Wintertime - All The Time Lyrics

I know you think about me, all the time
Which is funny cause you never ever cross my mind
Now whenever you hear Wintertime you think all the time
Can't escape my shine, can't hide from my shine
I know you think about me, all the time
Which is funny cause you never ever cross my mind
Now whenever you hear Wintertime you think all the time
Can't escape my shine, no you won't escape my shine

I'm doin' great, flyin' state to state
Five star place, trips to the bank
Boy I'm not no Plain Jane, you only hate cause you can't
I left and did my thing, you still in the same place
This time last year, ain't no one believe me
This time this year, now ya'll wanna tweet me
Tryna catch a piece of my wave like a surfer
No I don't remember you from class, girl you worthless

I know you think about me, all the time
Which is funny cause you never ever cross my mind
Now whenever you hear Wintertime you think all the time
Can't escape my shine, can't hide from my shine
I know you think about me, all the time
Which is funny cause you never ever cross my mind
Now whenever you hear Wintertime you think all the time
Can't escape my shine, no you won't escape my shine

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Wintertime All The Time Comments
  1. Sofia Rivas

    Why does this song give me shameless vibes like carl, fiona etc.

  2. Roger That!

    2020 anyone??

  3. lovely



    Sounds like depressed 21

  5. BuckleyOnMobile

    Is it just me or does he sound like 21 savage btw this music is content 🔥🔥

  6. Bootie Fatcock

    1:58 best line

  7. Etio Forrester

    Tic toc brought me here

  8. Cleanframe

    It's officially Winter time happy Winter Solstice 2019 see ya in 2020

  9. Valleyfi_ght Videos

    Who here in 2020

  10. Sxpersahra

    I thought this was 21 savage song😂

  11. VSKi

    HE BACK!

  12. Komichi

    he back

  13. trenton pope

    Here after winter announced he’s coming home❄️

    Vortex Nova

    Huh where he at

    trenton pope

    Vortex Nova check his insta

  14. Lil Fonso

    Who’s here after finding out he’s coming back

  15. zoowas !

    Who’s here 202 ?

  16. Z0Rr0

    2019: 🔥
    027381927321254223: 🔥

  17. Gabriel05

    "You girl call me Papi Chulo"
    DOUUUUU damn

  18. Станислав Кравченко

    Кто после мафиозников тиктока?

  19. Yrenxy

    I'm's been 2 years...still listen to this fire ass song...

  20. Kevin Taylor

    @ 1:55 "You'll Never catch me Diving in the Crowd....Fuck "Rolling Loud" I was rolling Loud"

  21. Lovely Alicia

    *look at the way that I move*

  22. Tee sleazey


  23. Lu A

    Maddy edit brought me here

  24. nikaberr

    who came here from tiktok lmao

  25. Joseph Rangel

    Did boutta be 3 years 😔

  26. Jay Parker

    Who came from tiktok?

  27. helena aa

    put this on deezer pls!!

  28. Marquez Holmes

    I been listening to wintertime since 2015 it's about time they blow my boy up❄

  29. Dee Cee

    Wtf happened to this guy he was coming up and just quit or what?

    Drxgs Wrld

    Dee Cee 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Dee Cee

    @Drxgs Wrld what bitch do you know what happened to him tell me


    Nah he just drops songs then dips, been like that for years. Likes money more than being famous

  30. T R A P P I N G


  31. TheBigBooty Judy

    Who else is not gay?

  32. herosolo

    tik tok: hippity hoppity this bitch my property :)

  33. brandon vasquez

    Wintertime coming up you know the vibes

  34. orfeo

    *when you try to impress your crush:*

  35. William Rodriguez

    No, TikTok didn’t bring me here.

  36. Mickey The Bunny

    No one:
    Tik tok: hippity hoppity now you're my property

  37. Anthony Cooper


  38. Anthony Roberts

    Now I gotta shine doe Winter ☃️❄️bitch this ain’t no autumn 🍂🔥🔥

  39. Nina Davis

    No one can ruin this song
    TikTok:HiPpItY hOpItTy YoU aRe My PrOpErTy

  40. Lucas Roberts


  41. Anne Vitória


  42. amaya leano

    love this song

  43. Alex Smith

    Well I'll be gahdamn this song fye af 🤟🏿🔥

  44. randomChanel

    Thx instagram edits

  45. Chad the bot

    I had Cocaine in the school

  46. Veronica Borja

    Yo vengo de un video de Fabii Puffle🥺💛

  47. Johnny Nugg

    You can come out the mountains now winter

  48. Mi Chele

    Who else is here from tik tok??



  50. cody burk

    Who here in 2013?

  51. Abraminism

    i thought it was 21 savage

  52. Ileana Figueroa

    I only came here because I heard Seth Rollins name

  53. FaZe Vlad

    This is the most lit song i have ever heard

  54. Mya Lashaun

    Here Because Of TikTok 😂❗️

  55. GetDaBag 2000

    Do a feature with Gio Melody

  56. Harmony BAXTER

    This is fire

  57. Josh Martinez

    If you're not here then you're lost! 🔥

  58. qexca

    Lit🔥🔥🔥🔥 anyone still here?

  59. 300 dollar toaster

    Singing goth girl chick brought me here.

  60. LT Lyrics

    This still fire in 2019 lmao.

  61. Scar Moody

    i found this song from a edit.

  62. cholercia OwO

    Czm to jest trochę straszne xd??

    ➊ ➊

    dla 9 letnich dzieci które oglądają anime, tak

    cholercia OwO

    @➊ ➊ mam 13 lat;-;

  63. Kasamba Nguni

    I just saw a legacies edit on this and now im here

  64. Anya Podgaits

    I've been trying to find this song since 2016

  65. Sanokovan ПТ

    Этот чел бля гений

  66. Mark Evans

    This shit go HARD

  67. DimaMix BS

    Тик ток

  68. GG Cid

    Tik tok ruined this shit. Wintertime all the time!

  69. Rave

    Good or god

  70. bossy_ nai

    Why am I only finding out in November

  71. Indicasesh

    wintertime made pumppp

  72. Watson Sailo

    0:26 i guess no one noticed this but you really gonna disrespect 2pac like that?

    Watson Sailo

    @Burnesto Freshto have you seen the video of 2pac spitting at the cameras? I'm sure that's 2pac.. the bandana, the red t shirt, the pose

    Burnesto Freshto

    @Watson Sailo oh yeah the one where he's wearing a LONG sleeve shirt with a bandana instead of twisted dreads and a dollar sign chain.

    Watson Sailo

    @Burnesto Freshto who gives a fuck bout that? Get your detailed ass outta here

    Burnesto Freshto

    @Watson Sailo Lmao boy he dont give a damn fuck about ur boy Pac😂😂🤣🤣

    Burnesto Freshto

    @Watson Sailo wintertime all the time

  73. Trajan Davis

    2019 still bumping winter time all the time 2 😂😂 you know he been through it all 💀

  74. Anthony Buddenhagen

    Who watchen in 2019 bc they forgot bout this song

  75. Tommy Christian

    From neffati familia? Or tik tok?

  76. RARE

    where is part 1 :/

  77. Poosayslaya420

    this beat is fucking hard.

  78. HONMAR Z

    Invierno todo el tiempo ooh (sí, está bien) Irrespetuoso y soy grosero (Muy bien, está bien) Invierno, un niño infernal, fumando gas, haciendo malabarismos (invierno) Lo que haces, lo hice, hablando hábilmente desde un momento Invierno todo el tiempo ooh (Sí) Mira la forma en que me muevo (Swag) Irrespetuoso y soy grosero (Ok) Tenía cocaína en la escuela (Muy bien) Invierno un infierno de un niño (yo soy), Smokin 'gas, jugging' mid (estoy encendido) Lo que haces lo hice (lo juro) Hablando hábilmente desde un jit (finura) Sé que esto es lo que quieren (Hechos) Agota un poco de dinero, me he ido (estoy fuera) Soy la verdad como Ron (asesinatos), Bebiendo lean en San Juan (lo hice) Me enseñé a la delicadeza (de verdad) Me enseñé a mí mismo cómo hacer malabarismos (de verdad) Estar en bancarrota no fue divertido (De ninguna manera), Alcance 12 y corro Los diamantes en mi como minerales Mantén un ojo abierto, Forest Whitaker Invierno mantengo mierda original, Ustedes niggas se ven y suenan idénticos No quiero hacer entrevistas, Solo quiero correr decimales He estado diciendo lo que estaba haciendo, Estoy Buzz Lightyears delante de ti uh Ahora tengo que brillar sobre ellos Perra de invierno, no es otoño Tengo fuego de yoga, no Dhalsim Brucey me dijo que los consiguiera, así que los obtuve No me estoy resbalando, no me estoy cayendo Soy el campeón Seth Rollins, D Russel, cómo estoy jugando La NBA sigue llamando Mantente diez dedos hacia abajo (un hunnid), Aunque no durarías en mis zapatos Soy un perro, no Cujo, tu chica me llama Papi Chulo Ni siquiera me gusta rapear (Hechos) Casi volví a la trampa (Hechos) Mi hermano me dijo que no lo arriesgara (Sí) Lo pensé y escuché (lo hice) Empecé a cantar para las perras Porque no cojo con ninguno de estos niggas Realmente no hago amistades, Quédate solo y pateo mierda Palabra alrededor de la ciudad Invierno el nuevo Bobby Brown Y me estoy deteniendo desde el centro, Creo que soy como Mike Lil 'Bow Wow Y nunca me atrapas divinando en la multitud Fuck Rolling Loud, estaba rodando fuerte Invierno el general, no Colin Powell Y para todos los reales, lo mantendré presionado Publicado arriba fumando la libra, Las azadas odiaban ahora, ahora me atacan Corre una bolsa como si fuera Ronnie Brown Invierno, el chico CABRA, límpiame, cava Invierno todo el tiempo ooh, sí Invierno todo el tiempo ooh, botín Invierno todo el tiempo ooh, ok Invierno todo el tiempo ooh, aight Invierno todo el tiempo ooh, estoy Invierno todo el tiempo ooh, estoy iluminado Invierno todo el tiempo ooh, botín mi like

  79. #LLJ

    The Best Mumble Rapper

  80. late moi

    You, re killing it MAN! 👌👍

  81. Aiden Desper

    I thought that 21 savage sang this lol

  82. Afafe Nouri

    Coming from ticktock? Liiiikeee

  83. vlog & gaming

    "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt be like:

    Am i a joke to you?

  84. MR. DEEP WEB

    Have you ever had sex and then loten to this with AirPods 😂💍

  85. Yalnız Kurt

    Noluyor mk

  86. Amazing257

    Song would be unknown if tik tok didn't steal

  87. Adrian Tambito

    still gon be playing in 2020.

  88. Marcolinip 4

    🚩Ta 2🚩

  89. Michael Henderson

    I don't even like to rap , almost went back to the trap 🌎🌎

  90. Michael Henderson

    Slick talkin since a JIT 🐐🐐🌎

  91. Biricik Msp

    tik tok 0:16

  92. Mr Tyb

    Who else had this song randomly play in their head and remembered how lit this is?

    2020 gang

    Naia Rose

    Brooo litterally why im listen ing rn

    star .B

    On my😂😂

    Ethen The pizza69

    During my math test lol

    Der Analphabet

    Everytime someone being disrespectful to my boss i hear this in my head

  93. B A P T I S T E

    deezer pleaseee

  94. boy if u don't stop

    Who's here before seeing this song on tik too?.