Winans, BeBe - Thank You Lyrics

Thank you Thank you...
The key to my emotions
You keep me going strong
The source of my solution
When things are going wrong
When my life's uncertain
There's no place I'd rather be
Then standing here beside you
'Cause your love always comforts me
Thank you, Thank you
Thanks for being a friend
Thank you, Thank you
Over and over again
Thank you, Thank you
I could never repay
The love you're sending my way, my way
Thank you, Thank you
Something else I wanna tell you
You are my salvation, yes you are
Don't you know you're everything
Set my feet to dancing
When I think of all you've done for me
Here and now my heart's proclamation
You are awesome and true
You've been better to me than I've been to myself
Always give thanks to you, to you
Right now I wanna thank you for all that you've done for me
Right now I wanna thank you for taking good care of me
Right now I wanna thank you for all that you mean to me
Right now, right now, yeah, said right now
No doubt about it, I can't live without your love

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Winans, BeBe Thank You Comments
  1. Toni Y Dameron

    Thank you Father God for throwing my sins into the Sea of forgetfulness , Amen

  2. KingArthur

    Nice version but the MAW remix is the classic praise song!

  3. Raffaele Daniele

    This is my favorite song!!It's fantastic , powerful and energetic!!We must take example from these songs

  4. 1blessedbrotha

    YES SUH!!!!!

  5. Jamar Cherry

    Brings me back to my childhood 1997. This is very upbeat.

  6. Anthony Arrington

    this song makes me feel so thankful. im glad this song was made cause i have some really great friends and this song is my way of thanking them

  7. Rodger Fulton

    Madonna's holiday song is the same chorus

  8. 1blessedbrotha

    say rite now, say......

  9. 1blessedbrotha

    THANK YOU!!!!

  10. Claudette Irving


  11. Ashiya Johnson

    Lovely song especial 3:00 till the end!!❤❤

  12. Esther Adelaja

    Thank you Lord for be my redeemer. Love you Yahweh...

  13. T Cee

    Great song!!!

  14. Lakiva Lax

    i would like to take time and say thank you,lord for blessing. i love this song:)

  15. Cruz Maldonado

    Looooooove youuuuu Jesusssss Thankkkk youuuuu

  16. Stan Guy

    I've been trying2 find this song since I 1st heard it in the 90's in a prison medical office,but I never knew who made this song. All I knew was the verse "Thank you,thank you!" All of a sudden after giving thanks for my supper tonite, the holy spirit put it in my head to look it up on youtube under the Winans. Lo & behold,it was right there!! I just played it 4 times,and i'll never have to wait 30 something odd years to hear it again,so to our Lord, I say "THANK YOU, THANK YOU"!! What a testimony to that!! Amen?

  17. 1blessedbrotha

    Thank you Lord for taking care of me since my Ma been gone, my heart,s still broken.

  18. 1blessedbrotha

    That,s alright my brother, sang me happy!!!

  19. Lady Lala


  20. Lady Lala


  21. Lady Lala

    Yesssah GOOD GOD From Zion!!!! almost forgot I am at work LOL

  22. BIG SEXXY77

    This takes me back to 1998 when I worked at Tower Records!!!

  23. Rebecca Oliver

    Glory be to our God Yes Lord Jesus thank You for the thing's you've done for me and who You are I mostly and mainly thank You for being in my life every day and night Thank You Lord Jesus Christ Amen 😇😇😇😇

  24. 1blessedbrotha

    Thank you Mother God!!!

  25. The Scatman

    MAW produced, as well as the remix. You can tell Louie and Kenny were trying for that Luther vibe. Luther, himself, in the background, while Gene Perez on bass channeling his inner Marcus....!

  26. Kim Armstrong

    thank you

  27. Annette Mcintee

    THANK You Jesus For All You Do, All You've Done/ All You're Gonna Do. Thanks For Being A Friend♡

  28. Orron Coleman Sr

    the previous comments are mine...I LISTENED TO THIS SONG AT WORK AND I ALMOST FORGOT WHERE I WAS. I LIFTED MY HANDS AND STARTED PRAISING GOD,telling Him "THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND" I had tears rolling down my face. It always puts me in praise mode...

    Mz T

    Orron Coleman Sr yeessss me too I listened to this song on my way to work and my co worker said "Girl you look so happy" I said hey I prayed and listened to my worship music 🎶 on my way here. She saw the glory of God over me that is what she saw....I cry as well when I think of everything God has done for me....

    T Cee

    Orron Coleman Sr I hera you happened to me obe time when I was driving. I had to pull over. Sometimes it doesn't matter where you are...when the spirit hits you...when the Lord is good give praise

    Anthony Walker

    smooth sound GOD is so worthy

    Lady Lala

    MY GOD!!!!! i DO know whatchya mean

  29. Marna Coleman

    I listened to this song at work and I almost forgot where I was. I lifted my hands and started praising GOD, telling Him " THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND" I had tears rolling down my face.. It always puts me in praise mode.

  30. Donald Barnes

    this song gives me a wonderful feeling every time I hear it.

  31. Lucinda Nazo

    This song reminds me of my late mom, it feels my heart with joyful memories

  32. Shari Holly

    love this

  33. James Durr

    Powerful Song and Yes! I Thank You YAHusha...

  34. Richard Stevens

    Priceless ... just the sort of spiritual soul gospel track I love. I think this is way better than the MAW version . Its got a real Rare Groove feel. Great choice. . R

    The Scatman

    MAW produced this, as well.....!


    The MAW remix is a CLASSIC. put a praise on it!

  35. Latina Heard

    love this!!!

  36. MrTrombley

    Luther Vandross and crew on the background vocals!


    Jeremy No wonder I like this song so much....Where two or more are gathered, The Most High God is in the midst....R.I.P Luther Vandross 😊🕪⚘⚘⚘

  37. Troy Banxz

    2:26 - 2:54 gets me every time. Those vocals

    C Flow

    +troybanxz I hear ya Troybanxz!!!!

  38. Torrey Logan

    God is still working on me. I Thank him for everything.

  39. Torrey Logan

    God is still working on me. I Thank him for everything

  40. Torrey Logan

    God is still working on me. I Thank him for everything

  41. Beverly Lindsay

    It's amazing how much God does for us all he wants is a simple Thank You

  42. Anthony Williams

    Y tambien...Muchas gracias!!! xoxo



  44. Themba Mashaba

    Indeed THANK YOU!!!!

  45. sashja2413

    Definitely THANK YOU!!!

  46. C Flow