Winwood, Steve - Plenty Lovin' Lyrics

Oh baby I had to think things through
I never needed love when I was all by myself
Now comes the time I know it's gotta be you
Oh baby, now I need your help

Ooh come on now baby
I wanna give some special time to you now
Cos ooh, when you touch me
Got a feelin' I can't hide

Now I know all I need is you
You're my reason for stayin' alive
I know that it's real, I feel it inside
Come on now, let's not wait

Gimme plenty lovin', Gimme plenty lovin'
Gimme plenty lovin', every day, every night, come on, baby

Oh baby, you know we'll be apart
We gotta make up on love till I'll be with you again
Thinking of you, the feeling in my heart
Let's start doin' what we do till then
Ooh, I'm hearin' what you say
We gotta make the most of it for us now, baby
Now we're together, I'll be holding you tonight

Just can't stay any longer
You're my only true soul mate
The day's almost gone, but night is still ahead
Come on now, don't hesitate

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Winwood, Steve Plenty Lovin' Comments
  1. Calvin Jefferson

    Reminds me of 3rd shift late nights when I worked at Total Service Station as a Cashier behind that bullet proof glass.This would play on jazz106.5 fm.

  2. Larry Johnson

    A great relaxation song. Love it.

  3. VanTheBoSS

    Nice 🎶

  4. Michael Cole

    One of my favorite steppin kutz!

  5. Calvin Jefferson

    Still sounds good in 2019.

  6. Carriann Johnson

    Who’s reminiscing in 2019?! Boo yah!!! 💥

  7. Tee Gee

    I love this song ❤😘

  8. Daniel Lima

    Deluxe... 😊

  9. marceloA1313


  10. Abraham Jackson

    Steve Winwood the soul singer....

  11. Terry Sanders

    I always thought Steve was a great artist with soul in him. I use to hear him on the radio in the 80s. He had some fantastic jams going on. This man is baaad. The lady just brings it out that much more. Both are doing their thang.😊👏👏

  12. africanbella28

    Love this song so much😍

  13. Theodore Abidogun

    Senior groove!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Lance Kelly

    Killed this song

  15. Danielle Chandler

    Listen to that guitar!! Those violins....WHAT😍😍

  16. Ernesto Bardwell

    Give Me Good Loving 😍💝am Your Dear For Ever. Take Me Where You Want To Sweet Lady😍💝🐦 💿Ernesto B NYC🌉

  17. claudio gonzalez oisel


  18. Ovie Thrower


  19. Dom

    nice song

  20. Geraldo Barbosa

    Great Singer. Favorite Songs.

  21. thejazzman210

    Chicago Steppin'.

  22. Speedy Usher

    Where the steppers at?

  23. İsmail Boran


  24. Vinicius Rodrigues

    Beautiful song! I love how Des'Ree sounds on this one... I've been a fan for many years. Such a good singer! I don't know what happened with her career, she just stopped recording!

  25. Leonardo Magno

    Ímpar, sublime, alguma coisa...

  26. Joel Costa


  27. ita Iniguez

    Anybody that knows anything about music.... I believe wouldn't give this song a thumbs down. This song is just too funky and smooth.

    George swails

    A Great

  28. Lucas Baptista Goulart De Souza


  29. GodImUrz Wade

    Now that's some good music!!!

  30. Ronald James

    Great Steppin joint

  31. vopio1

    I can't believe this song only had 129 thumbs up. It's a smooth groove love song. Desiree's sexy voice makes it sound like she's singing to me.

  32. ita Iniguez

    This song is funky to the max , bad ass. No comparison to the bullshit nowadays.

  33. Roger Cook

    Ok my Jazz family I am going to give you a reason to laugh at me. I am just learning about Steve Winwood. Ok now get it out of your system. lol. I was listing to a internet jazz station today and this song was playing. Needles to say I fell in love with this track. I am now a fan of his. P.S. I am just learning about Des'ree and now I am a fan of hers as well.

    sungod64 jrspot64

    It's ok brtha,better late than never.

    Speedy Usher

    Same here

  34. George Swails

    Love This Song!!!

  35. Walter Krueger

    Blue-eyed Soul 😊👍

  36. George Swails

    Lol 4 This Song

  37. Eihwazone

    My favourite Windwood song. Des'ree and those violins are magical.


    des'ree stays to Strings Arrangment as the Sphyx stays to Egypt <3

  38. Dlovesuper

    This is some bad shit.

  39. Robert Brumley

    Nice soothing music for the ears!