Winston, Charlie - Truth Lyrics

You took a step into my world
Leaving all of yours behind, oh
We didn’t know what would unfold
Just the feeling of a good thing so we leapt into the unknown

Took your time to understand
All the ways I wear my love, love
With a shield in your hand
There were sticks and stones
But no one broke their bones
The bond is bigger with each day we live

I believe in truth
Took a long time to get there
But we made it
I made it with you

Well, we had some ups and downs
But it never stopped the flow
Even days I played the clown
You believed in me enough to let me be
And think about the man I want to be

I believe in truth
Took a long time to get there
But we made it
I made it with you

I’m not gonna lie
Well, it took some time to let it go
What I left behind
That means nothing now I’ve got the flo(w)

I believe in truth
Took a long time to get there
But we made it
I made it with you

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Winston, Charlie Truth Comments
  1. 1 1

    One of my favorite song,now

  2. Florian Lebreton

    Bon titre

  3. Markie Brown

    it's super "SEAL" :D

  4. chaskiandcie

    This song is really good. Damn mate, your work is always good, keep doing that, I'm falling in love with you haha #nohomo

  5. Alabama Michèle

    pause guitare le 09 juillet 2015, il est géant avec une présence sur scène incroyable et un échange sans égal avec le public, ce n'est pas l'hystérie mais un véritable partage qu'il donne

  6. TheWaylandern

    just try the version of the "comité des reprises" with Charlie Winston himself
    it's gorgeous


    Totally agree! It's a gorgeous rendition

  7. Lastchatte2

    Truely amazing

  8. Florian Lebreton

    Premiere entente sur virgin c est super

  9. Peppino Levanti

    L'ho visto LIVE a gazebo.... Fantastica performance :)

  10. Chips Chimik

    J'adore perso c'est ma chanson préférée de lui

  11. MrJeremyy7

    Very good Music Charlie !

  12. BailaoSalsa

    NO no no no.. very good track, and that's true

  13. Don't Stop Spot & Komedywell


  14. priscilla363

    Music and story of this song truly upset .... beautiful

  15. Fred'az

    So cool ! Thank you a lot Charlie :)
    Can't wait for the chords to play it on my guitar ! 
    Even if you're not as popular as before, you never ceased to make good music :D

  16. Ma vieille chaîne

    A Charlie Winston release on the day of Christmas, what can we ask more ?

  17. Audiofeel

    Charlie, i think i prefered the others song. I found this song a little bit repetitive. But not à problem, continue to song, dance, "faire le clown" like we says in french, enjoy!


    Un petit peu répétitive mais sinon bonne musique !

    Baka Bakoui

    filthy french


    Not at all, je suis français, et faire le clown ça se dit totalement. Arrètez de flame les français bordel

    Jack Pandalord

    @gabrielangex Juste comme ça, le "s" à la fin de "say" est seulement utilisé pour la 3e personne du singulier. ;)

    Green Manalishi

    @Baka Bakoui
    french suxx roflmao