Winwood, Steve - Paper Sun Lyrics

Well you think you had a good time
With the boy that you just met
Kicking sand from beach to beach
Your clothes all soaking wet
But if you look around and see
A shadow on the run
Don't be too surprised if its just a paper sun

Ahh Paper Sun, Ahh Paper Sun

In the room where you've been sleeping
All your clothes all thrown about
Cigarettes burn window sills
Your meter's all run out
But then again its nothing
You just split when day is done
Pitching lips to nowhere, hung up on the paper sun

Standing in the cool of my room
Fresh cut flowers give me sweet perfume
Too much sun will burn!

When you're feeling tired and lonely
You see people going home
You can't make the train fare
Or the six pence for the phone
And icicles your crying
From your cheek have just begun
Dont be sad, good times are had
Beneath the paper sun

Daylight breaks while you sleep on the sand
A seagull is stealing the ring from your hand
The boy who had given you so much fun
Has left you so cold in the paper sun

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Winwood, Steve Paper Sun Comments
  1. Stuart Barriskell

    Steve Winwood and Steve Marriot two of the most talented artists the UK has produced...

  2. Tattyshoes Shigure

    Absolutely wonderful, timeless classic!

  3. johnny zell

    So you think you're having good times
    With the boy that you just met
    Kicking sand from beach to beach
    Your clothes are soaking wet
    But if you look around and see
    A shadow on the run (on the run)
    Don't be too upset because it's just a paper sun
    Ah paper sun, ah paper sun
    In the room where you've been sleeping
    All our clothes are thrown about
    Cigarettes burn window sills
    Your meter's all run out
    But there again it's nothing
    You just split when day is done (day is gone)
    Hitching lifts to nowhere, hung up on the paper sun
    Ah paper sun, ah paper sun
    Standing in the cool of my room
    Fresh cut flowers give me sweet perfume (too much sun will burn)
    Too much sun will burn (too much sun will burn)
    Too much sun will burn
    When you're feeling tired and lonely
    You see people going home
    You can't make the train fare
    Or the sixpence for the phone
    And icicles you're crying
    Down your cheek have just begun
    Don't be sad, good times are had
    Beneath the paper sun
    Ah paper sun, ah paper sun
    Daylight breaks while you sleep on the sand
    A seagull is stealing the ring from your hand
    The boy who had given you so much fun
    Has left you so cold in the paper sun
    In the paper sun, in the paper sun, in the paper sun, in the paper sun

  4. tim deneke

    WOW this brings back a memory.Thanks

  5. verticalfish

    Oh my god, "We're A Fade, You Missed This" is supposed to be the ending of Paper Sun. Everything makes so much sense now.

  6. Mike Phalen

    A band that stood out because of its unique sound.

  7. Chris Corman

    Reminds me of a cross of the Beatles Stones and Beach Boys

  8. Bill Olenick

    Just dandy...

  9. Richard Kyle

    Im only 40 and this track takes me back got goosebumps 😀

    Crystal J

    me too...

  10. Janet Wilhelm

    Lucifer Sam by Pink Floyd?

  11. Godzilla Rock

    when my cat finds a trampoline

  12. Sal Varriale

    Here in 2019. Boom

  13. Sue Stefaniuk

    Love this song

  14. BackToTheBlues

    I love this song. And if you listen to it just with the left speaker you get a great instrumental version!

    Paul Putnam

    Known as 'two channel mono' I believe. Early Beatles stuff also has vocals & instruments on seperate channels.


    @Paul Putnam Some of the Stax stuff is like that, too - hard work for the brain if you're listening on earphones!

  15. Riva JethroKyrill

    Great band, great song, great lyrics. All just great! <3

  16. Ralph McHendry

    Stands out from the crowd. Imaginative and skilful band forging a new musical direction amidst a sea of 1967 dross. And David Mason went on to produce Family's "Music In A Doll's House". Times when creative musicians were redefining the ways in which things were done.

    Emlyn Williams

    Ralph McHendry A sea of 1967 dross ? Are you kidding ? It was the golden year: Love Forever Changes, Hendrix, The Doors first album, Sgt Pepper, The Stones, The Who ‘s best album The Who Sell Out, Whiter shade of pale, the whole canon of psychedelia.....the list is too long to mention and I’m still uncovering masterpieces from that period to this day.

  17. david davis

    song bout lsd ah yes back in da day

  18. david davis

    um yea. this song is a fucking rip roarin beauty. just too sweet

  19. MT_VU_RX jukebox hero

    Stevie Winwood re-read alot of his works on a double set called Winwood for $1.99 in the bargain bin. I couldn't put it down if I wanted. Keep on running from Spencer Davis This, Empty Pages and Blind Faith. Dave Mason was just on Audience. 2 Super musicians. Dave noted there no longer is a record industry as he spoke a bit before he played a superset. Steve was bigger than life. A real life HR Pufenstuf with 9 sets of keyboards and then he gets out his magic flute. Back in his headband days. Everyone recognizes Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce ,These guys too.

  20. Peter Hoffschildt

    So young -- so talented. Steve we love you.

  21. Magikal Maiden

    Love the sitar in anything ...I miss good music . these days the music is horrible . Love this song .🙂

  22. Ele

    Love this sooooong!

  23. David Cassidy

    Paper Sun : "A"

  24. S Tate

    sundown bliss

  25. MiTmite9

    I'm surprised this song hasn't made its way onto more movie soundtracks.

  26. mike stratocaster

    Don’t like the artificial stereo separation. I prefer the original mono...

  27. Ade Fegan

    wow .. very different ! .. not at all like the single versions

  28. Kitten Girl

    My best times..grateful for traffic to make life worth living is life!

  29. SylentEcho

    Amazing tune!

  30. karl komberg

    its just an acid test,,,,,,,lol,,,,,,,,,,,z

  31. britteach

    Wondering if Traffic and Pink Floyd were recording in the same studio in 1967. "Paper Sun" and "Lucifer Sam" sound remarkably similar.

    Laettitia Sheriff picks it up with her song "Let's Party". Heard here:

  32. Neil Sidderley

    amazing tune and lyrics. thanks for uploading.

  33. Jonathan Simmonds

    I love reading some of the comments regarding the meaning of this song. Some of us know and have seen the paper sun in question hanging on a bedroom wall and know the girl for whom this was written, but my lips are sealed.... And it's hitching, she did a lot of that!

  34. Alistair Moulden

    Even by the high standards of the sixties, Steve Winwood had a voice of the very highest order. Class band.

    Arthur F. Scaltrito

    Spencer Davis
    Blind Faith
    You're right.
    Great vocals

  35. patrick vecchio

    I was only ten yrs.oldwhen this song came out.I should have been born ten yrs. later.


    Or you wanted to be born in 1967?

  36. Giuliana Rubino

    "Paper Sun" è il primo singolo del gruppo rock britannico dei Traffic, uscito nel maggio del 1967[2] Famoso per il suo riff di sitar, suonato da Dave Mason, e la voce emozionante del compositore Steve Winwood, nella classifica del Regno Unito perviene al quinto posto.

  37. Neil Sidderley

    thanks for uploading the full version. what a magical tune with poetic and descriptive lyrics.

  38. eno seferovic

    great winwood

  39. Freddy Wulf

    snuck this on my Dad's new Stereophonic Hi Fi....way better than the Transistor Radio...way back when!

  40. Paul Putnam

    Recorded in one take I believe (kids note that!). Listen carefully at the end for the producer saying 'that's the one.'

  41. Mark Riva

    What color is the sun?

  42. Kimberly Mayfield

    Awesome song

  43. Kimberly Mayfield

    Awesome song

  44. Steve andrews


  45. Spurs Gog

    On the Island label

  46. Allan Burns

    Raga rock ... big George Harrison influence here

  47. Conor Phillips

    RIP Jim Capaldi

    Paul Landry

    and sadly RIP Chris Wood as well.

  48. Jesús Alberto Zacarías Rengifo

    One of my favorite Traffic songs . Amazing Group . Winwood a genius , amazing composer , excelent musician , Superb voice

  49. Michael Findlay

    You need to know something about the English seaside to get the lyrics. Boarding houses rented by the room by young women looking for independence and a romantic encounter. Its a lot like the movies they were making in the 60s. Check out Brighton Rock.

  50. Marlene Adelle

    My like was #420. \m/

  51. Ronald Skmyd

    This song we appreciate..

  52. Mohammad Seddon

    I can hear early Genesis!

  53. karl komberg

    this song is the balls,,,,,,,,,,,z

  54. Chris Jones

    George Harrison gave Dave Mason that sitar.

  55. carlos augusto decupero

    Sensacional music!!!

  56. George Anisowicz

    My favorite Traffic song. Full of whimsy and great lyrics. Terrific production from Jimmy Miller I think. Great move by the Stones to get him to produce. This song is an aural feast!

  57. PC No

    1:20 I never knew what to make of that line, but now I assume he's talking about a coin-fed electric or gas meter. Funny thing about this song is that without all the psychedelic instruments and effects, it would sound a lot like a contemporary Four Tops record (eg. "Walk Away Renee").

  58. 78Rudys

    The harmony on the backing vocals easily transcends any Lennon/McCartney effort...

  59. rodney cooper

    There is only one place I could be listening to this-Belle Vue, Manchester on that hot summer of 1967, magic Rodney Cooper

  60. Walter Pewen

    I wonder if this neat photo was taken at their cottage in the English Countryside where they holed up to make music unperturbed by he public. They liked to just improvise in the countryside and dream up their own music.

  61. valerie houldsworth

    my favourite traffic song but to be fair traffic did not get much airplay period on any lp.spencer davis got huge airplay.traffic did not.but steve on his own got quite a lot of airplay.he did get airplay when with eric clapton and jack bruce in blind faith.but blind faith was short lived,only the one lp.a super tune nonetheless.atb buzz


    Jack Bruce was not in Blind Faith. Rick Gretsch played bass.

  62. Colin Ardron

    Unlike a fair few comments on the period (67/68) around this music it wasn't a time when "everyone was doing acid". On the contrary it was only the real nutters and losers. Personally I had enough of a problem dealing with alcohol! But the music lives on!!

    Landul Cosme

    Colin Ardron that's good you stayed away from Cid but you shouldnt be calling us acid heads losers ...or at least get off our acid head music videos and comment on your anti drug group

    Colin Ardron

    That's a fair comment Landful Cosme ; I shouldn't have used those offensive terms. As they used to say back then: "Peace man".

  63. cinnamon girl

    The drums and sitar at the beginning of this song make me smile every time! Great song, great group!!

    Warren Blum

    brings back memories of hs in the late 60s

    Gerry Marlowe

    Yes, agree. The late Brian Jones of the Stones used sitar even earlier on 'Paint it Black'. Steve Winwood is incredible. Great all-rounder.

  64. Anthony Lee

    Halcyon sounds and halcyon memories of a beautiful time, a great and much underrated group, but one I will not forget,. Where are the sunlit times of yesteryear?

  65. neil ryan

    This is the 1st song I ever heard by Traffic, made me a fan for life.

  66. Antony Elvin

    The bass playing is rad! Well, it ALL is. What a band.

    Rudy Overlord

    Antony Elvin Courtesy of Stevie Winwood!

  67. davedarkstar jones

    always reminds me of partying on Abersoch beach ( uk ) in 67, was 17 then, a fledgeling finding my wings with beautiful people , Traffic are beautiful, they always knew how to express the times of that era in their music.. love and peace dudes.... :)

    Colleen Stadnick

    I was 17 then too. Ahh... the memories of youth!

  68. frick poo


  69. stevedonyoung

    The ending of this track reminds me of Peter Gabriel's vocals when he was with Genesis

    Philip Halpenny

    Good call...

    Ken Pratt

    first time hearing this song

  70. Bill Lawlor

    One of the all-time classics by one of the greatest bands ever.


    +Bill Lawlor I agree.


    Agree on both.

    Jesús Alberto Zacarías Rengifo

    I agree with you about it . I miss that quality music nowadays

    Willemien Voetdijk

    I afreed, it’s the voice too

  71. Jeff Cox

    As for the meaning of the lyrics, realize this was 1967-68. Everybody was doing acid. Acid turns reality into a stage set, including a paper sun. "You wake on the beach...a seagull is stealing the rings from your hand." Reality is disoriented. Orange Sunshine was a type of potent LSD. Too much sun will burn. Indeed.

    Roger Bennett

    No everybody wasn't doing drugs back in the sixties but a hell of a lot of people were including I would say the majority of influential musicians and artists of the time. The big difference between then and now I think was that the system was a bit behind the curve and art was valued more than money.

    Ken Pratt

    dam man those where the days

    george howard

    It is about the empty hedonistic life we all lived in the sixties.Living for the day with no care for tomorrow until lonliness set in,then we wanted to go home.

    Richard D

    @Con Murphy I don't know which painting you mean but I do know the girl for whom this song was written (I still do), she was a true hippie and was familiar with most of the recreational substances of that time, as we all were. I've even seen the paper sun on her bedroom wall. Nothing in this song is fantasy, it's a vignette of her time associated with one of the band's members.

    Stephanie Paolinelli

    @Con Murphy I did orange sunshine and some trips were good some were bad but enlightening. My life and perspective changed for the better. I love this bright and happy song and of course love Stevie Winwood.

  72. bluenoteclectic

    For me 'Paper Sun' implies feelings are either illusory/unreal (co-dependancy?) and/or unrequited love. 'Too much sun will burn'. Love Traffic & Stevie. 'Hole in my Shoe', favourite from my teenage 60s.


    I thought he'd been dumped by his girlfriend for a more exciting/ potent man.

  73. Marc Sainte-Marie

    Their debut single "Paper Sun" became a UK hit in mid-1967 (#4 Canada).[2] Their second single, Mason's psych-pop "Hole in My Shoe", was an even bigger hit (#4 Canada), and it became one of their best-known tracks.

  74. Cockney Rebel

    Great song, but I never did understand the lyrics to it though. What the hell's a "paper sun", when it's at home? o.o 


    A Paper Sun is not reality.

    Jonathan Simmonds

    It was a paper kite hanging on the wall over a bed, much fun was had beneath that kite....

    Mollie M

    A dream within a dream.

    Tom Mittemeyer

    Take some acid, listen to the song.....youll understand.

  75. Gary Rawlinson

    Who was the best Moody Blues or Traffic?

    Jeff Hatfield


    Jeff Hatfield

    didn't realize someone made an all caps reply of my fav band when i replied

    malcolm green

    Crikey! - hard one! - not gona be Corney and say they were both good - Jury's still out!!!


    is that even a question


    @Andy Thomas The DC5 were actually very they were not the beatles...but who was? Check out for instance "Cant you see that she's Mine" see this link:

  76. Jack Wells

    What an amazing song!
    Perfect for any mood.

    Ken Pratt

    man no doubt

    Chuck Nolen

    Jack Wells greatest era of music

  77. Old Blue

    The lyrics in this classic are also awesome - quite poignant.

    Yitzhak Finnegan

    That was Jim Capaldi.

  78. Antonio Dias

    great psychadelic sound!!!

  79. Robert Stewart

    awesome song!!! :)

  80. Walt Fechter

    For Little Steven's Underground Garage

  81. Walt Fechter

    Right now, I can use any kind of sun (Paper or Invisible) -- winter 2014 is getting to me. A tune for the upcoming spring 2014. Great memories from the 60s with this one.


    @Walt Fechter I'm in San Diego, CA now, I used to live back east for quite a few years, & I don't miss the winters at all!


    +howiecricket52 I'm jealous!


    Not my reply no more correspondence on this stupid site!

    Cynthia Ross

    I fantastis. Like 3

  82. 3lullabies

    what a winding bass line. bass really carries this song.
     whole track is really bottom heavy, like arnold layne by pinkfloyd. makes for a solid heavy rhythm.

    Rudy Overlord

    Stevie Winwood is a damn good bass player and organist!

    Jeffery Brown

    3lullabies I love the bass line in this song! I don't know much about music, but the bass has such a bright, jaunty sound to it that my spirits are instantly lifted. The rest of the song is brilliant as well!