Winwood, Steve - Don't You Know What The Night Can Do? Lyrics

Hear the night music playing? Don't you know what it's saying?
We should feel it together forever
Feel the beat and just hold on to the sweet midnight flowing
Feel the music inside you, I'll be there too
Now's the time that our dreams are finally coming true
Feels so good we're crying
Now's the time when it's down to me and you
Spread these wings - we'll be flying

Don't you know what the night can do?
Don't you know when it's touching you?
Don't you know what the night can do?

Time to show all your feeling, all the night is revealing
Let the rhythm enfold you, let me hold you
And we turn into music, now we never will lose it
When the rhythm and night ride, no heart can hide
There are times that never ever come again, memories there for making
When the night comes, we better let it in, all this love for the taking

Don't you know what the night can do?
Don't you know when it's touching you?
Won't you help me to let it through?
Don't you know what the night can do?

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Winwood, Steve Don't You Know What The Night Can Do? Comments
  1. Eliseo Sanchez

    I loved this song since i heard for the first time

  2. Tim Gainnes


  3. Stan Shady

    The most underrated cat in the biz

  4. blowingupyourmind

    It's 2019 Don't you know what Steve Winwood can do?

  5. gail mohamid

    Anyone's Listening in 2019!! I Am 👌

  6. Sergio Rivera

    Steve Winwood
    "Don't You Know What The Night Can Do?"
    #6, 1988.

  7. INGBWLer

    Stevie playes all instruments for himself.

  8. Suzanne Stewart

    can anyone remember the name of the song is that followed Higher Love and Valerie that got a lot of airplay on the radio? I can see the video playing in my head but I cant recall the title of the song to save my life


    Finer Things?

  9. Josephine Kennerly

    This song brings back wonderful memories when i lived in L.A. in 1988

  10. fiesta Sharp

    I first heard this years ago on the michelob commercial and fell in love with it...steve winwood is an iconic artist in his own right..awesome til this day.....

  11. Amy TampaFlaNative

    Reminds me of the Rain Man similiar

  12. james ferrer

    what great lyrics. a song that says something relevant. yeah, the 80's, I recall what the nights did back then. thank you mr. winwood. this piece absolutely put a stamp on my life.

  13. Josephine Kennerly

    Met my ex husband when this was playing on the jukebox in 1998 in Santa Monica

  14. Peter Moffat

    One of the best.......that can ever be out done.

  15. thabang makooa

    Let's give credit to the drummer💥💥💥

  16. Andrea Andrea

    Unique, pure talent.

  17. Donna Mosby

    he still breaks my heart...biggest fan since traffic!!


    Dear mister fantasy was awesome. I'm 39 yrs old...soon to be 40, but his voice has so much soul, you have no choice but to fall in love with it.

  18. Velvet Wilson


  19. SALTY H2O

    all for my sweetheart Blue 💙— this was playing just for us 8/4/19—oh what a night! ✨

  20. Timothy Disinger

    Hes a Christian , & it's obvious he is Blessed by God. Self contained musician , plays every instrument , writes all his music & lyrics

  21. Delete This

    this guy sounds more like a black man than a black man

  22. Delete This

    no guitar whatsoever sep for the bass. afuckinmazing

  23. Taylor Ahern

    There is such a soothing & healing sensuality to this song that it fills my soul with a mellow, meditative type of rapture, this variety of rapture that is both dreamy & luxuriously hypnotic, beautifully calming & magically resonant, lifting my spirits via all the serene contemplation & sublime sense of tranquility that this tune evokes, that it brings about, in ways that are as primal & sensual as they are mystically enchanting & otherworldly, all that loving reflection & pure, soulful longing, of this type that comes from someplace very deep & immeasurable.

    I now feel marvelously transmogrified, at peace with myself & cozily enthralled with it all, with what the night can bring on, with what it can do, its amazingly transformative & transcendent powers, mysterious & intriguing as they are, all that nocturnal magic that swirls about, & which soothes my soul, stirs the imagination & purifies my heart, gracefully, smoothly, blissfully, & with this divine sense of nostalgic awe, of blossoming sensuality, of both spiritual & primeval yearning, & of clear, heartfelt wonder, with this sweet reverie that goes on forever👍👍😇😇❤❤❤

  24. Sandra Merimee

    Jeff Wayne

  25. Gerald Santangelo

    Brings back memories of being a kid at summer camp, Camp Stella Maris in NY. I miss those days, great times and great meaningful music. Everything from those days seems like a dream now, now that I’m in my 40’s. Life is way too short. Enjoy it while you can.

  26. Big Boy

    700 miles to go..

  27. Julie Tanner

    Where is this man? No concerts?

  28. Jane Marsh

    Another wounderful track from this cd what ealse can you say thankyou so much Jim lost in the 60ssssssssssss

  29. Big Boy

    Love gyypsy bluesy back voiceyu tube sumk

    Big Boy

    Fulsy blue backin voice mail

  30. Agreeable Dragon

    This song is so under rated. Winwood is highly under rated as well.

  31. creates100

    A total mood masterpiece.

  32. Marcos Adriano Chicatto

    2019 anyone???

  33. Abraham Bisma

    my life in Bay Area

  34. John Rutberg

    This song brings me back to my freshman year at the university of Arizona .

  35. Daniel Lucas

    They will be playing this 100 years from now! Timeless music that lasts!

  36. Nomalanga Mtungwa

    I love Steve whole heartedly. Your voice is awesome dude😍😚😗💜💛💚👄👌

  37. Gerald Fahey

    Shows how ignorant I am I always thought this song was a black singer Luther vandross or the Commodores or somebody. Great song

    Riccardo Stermin

    Listening 31 December 2019.Happy New Year good people.

  38. R. H. Kingpin

    Steve Winwood is immortal.

  39. Jim Litmon

    I believe steve winwood got a lot of soul in him

  40. up lift

    Steve is alive in his music  ...there are times that never ever come again memories there for making---live your life everyday be alive

  41. Erwin Martinez

    This song makes me want to call in sick and drink micohlob and drive to Vegas at night.

  42. Stan Walsh

    I know!

  43. N.Y. Jasper Hayes

    This song came out when I was 14, when I first heard it the for a few times on the radio,I thought it said "don't you know what the naked do"

  44. Rickey Engle

    yeah,,i do

  45. Lance West

    There are many independent recording artists out there that were influenced by artists like Steve Winwood that are out there performing every night. Just gotta get out there and experience it. Real music isn't a thing of the past. It lives on through younger musicians and artists..

  46. Laura Garnier

    Where are YOU? WHY YOU NO WRITE ME???? O CALL ME?

  47. Ivan Sanchez

    80’s Underrated Classic. They don’t make music like this anymore. Still Amazing 😉

  48. Monica Charley

    This was such a great time for music. Am I old yet? :)

  49. celtic domain

    One of the most underrated songs of the 80's. The keyboards with that soulful voice is magical...vintage Winwood/vintage 80's/vintage soul

  50. BigBash

    If I ever own a dance club, I will host an 80’s night every Friday or Saturday for the big crowd and will make sure this is always in the mix of last songs. Like Marty McFly said (I’m paraphrasing here) - “If the music doesn’t play, they don’t dance and if they don’t dance, they don’t fall in love and I’m history!”

    The current generation believe it or not yearns for music like this. They want to go somewhere to dance and enjoy the same kind of stuff we did growing up - music you can actually identify with and connect with. They aren’t making it though, so they too have been coming back to this era of greatness.

    Winwood and others who rose to stardom in that era were so much better since they really put the polish on their product and cared about the emotion it invoked. Amazing music!!

  51. Penelope M.

    I adore this song 😍

  52. Edward Hutton

    This song was used in a early 1980's Michelob commercial. I first heard it when I returned from a tour of duty from Bobelingen Germany.

  53. kirk von Nordstrom

    I l have enjoyed & am yet amazed by this album ,with all of the "Winwood signature songs" on it.. I remember driving Queen's highway , Ontario Canada at 0100 hours about 35 years ago.. It kept me focused on driving for that "ON the ROAD again " spirits ..!!

  54. rene kackline

    I meant to song!! Handsome man!

  55. rene kackline

    Sexy song? Handsome man!

  56. jackie schofield

    4yrs older then Steve Winwood is amazing,How can a person truly put him in a category I don't understand? I think his music works on the soul.

  57. Jack B

    Love this song and love Steve Winwood. Ever since I heard Higher Love I've been a fan of his.

  58. Gordon Bradley

    Colossal !

  59. Glenn Waddell

    Been a fan of his since 1967s I'm A Man. I was 9 then. Now l'm 60....still a fan!

  60. Debbie Holzherr

    Just a remarkable musician and songwriter

  61. High Vintage Vybz

    This Man right here is amazing words cant discribe. WINWOOD for real. JAH definitely has blessed you.

  62. Joann Weinstein

    Back in the very late 80's my son asked me to go to a Stevie Winwood concert. I loved him in all the groups he was in but wasn't sure I wanted to see him solo. Glad I went. One of the best concerts ever.

  63. pvpat92


  64. Erwin Martinez

    I've always liked this song

  65. cleanview70

    thumbs down are day people

  66. Robert44444444

    To all my fellow synth fans out there… do any of you know which synth Steve uses here for the main comp'd sound? My 1st guess would be the Yamaha CS-80. Part of me thought it might be a Prophet 5 (I know Steve used that a lot too)… but the P5's keyboard isn't even velocity sensitive and Steve's parts here are dynamic in level and cutoff freq of the filter in response to his playing… so perhaps a Prophet T8 ???

  67. jpbown7

    Thanks Steve for all you have done for me over the years.

  68. Aaron Kasperek

    Remember when it first came out, I was about 8 or 9. But I knew I liked it.

  69. Floyd Moore

    Makes me want to get in my truck and just go driving particular place in mind on a hot steamy summer night with my woman by my side.

  70. Monica Miguez

    Me encanta esta cancion

  71. permanent0midnight

    I wish I could go back to 1988.


    You're not alone!

  72. Gerald Thayer

    One of my favorite songs of ALL time! Steve Winwood, thank you soooo much for your talent and musical gift. Peace!

  73. samantha swan

    All I know is there were like less than half as many people on this earth when this song came out.

  74. Ivan Sanchez

    Still a classic, still Amazing 😉

  75. okrajoe

    Always loved this song!

  76. Anita Huie

    Thank you, Steve.

  77. 104thDIVTimberwolf

    I wish I shared his talent and not just his birthday.

  78. T ATL

    His voice is soulful. A 60's infomercial brought me here...obsessed!

  79. Elaine Rodriguez

    I like the music

  80. Piet Tlou

    H e is the Man of nice voice ,the song make my day going well

  81. cb younn

    Doesn't get much better than this...the vocals and the music marry well!

  82. Kevin Davis

    I know what the night can do make you fall asleep 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  83. Rad Grrl

    Steve Winwood is the hottest man alive... I would marry him RIGHTNOW.

    And I'm not even joking

  84. marthajf73

    "Feels so good that we're crying." I'm old, but I have great memories.


    Such a powerful line. To experience a moment like that with someone is really special.


    If 73 is your birthdate you're not that old, still plenty of time to be happy and youthful I live in the eighties and nineties every day it helps me stay young!

  85. ChamanJ Amarasekara

    Sterling track!!

  86. Jackie Harris

    I remember this song. The lyrics are beautiful. I mean, with those words, it could set off the mood for a lot of couples who are at that “stage” in the relationship. Secondly, the excellent percussion sounds complete it! Steve Winwood, you didn’t play around when it came to putting out some good music!!!!!

  87. Morgan Walker

    Some people are born with music in them. Some are born with music never heard before that must come out. Being a human being is cool. Being alive when the music came out and heard for the first time was a gift.

  88. zosia5127

    So much love ❤️.

  89. Dorothy Inspiration

    Love this song ❤❤❤

  90. 51tomtomtom

    Randall: what do you mean about "he was " ? He's still active , look at his website and the 2017 tour dates if you want to refresh your memory .......
    BTW there was so much crap in the 80ies , its refreshing to find pieces which still stand tall and strong !
    I follow this guy since the mid-sixties and was not convinced when he started flirting with the disco-bla-bla, but years later I ca see he did even than a great job !


    Yes there was crap in the eighties but when you compare that era to today nearly everything was great. Eighties was the decade that brought us amazing bands like Toto, Mr Mister, the Cars, Duran Duran, etc..nowadays there are no bands around like that any more. Music died in 2012.

  91. Misty Long

    I remember Steve Winwood from times with my aunt and uncle at their house for the summer spending time in the late 80's with my cousin's and they always had his tapes in their van and when we would go out we would pop his tapes in and sing. Great memories!!!


    I bet they were! I was just a baby in this decade, I grew up in the nineties but I sure miss this type of song, and I miss the long hot days of times gone by.

  92. james cawley

    I saw Winwood on an AXS concert on TV. He is also  a tremendous guitar player. He's something else..


    james cawley his older brother said he was annoying as Hell as a kid, because he'd ask to borrow your instrument and return it a week later, playing it better than you ever could.

  93. sarah H.

    I love Steve winwoods music.

  94. aitech nasus

    Don't You Know What The Night Can Do? And Holding On Are My Favorite Songs By Steve Winwood. He Is A Musical Genius And Great Musician. I Love His Great Music And Wonderful Albums. God Bless Steve Winwood Every Day For The Rest Of His Life.

    Jake J

    Yeah, me too. After this came out I was in Vegas and the band in the casino played Holding On like lights out. I was jacked. Even went up to them and thanked them.

  95. Steve Nortje

    I know what the night can do . Been there.

  96. aiverson medina cedeño

    que buena

  97. Richard Carpenter

    Please come back 80's

  98. Riley Tinny

    Steve is the fuckin man!!! One man band!!!!!

  99. Steve Nortje

    Running the midnight express run Jnb - Cape Town. 03h00 and Mr Windwood song starts to play . Sun rising on the Karoo. I know what the night can do . What a song.

  100. Jose Carrillo

    The night belongs to Michelob...