy Auld

    Dont think this is the last contribution from Ted with a Wishbone Ash band. He and Martin should get together. Outstanding playing all round. Love It.

  17. Eliott Tourlay

    imaginame a mi viviendo en un pais donde el nivel musical es tan bajo, esta musica me hace sentir como tu mencionas unico y con suerte! y escuchar esto en la radio...jamas podria ser real y menos en mi pais pero gracias a dios existe youtube!

    Heavy Speed 88

    Y en que país vives?

  18. LakiONE

    terrible solo!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Benoit Vanhees

    Correction: terribly good solo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. luvhungryman

    There is a great live version too on youtube, Ted plays a blinding solo.

  20. grubor1962

    Hear this as loud as you can and at 2:36 it will blown you away

  21. BaptizedinFire

    Haha, glad you like it... I agree, this is a great song that should have been on the radio. Ted Turner churns out the performance of his life in the outro, fittingly on the last song of his last WA album.