Winwood, Steve - No Face, No Name, No Number Lyrics

I'm looking for a girl who has no face
She has no name, or number
And so I search within his lonely place
Knowing that I won't find her
Well, I can't stop this feeling deep in inside me
Ruling my mind

I feel no sound
Don't know where I'm bound

The scenery is all the same to me
Nothing has changed or faded
I'm a part of it, some part of me
Painted cool green, and shaded
So, try to find myself must be the only way
To feel free

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Winwood, Steve No Face, No Name, No Number Comments
  1. Dom Mccaffry

    All those spliffs took their toll , but still very good indeed

  2. Stephen Marcus

    Saw one of the shows but they didn’t do this. Great, different version from Traffic, circa 1968-9. Wonderful voice still at 70.

  3. Stephen Marcus

    Missed this gem at the show I saw. Old Traffic classic, played so differently.

  4. Josef Nagy

    Thank you, dac10012, this song has been hijacked on and on again, but the original is the original

  5. Bill Thompson

    I saw them in Chicago soon after this show but I don't remember them singing this gem. Another Winwood classic.

  6. John Milner

    god this takes me back. beautiful rendition. Steve Winwood.. peerless.

  7. Andrew Taylor

    Faithful to the original version after so many years.

  8. Bruno Russo

    does anyone know where that low hammond sound with distorted leslie in the background comes from?

    Bruno Russo

    Now I see! Thank you!

    Gerardo Erak

    +Don F
    A woman?.
    It´s Chris Stainton.

    Gerardo Erak

    +Bruno Russo
    It´s the veteran Chris Stainton.

    Bruno Russo

    +Gerardo Erak aaah it's him... well I think his hair might confuse you, when you see him far

    JOHN adamson

    christine stainton ?

  9. John Holden

    Pensioners rock! Well as near as makes no difference!

  10. MrLadyjack

    there was that one bad note but I'll forgive.him...he's Steve Winwood afterall...:)...x

  11. Anne Michaud

    Wonderflul. I wish to see these two in concert someday!!!!!