Wishbone Ash - Ancient Remedy Lyrics

If I seem a bit crazy
It’s because these thoughts they crowd my mind.
Gets a little bit hazy;
these events distort my sense of time.
My heart’s like a cave where the sun, the sun refuse to shine.

Well, it’s bleeding me dry;
it’s a little like an ancient remedy.
Nowhere left to hide,
leeching all my energy.
My thoughts turn to death when I’m in your company.

It used to be that our planets were so perfectly aligned,
In our time.
If you could see that, now it’s harder to bring back
All your dreams and all you’ve left way behind.

There’s been a subtle shift
in the population’s hearts and minds.
Is there something I missed?
Something kinda hard to define.
Now we search for evidence
of the stranger in our midst.

It used to be that our planets were so perfectly aligned,
in our time

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Wishbone Ash Ancient Remedy Comments
  1. Jens L.

    Ben makes a really good Job. Very good

  2. Symbalon Smiradion

    Wishbone Ash - a name equivalent to the Integral of Music ...

  3. bomber21 AM

    One of the best rock band ,WISHBONE ASH!

  4. Ferdinand Maroe

    You guys have awed many, this has a warm romantic feel--yes?

  5. oscar contreras

    from México, great band, great song, listen new bands!!,
    wishbone forever

  6. António Batista

    Terrific theme , the best song of "Bona Fide" and one of their best from last years