Winans, BeBe - This Song Lyrics

All I wanted was to be loved
No one deserves to be alone
Accused for taking love for granted
But now I see...
If I don't share the way I feel
How can you know?
I found a way to let it show
I felt by writing this song
It would reveal all my heart
And tell you the way that I'm feeling
I feel like telling you how much I love you so
No special reason, just thought you should know
When those dark clouds arrive to harm me
I don't get afraid, I give you a call
For all that you do
I just want to thank you
If I don't share the way I feel
How can you know?
Now and forever let it show
Said I thought you should know
This is coming from my heart
Thought you should know
That I'll never ever part
Thought you should know
That it was love from the start
If I don't share the way I feel
How can you know?
I found a way to let it show

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Winans, BeBe This Song Comments
  1. Bora Hope

    no special reason, I just thought you should know😊❤💌

  2. Palesa Maduna

    Let's listen 2020

  3. Rachel

    I walked down the aisle to this song.... Almost 18 years married now ❤

  4. Xatuna Mindiashvili

    2020 ❤❤❤

  5. momeesan

    Every time I listen to this song it makes me's so beautiful...

  6. Thupana Phihlela

    God has been with so much i just.wana cry...dark clouds bad spirits he has removed everyday


  7. Hlubi Xaba

    Will find love this year. 😊

  8. Chileshe Sampa

    This Song...anyone here in 2020? 😍❤

    Hlubi Xaba

    Here hun😊

    M. Renee




  9. yvonne leonard

    2020 bebe make me fall in love all over again.

  10. mmasabata molekoa


  11. Tracy Ndlovu

    2020 im still here

  12. Mapaseka Mere

    am aging well with this song my top

  13. Grant Frieslaar

    Thank you Lord... 🙏🏽
    Some say 2020 I say 20plenty...

  14. Kgomotsyo Joshua

    Still listening in 2020💖💟

  15. Franny McClendon

    2020...this is my favorite CD of Bebe's.

  16. Moshoeshoe Properties Real Estate

    Still Listening in 2020

  17. Thabo Maruping

    The best song ever lived😍😍😍😍

  18. Samuel Makhetha

    2020 I'm here.

  19. Mammuso Mashiloane

    This song reminds me of the days when I used to sit with my dad in the car and we would listen to this song together...Life time memories and Im totally in love with this song...

    Wedding day song..when I dance with my dad...🥰❤👨‍👧

  20. papos tshabalala

    before my uncle died ,he came with his friend we chilled the whole day playing this he charmed his first girlfriend with this lyrics through a love letter but obviously some content were changed and he got the girl

  21. tumelo mothoa

    Adoreeeeeee this song ❤❤

  22. Nomvula Mdluli

    what a memory of my late aunt uNina as she loved this song after so many years hearing it just reminded me of her and actually i loved her through all our differences .eish wounds

  23. Tsaps Rapzz

    I let so many go, without expressing my true feeling. Listening to this gets me all emotional. 1990's was the last era of good music.

  24. Kamohelo Pule

    Whenever I listen to this song I remember singing it with my mom when it plays on the radio.

  25. Ally Brittain

    🎈 beautiful lyrics, beautiful track..

  26. olga smith

    Tsidi introduced this song to us in Mzansi

  27. Sphelele Mngadi

    Sweet Jesus 😍

  28. Gabatshwane morati

    All I ever wanted was to be loved..
    Nobody deserves to be alone.. Shuuuuu this song maan

  29. Thandiwe Mdluli

    I think am ready to get married 😍

  30. Tshiu Koele

    Hau this is a love hante. Killer Mr Bebe Winans!!!

  31. zuma84

    The amount of time I have listened to this song this month, if I continue, I could just tip it over the million mark hahha :) THanks for the upload

  32. Thabo Phumo

    Bebe Winans's voice always brings me to tears. His songs are so heart wrenching😢❤

    tumelo mothoa

    He has that voice that speaks to the soul

  33. abongile ndzulu

    still loving the song

  34. asenath oluoch

    Still listening.... 14years. First heard it in 2005 and it’s still touches my ❤️ God bless. Love Kenya.

  35. Nombulelo Pezisa

    I love this song,it reminds me of my late sister

  36. Blessing Dinney

    I so love this song 😘 can anyone please help with the lyrics?

  37. Crystal _glo

    If you happen to read my comment, I found it

  38. Lerato Jele

    ❤️ thanks Mr Bebe...this still sounds crispy fresh even today!

  39. kagiso william

    wow!!!!!!2019 speechless

  40. Matsiliso Mohapeloa

    I can't get enough of dis song. I love it more especially wen I'm so frustrated

  41. zinzi mdedetyana

    It is a love letter.

  42. marian mbofana

    That voice

  43. Bongani Hlophe

    this song takes me back to the time I was lost but could see the ray of slavation in the horizon.

  44. Tsepiso Mokone

    This song reminds of my uncle, I heard it from him the first time when he bought the CD years ago...

  45. Mapuleng Luka

    Amen 🙌🙌🙏

  46. Arnold Machalaga

    i love this song.......

  47. Nomsa Tau

    Eix this song....It just breaks my heart!

  48. Eve Nantume

    My wedding song

  49. Jade Seboko

    Soul moving sounds😚😚🙌🙌... June 2019 ND still....

  50. Memory Moyo

    No special reason just thought you should know still goes deep

  51. karo edor

    And still playing it

  52. karo edor

    Love this song, I played this song over a million times...

  53. Sandiswa Cakwabe

    Eish i fell in love with this song in 2002

  54. LeendeLand

    oi Bebe <3 ur voice :) <3

  55. kagisho psycho

    this song


    Still love him the voice especially

  57. Florence Keo Medupe

    My song for ages 2019 babe um still here

  58. Zingi mazongs

    Gosh this song makes me miss Mr Eddie Zondi so bad.. May his soul rest in perfect peace🙏🙏

  59. sonia macheque

    This song makes me feel like a teenage girl😍memories

  60. tshepang masilo

    from Obakeng and Tshepang in South Africa, great music, pure talent!!!!

  61. tumelo nkodi

    One of my favourites

  62. Nthabiseng Ramakau

    So i felt by writing this song😊😊😊😍really miss him

  63. sipho makhubu

    Each time I listen to this song I feel "Good"

  64. DipsNokukhanya Goitsemodimo

    No one deserves to be alone

  65. Rishongile Madzivani


  66. Palesa Plaakie

    I still love this song 😍

  67. nyasha Manhau

    The arrangement on this song is just too perfect, vocals, bvs and instruments. 2019 and i still cant contain myself when i hear this song play

  68. Gomolemo Mdinisi

    Still listening in 2019💞💞❤

  69. Winnie Kamau

    This is a beautiful song never heard it before. Thanks Bebe.

  70. Sanele Ngobese

    beautiful everytime i hear it feels like its for the first time

  71. cornelius allen

    No special reason, just thought you should know... This is coming from my heart... I love this song. Very personal, inspiring, smoothing song. Deep mediation of God in me, in my life.

  72. Pretty Thembekile


  73. emmanuel chukwudi

    I am here in 2019

  74. Monica Harris

    I love this song its do peaceful and puts my spirit to rest God bless you brother.

  75. Vanessa Atuchem

    A thousand years into the future, it’ll still be my favorite. 🔥 #I feel like telling you how much I love you, no special reason sweet Jesus

  76. Johnson Louisa

    My favourite song # this song,hope to be my wedding song

    Khwezi Nzama

    Bbwines featuring Joe thomas

  77. Alan Samuel Mwamulombe

    The last three years have been absolutely crazy & hard but when I listen to this song I feel uplifted. No special reason, just let you know how much I love you....

  78. Chwayita Madikane

    MM ❤️🙏🏿

  79. Charmain Phillips

    Still here☝️❤️

  80. ronette Amamus

    This song calms my spirit.. Love iit

  81. Nomthandazo Sibiya

    13 February 2019...

  82. Nolutho Majokweni

    I love this song and it also brings back memories of my late father and I get so emotional listening to it

    Veronica Pointer

    I'm feeling the same way about my dad as I listen to this amazing song.

  83. Judy Gaines


  84. Ephraim Lekoro

    My heart ♥ is healed after understanding this song

  85. evette sowell

    Bebe’s best album

  86. DoughnutHippo

    Still listening in 2019!!! 💖

    Mpelegeng Marobane

    @Busi Hiyashe anointing

    Siboniso Gwala

    this song makes me cry

    Ifeyinwa Okadigbo

    I'm just so in love with this song.

    Lesego Montle

    @nkagy M thats me ALWAYS!!

    nkagy M

    @Lesego Montle always!!!

  87. Lonwabo Lonwabo

    If I don't share the way I fell how can u know ?? BT I have the way to let you know

  88. Lizzy Ratau

    Always wn I'm sad I'm just playing this song

  89. Jedi Crush

    Soothing 🙂

  90. Coddy Coddym

    No1 deserve to be alone😍😍

  91. DIAR

    I love this song.

  92. Rainbow Brite

    Thank You God! For My Sweet Amazing Love! THANK YOU Dr. Roger Douglas Smith For Being My Fulfillment, My Friend, My Healer, My Protection And Provider, You Are More Than I Could Ever Imagine. Thank You LORD!

  93. Mary Livich

    I love you Jesus ❤️

  94. Ralph Cotterell

    This is for you Amanda Lee love you so much xxxxxxxxx

  95. Ralph Cotterell

    What a beautiful song it made me cry we will be using this song for are wedding next year this man has heart and soul where can I get his CD from

  96. palesa molaudi

    the way I feel ......

  97. Brigitte Gases

    I guess no special reasons is needed when it comes to love. Love so pure it brings to to fontein if tears thinking of it. Love this song ❤

  98. Rainbow Brite

    Thank You My Precious Gem: aka Dr. (R.Douglas.S.) For Loving Me! And Allowing Me To Love You Back! You Make It So Easy! THANK YOU LORD FOR MY GIFT OF MY GEM!!!

  99. Suzan Deke

    reminds me of Ishmael thobatsi.. we used to listen to it together... life neh, right now I feel like contacting him.... if only!