Winston, Charlie - Spiral Lyrics

Sometimes I feel
Like I've been here before
Time turns a wheel
On repeat like a vinyl
On the spiral
Yes it does
It does

Down, I go down
Through the doors of the past
Now, I've seen things
You won't believe
Born to chance
So roll the dice
For over your head
Hangs a knife
And laughing is all you can do, oh


Hell, I'm in hell
Help me out, help me now
Kill what you know
Start again
That's your future
On the wall
Spiraling out of control
Everything all of the time

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Winston, Charlie Spiral Comments
  1. Jupp007

    Only 800 views? This is great, great music!!!

  2. Folkmetal Miss

    This is so David Bowie meets Gary Numan and I am in love...❤ nice work, Charlie