Wishbone Ash - Mountainside Lyrics

It was a night, yeah, the kind of night
Left me pacing 'cross the floor.
It was a dream, like those other dreams,
So many times before.

I went back to the old town,
To the streets I used to roam,
And I looked into my daddy's eyes
And asked that fatal question, "Why'd
You have to go?"

You had to go.

There was a time when life was good
And everything felt so right.
I don't know why, I never understood
Why you left us on that night.

I went back, to that day when you left us on our own -
Now I look into my baby's eyes
And I just know there is no way
I'd ever go.

I'll never go.

Take me to the mountainside,
Far away from here,
Where my eyes are open wide -
No one gets too near.

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Wishbone Ash Mountainside Comments
  1. Nol Zwienenburg

    After all the wrong choices the Ash made after Marin Turner left, Illuminations sounds great..! Good singer and fabulous twin- guitar..!

  2. Krzysztof Arski

    Fantastic album!!!