Winter, Johnny - Don't Take Advantage Of Me Lyrics

Don't take advantage of me 'cause I'm good to you
Don't take advantage of me 'cause I'm good to you
I'm just another man hooked on you
Tell me baby what the hell you're gonna do

I wanna know
I wanna know
Yeah, uh-huh

Don't think I'm weak 'cause I'm sweet to you
Don't think I'm weak 'cause I'm sweet to you
Another man, another time
I'll wipe that stuff right out of your mind

I will
Yes I will

Yeah, don't take advantage of me
Wooo, I wanna know

Don't think I'm crazy 'cause I do what I do

Don't think I'm crazy 'cause I do what I do
It's another man, another place
I'll throw that mess right about in your face

I will
Yes I will
Woah baby!

Don't take advantage of me 'cause I'm good to you
Don't take advantage of me 'cause I'm good to you
Another man hooked on you
Tell me baby what the hell you're gonna do

I wanna know
I wanna know
Oh yeah
Oh yeah

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Winter, Johnny Don't Take Advantage Of Me Comments
  1. Ian McKinnon

    75 pound guy he was fast & clean ..Great slide guitarist

  2. Tim Bigger

    His fingers are like spiders...

  3. Toni Montana

    24K Gold T Montana legionär

  4. kamaroway günther

    Johnny Winter

  5. fiona maclean

    Johnny, oh Johnny.💜🖤💜

  6. Alan Langley

    omg where have ive been ....i ran to my closet tuned my bass up ...killer

  7. bk nyc Farrington

    thank you Johnny. the music evokes fond memories. God blessed us with you, so thank God also.

  8. m. saint

    Lol, and with Area 51's Bob Lazar on bass!

  9. Rickin Russia

    From Beaumont Texas.

  10. valentin alvo

    terrible esto..

  11. Stefan Schleps

    OMG!! Thank you for sharing. That is without a doubt the best performance by JW I've ever seen. And I've seen more than a few.
    I'm stunned! Just speachless.
    Merci mon ami.

  12. william white

    Johnny, bad ass as ever... and Jeff Paris killing the bottom end... this was one of my favorite tours.

  13. Jose Felix


  14. Theresa Schnable

    The Best of the Best!

  15. Kim Siewers

    I heard him play this at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz CA once. I was standing about 15 feet from him as the venue is small.

  16. Jarka jarka

    From 6:42 best solo ever, beautiful, it could still last

  17. Tony Paskvan


  18. Jose Felix


    John Daemons

    de joven era un galán

  19. Sandŕa Griffiths

    Ageless and superb, sadly missed, but never forgotten. RIP JW 😔

  20. Daniel Suarez

    What is the guitar turning?

  21. Alejandro Guadiana

    Sensacional, Johnny Winter de los mas grandes de la Historia..

  22. Android TV

    El dedo 3 de la mano izquierda lo usaba como 3 y 4, muy poco usaba el dedo 4, la mayor parte del tiempo el dedo 4 lo mantenía encogido, el 3 es el más prodigioso. ah pero que sonido espectacular le sacaba a la guitarra eléctrica!!!!

  23. Giants588

    JW, simply, THE BEST!!!!!!!

  24. theultimatexperience

    That bass is killing me

  25. MR Jensen

    Saw him at the Blue Loon in Fairbanks Alaska on Summer solstice about ten years ago.
    What a show. It was his first trip ever to the Greatland and first ever performance in the state.
    What a great memory.

  26. TheEternalNow

    boring crowd WTF

  27. Martin G

    Johnny should have traded in one of his guitars for a curling bar. And a steak and potato dinner.

  28. Peter Qvarnström

    This concert in Stockholm Sweden 1987, are available on dvd. Fantastic show. I miss you mr Winter. But I look at you now and then on this amazing show. Jumpin Jack Flash is just outstanding in this show.


    What a crap show LIVE sounds.

  30. Seamus Jones

    Check out Sonny Landreth if ya like this here..ty jw! Guitar Legend! You tube Jjack flash johnny winter UK 74. Puts Stone's to shame on tv in 🇬🇧. With they own song!

  31. Snoop Stock

    The main riff is sick!

    Vegas Eddie

    You can thank the man who wrote it, Lee Baker. Otherwise known as Lonnie Brooks.

  32. 17lio

    Thx for the share

  33. SoawNyce


  34. WhimpyPatrol

    If any bluesman rocker was a candidate for a  steel string singer dumbleized amp to cream up their tone,  it was JW.  His sound was unadulterated, screaming train wreck naked.

  35. Ricky Palmer

    BTW WTF are the assholes who hit the thumbs down??? For ole JW FUCK U LOSERS. LOL

  36. Ricky Palmer

    no oh I smell shit faces yet still blistering licks RIP JOHNNY U ARE MISSED MY FD.

  37. Thomas Vee

    High praise to Tom Comptom to have lasted this long. He used to play with Alvin Lee of Ten Years After. your secrets for longevity!!!!

    Radislav Mikolasek

    No Ten Years After, but Ten Years Later

  38. Thomas Vee

    I met all three of them!...they are real gentlemen and talented musicians! It's been a few years...but, it seems like just yesterday that Johnny, John Paris, Tom Compton, and I, were bullshitting on the bus outside Peabody's in Virginia Beach! A priceless experience!!!

  39. J D


  40. Arthur C

    If you want to hear some amazing guitar work listen to Memory Pain, the whole song sounds like a solo and rhythm at the same time

    Barry Daws

    Totally agree Arthur C, Memory pain was the first time I heard this Grand wizard of the guitar . In the autumn of 1969 been a fan ever since


    OK.......MEMORY PAIN. im diggin around for whatever. got to meet him a yr before he went. what a gent. the REAL DEAL. saints n sinners was a go to back in 74....75. badass.

    Larry Heatwole


    Larry Heatwole

    @Barry Daws I Guess I'll Go Fade Away!

    Larry Heatwole

    Drown in my own Tears


    My favorite song,thanks.

  42. Sergio Albuquerque

    Winter is the best, but the bass is a little hollow here. Too flat.

  43. Richard Day

    Did this drummer also play for Roy Buchanan ?

    Jim Gouwens

    Alvin Lee, don't know about RB. Tom Compton.

  44. BluesGypsy

    outside of Jimi, no blues/rock guitar player has influenced me more... his thumb picking speed, his taste-full slide melodies & authentic love of what he was doing = JW was/is one of thee best EVER !!!

    Ricky Palmer

    BluesGypsy never gets the respect he so richly deserves my fd. well said n RIP JOHNNY UR HOME AT LAST.


    Just play the blues johnny...

  46. Zoran Nikolic

    We miss you Johnny!

  47. Nenad Nikolić


  48. horsluva0758

    I'm so blessed to have been able to see him several times. He was my fav blues musician. RIP JDW

  49. Jesus Elskerallebarna


  50. Valley Forge 1777

    Virtual encyclopedia of all blues licks.

    james crowe

    he invented most of them...
    I'm only kidding....sorta...

  51. Valley Forge 1777

    He needs a Black drummer with soul!

  52. joe egbert

    You don'tlike that you need help .

  53. greg sweet


  54. tommy1gtr

    who is the bass player in this clip?

    Doug Brown

    Jon Paris

  55. Norman Smith

    Great song from the master!  We miss you Johny!


    The Master

  57. Travis Justice

    66,669 views.... One person is a serious idiot!

  58. sunking2001

    There is no doubt, were the "kings of kings" of R&R and Blues. All your fans will always love your "proof" were the best.

  59. Alfredo Cristovam de Souza

    Johnny eternamente !!!!

  60. Frank Gierens

    Sunshine of your Love, Gimme Shelter, everything inside, they all received a lesson from Mr. John Dawson Winter.


    I think that was Under my Thumb at the end.

    james crowe

    @green323turbo around 4:15 I heard a bit of Purple Haze

  61. paul cooper

    i think this was hes best period evan tho he has always been great i seen him in the 80s such a great concert R.I.P johnny winter will be listening to your music always.

  62. Cesar Cataldi

    " Wonderful !

  63. Josh Andresen

    gatta love johnny he every thing he had into it no matter where he was

  64. sandro cantini

    straordinario johnny sicuramente nei miei top ten della chitarra

  65. Lars Andersson

    I think both of you two should visit a doctor.Ka Boom and you who call yourself Mister. You do not know how to judge the fine issue of art.

  66. David Gerace


    sandro cantini

    +David Gerace purtroppo non piu'esistente dal luglio 2014 ma tra i più' grandi di sempre

  67. Tony McLean



    Hell Yea!!!

  68. GuitarJozz

    Didn't this guy ever eat?!  Wow, so skinny!  Amazing guitar playing though!  Love it!  RIP Johnny!

  69. sharon wolf


    Jim Gouwens

    We miss you so much, Shazzy. Rest in Peace.

  70. Ka Boom

    Probably the closest you'll ever get to seeing what a skeleton would look like playing a guitar

    SR Fisher

    @Ka Boom The heroin didn't help matters.

    Know Music Man

    He was always thin. His brother too.

  71. Joshua Edward

    Fuckin' boss, Thank you. Also check or master mechanic or route 61 with his bro xD

  72. Paul Marcos Moreira

    Valeu Johnny Dawson Winter a sua musica jamais será esquecida rock na veia

  73. Tim Kiger

    I cant get enough of this video......

    micael folkeson

    Tim Kiger neither me bigg fan of jimmie hendrix, but this is glorious.

    Peter Qvarnström

    I was saying long ago, thart he just did four songs. I was wrong. This concert is longer. I have a dvd telling me wrong. A small Swedish tv company was sending this at the time, and i recorded it. It was four songs. Now this is out to buy. Its six songs. Magic. I got the full record just for a year ago. Johnny, Ill never stop listening.

  74. luckyforsome56

    WHOAH!!!!!!!! God Johnny what will we do without you?? RIP Maestro :(

  75. John B

    I will forever remember your "WAHHH OHOOO" Johnny. Your Fans have a tremendous Love for You, and always will. Thank You again for the many GREAT Concerts You gave to us. Peace Be With You John Dawson.  :(

    Duncan Crow

    I hope he didn't go into the light; it's a trap.

  76. NealCassidy67

    unico johnny

  77. Joseph Klaker

    love it

  78. malyMikolas

    RIP Johnny

  79. Vic Thorrez

    Thanks Johnny

  80. Sheila stocker

    R.I.P. JOHNNY! ' 2014

  81. Ralph A. Miriello

    One of my favorite Blues and Rock guitarists. R.I. P. Johnny your going home.

  82. Klaus Kluger

    RIP Jonny Winter

  83. Stevo

    RIP Johnny Winter

  84. maazvdo

    BT OO4 Live In Europe 1984. Excelente!!!
    Obrigado por postar

  85. Luis Garcia

    He is skinny  but the music is phat

  86. Flower Child

    Anyone else hear the hendrix in there? Love JW. Thanks so much for posting this. I grew up listening to this guy jam. Still resonates in my soul!

    J D

    Yep he figured out the same way to put feelings into his guitar and back out as sounds. i don't mean he copied jimi i mean they both figured out a connection with their guitar.

  87. Lucas Manhães

    Sunshine Of Your Love, hehhe!

  88. paula nebbioli

    en este momento milagrosamente, puedo ver y oir el video, sin cortes de transmisión
    es lamentable, YouTube, muy lamentable que no tomen medidas al respecto

  89. gee bee

    Love this man and his playing.....

  90. Sava Milovanović


  91. raytheprinter

    Johnny is one of the players I can identify after only a few notes! Unique and underated in some quarters.Thanks for posting!

  92. Miser Blonde

    the man is my god

  93. MRmoofoo2you

    i miss SRV
    : (

  94. Rickie James

    gotta love Johnny!My favorite Texas guitar slinger bar NONE!

  95. robert leszczynski

    Wine...... There's a cd with Jimmy and Johnny jamming together I've got to find it and I'll post it

    Vivek Wally

    Found it?

  96. Sahas Rara

    Taste a bit hendrix

  97. ontariobuds

    I love Johnny's customary scream at  0:15

    Here is another with his customary scream at the start, mean town blues


  98. 5jerry1

    He makes it look so easy.

  99. Josh Andresen

    my all time fav man that guy can really lay it down