Winans, BeBe & CeCe - Two Different Lifestyles Lyrics

I come from here you come from there
Two different life styles
Sometimes I'm wrong, you're always right
Must be the reason they say
They say because, I still ask why?
Two different life styles
Within my heart you changed my life

I saw my life drifting down the stream
Headed for the edge, yeah

Felt I was born to lose and not to win

Yearning to win

This is the way it had to be
And I believe

I come from here you come from there (look were I come from)
Two different life styles

Whole lot of love

I come from here you come from there
Two different life styles
Sometimes I'm wrong,
You're always right
Sometimes I'm wrong,
You're always right (must be the reason)
Must be the reason they say
They say because,
I still ask why? (and I don't know why)
Two different life styles

Within my heart you changed my life

How can someone love someone like me?
It's hard to conceive, oh yes oh~oh yeah

But know that I'm born again

Love set me free
Now I can see

And I, I, I, can chose my destiny
I only hum, hum said it would

Ain't nothing in this life
That's what they told me
That's what they said
It's not the way it has to be
Now look at me

See where I can from
I come from here (all the way)
You come from there
It takes two
Two different life styles

Two different life styles
Sometimes I'm wrong,
You're always right (always right)
Must be the reason they say (you're lost)
They say because I still ask why? (and I don't know why)
Two different life styles
Within my heart you changed my life (my life)

Changed my life style
(oh oh so glad you did)
Changed my life style

Now I can smile
Now I can smile
Smile again

Changed my life style

Life style
Whoa glad I can smile again

Changed my life style
Changed my life style
Changed my life style
Make me smile
Now I can smile, smile again

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Winans, BeBe & CeCe Two Different Lifestyles Comments
  1. Oliver Mataka

    Simply magic was this song and still is

  2. TheKema3000

    2019 still listening..Love it

  3. Deidre Haywood

    I love this song! Jesus saved me and changed my lifestyle.

  4. Savannah Estate

    God has bless so much . I just wanna thank him for everything that he has done for

  5. Dinah Reviews

    Please never take these down. Thank you so much

  6. Lawrence Stona

    Guys & Dolls Me I respect this voices is awesome Lyric is worse

  7. Shurland Dennis

    From my childhood up to this day I am blessed by every song by Bebe and Cece...I can listen to them whole day every day

  8. Bjorn Hendricks

    I can't even begin to explain how i feel about this song Two different lifestyles

  9. Thulani Mthembu

    The start and the ending

  10. Christopher Matthias

    Absolutely sublime song both in its formation and content when I first bought this album I thought it outstanding that it still my opinion the vocal outro is a thing of wonder a musical moment not to missed.

  11. Pat Kasere

    You can change anyone God i know you can do it .Now i can smile again .Love you lord my God

  12. Nondu Novukela

    I love them so much💖

  13. Kimberly Blount

    I love this song ❤ takes me back to my childhood 😍

    Latisha Mitchell

    Kimberly Gibbs made me cry over twenty years ago and still gets me now. Awesome God

  14. Felicity Pinda

    2018 December still loves them xx

  15. Boitshoko Mogodi

    Changed my lifestyle... now I can smile, smile again.😍☺

  16. Annette Swan

    This entire album got me through the very difficult time when my precious grandmother died. This song got me through because I wasn’t supposed to be the one taking care of her (an addict). Changed my life forever.

  17. Daughter of the Horn

    You change my lifestyle, now I can 😃.

  18. Daughter of the Horn

    Two Different Lifestyles.

  19. Malete Lebo

    One of my peronal favourite tracks from my favourite family.....

  20. Latisha Mitchell

    I remember when I had this in cassette form. I wore that tape out.


    Wanted that lil tape out

  21. Nai the Only

    I swear I had a great childhood


    I did too.

  22. Dinah Reviews

    I grew up on this album and still love it!!


    I hope you kept your Christian values when you became an adult.

  23. Lisa Holmes

    This take you back to PTL days.

  24. Dedric Carey

    Their is such great power in the Anointed voices of the phenomenal Bebe & Cece Winans voices.

  25. Mongezi Dzai

    l love this song it's very beautiful

  26. Boitshoko Mogodi

    Changed my lifestyle...😀

  27. Arthur Talaga

    WOW... delivering voices to worship God,,,, such a old hymn & still touches the spirit

  28. wjakwinogrady

    No words...

  29. Gamer Madden07

    this CD caused me to fall in love with Jesus and Gospel Music Truly A Classic CD😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Aelicia Allen

    Love this song. 33 now and its like my first 💘

  31. MrVpassenheim

    How in the heck does anybody down vote this?!

    The Winans are the absolute best gospel music group ever, I think. Such BEAUTIFUL music.

    Oluwole Akinlaja

    Exactly. I just don't get it.

  32. Thimna Tantsi

    I Love your Music Guy's. Even in 2018 I still listening this music

  33. Thimna Tantsi

    I Love your Music Guy's. Even in 2018 I still listening this music

  34. Thimna Tantsi

    I Love your Music Guy's. Even in 2018 I still listening this music

  35. Thimna Tantsi

    I Love your Music Guy's. Even in 2018 I still listening this music

  36. Thimna Tantsi

    I Love you Guys for the beautiful music. Even in 2018 I'm still listening

  37. Thimna Tantsi

    I Love you Guys for the beautiful music. Even in 2018 I'm still listening

  38. Pat Kasere

    I love this song two different lifestyles indeed

  39. Teboho Moloi

    Holy Spirit you say because I still ask why

  40. Keith Gardner

    I use to listen to this song over and over when I was like 12 with my Head phone set. Lol I'm in my thirties now

    Keith Gardner

    I was 10 not 12 when I use to jam this song


    Keith Gardner you playing with the 40's now eh?

  41. Michelle Jackson

    Tears.. Straight outta South Central. Never fit in. Wasn't supposed to. Now I'm a teacher.. #But God...

  42. Dwight Mitchell

    my mom used to play this CD back then...i was NOT into gospel by any means, but mannnn this song is beautiful...this one and You Know and I know...just awesome songs...really takes me back to when i was so naive as a kid.

  43. Denise DeniseHuxtable

    Thought I was born to loose and not to win...yearning to win and How could someone love someone like me it's hard to conceive...yeah...oooh yeah just listening to these lyrics of memories I was so young of all Ive been through both then and now My Lord

  44. Andrea McMillan

    Beautiful song!!

  45. Hashim Doe

    I remember back in the day my brother and i would drive 3.5 hours to camp bumping this album continuously. Those were some good times. Great album

  46. Terrell Vick

    My cousin and I always said that this was the perfect romance song for Christian couples.


    Akaria Vick awh yeah? What else did you and your cousin say?

  47. Joyce Regina

    I remember introducing my mother to BeBe and CeCe music, "I don't like it , that's not Gospel Music" I played "Different Lifestyles" a lot! Watch out there now mama, I see your head bopping lol.

  48. T Sheard

    I always think of my visit to Atl whenever I listen to this album. that's where I first heard it. #caligirl


    T Sheard did you do the atl stomp?

  49. Miss Nolver

    Christian songs from the 80's, 90's and early 00's: best songs ever xx


    Don't forget about the 10's

  50. Curlytop Asmr Lee

    When I was little I thought that these two were husband and wife lol.

    Anon W.

    Same lol 🙋glad to know I'm in good company 😆


    Curlytop Asmr Lee you was just a little young fettynucci


    I never thought that when I was little


    Me too lol

    Jemima Goodluck

    No, they are not twins

  51. Dajaivou Richards

    i love this song...i feel this way

  52. Keasa Burbank


  53. Pam Williams


  54. Refiloe Ntoi

    Now that I am born again, now that I am saved, I can choose my destiny!! Amen!!

    Dajaivou Richards


  55. - Book

    This song is one of those rare and "special" songs in its flow, and feel... And the main reason is because of the ending... oh! the ending, when Be Be starts to say "Chang my lifestyle, now I can smile... smile again"' and then back round singers begin to chime in, repeating what he said in beautiful harmony.

    At this point, the music starts to go into this "zone", you hear the base player doing his thing and everything is so on point! The only thing now is that you've got to turn it up loud in order to get the full effect. The song is so anointed from beginning to end. Enjoy!

    Spice Shabalala

    What a rave review!

    Claudia Bailey

    Gosh I am glad someone pointed that out the end makes that song. They just seemed to understand how to find the right setting for a song it just
    Flows so well


    The ending is my favorite part. It's one of those things where I want the ending to go longer but I know the brevity of it makes it even better.

  56. T Sheard


  57. OhSoMarvalus

    LOVE THIS album!!!

  58. Yummo Nagisama

    Flipping yes!!! Best song ever!!!

  59. Tanesha Woods

    I grow up listening to them. my twin and I use to pretend we were them. lol. this song brings so many happy memories.


    I m too late to respond but I feel you


    @Ndzingah in my lil Mike voice 🎶 Tooooo laaate 🎶

  60. tlaki Mohatle

    oh my gosh....this song alwaaaays makes me cry towards the end no matter how hard I try to hold myself...I'm 33 yrs today, I first heard this song when I was 18 yrs, I still cry each time I listen to it...Bebe and Cece🙌

  61. Angela Jackson

    Changed my lifestyle!  In Love with Jesus.

  62. lucky mzileni

    lovely song.


    I like believing that


    Hey woah!

  64. Tikki Davis

    they are brother and sister not a couple

    Zoe Smith

    Ms ignorant i didn't mean it like that. I know they are brothet and sister.

    Tikki Davis

    +Zoe Smith this was a matter of fact comment....some people dont know they are brother/sister so CLEARLY we can see who is the ignorant one....anyway Be Blessed.....nobody got time for pettiness God tooo good to me!!!


    beefing over a gospel song....boy smh

  65. Zoe Smith

    My favor couple

    Lana Louis

    they are not a couple

    Aelicia Allen

    Zoe Smith .sister and brother...the whole family sings


    They kinfolk not married

  66. Tamia Jazzell

    The ending is amazingly beautiful! He changed my lifestyle and now I can smile again🙏🏾

  67. tlaki Mohatle


  68. Shannon Thomas

    I remember growing up listening to this...

  69. Alice Gabriel


  70. thobile ngomane

    oooh gosh just the ending

  71. underablackgaze

    I love the ending of this song.

  72. Good Music

    There is a song on my YouTube channel with an inspirational,message! Click on my profile and go to my videos and watch the whole video!

  73. Tometa Bendy

    Being born again made a big difference from Two different Lifestyle, We can see much better now 23 years going strong!!!! Mr. & Mrs Bendy.

  74. Irvin Franklin

    I love this song!!!!!

  75. Ivan Aw

    Whoa brings back memories, I love this song as a kid.


    You grown now

  76. Michael Payne

    This entire Sountrack is Breath taking and Spiritualy Uplifting!

    Oluwole Akinlaja

    I agree

  77. Christina Straw

    Brings back so many memories!! Love you Bebe and Cece!!

  78. Itumeleng Moraka

    Two different lifestyles -  Beautiful song indeed. 

    ms deb

    Itumeleng Moraka 8

  79. Nomthandazo Shabangu

    Attended Bebe Winans Live Recording at Carnival city,South Africa this past weekend,he sang this song and though ive heard it millions a  times,i fell in love with the song all over again,it was as if I was hearing it for the first time. Power of Music

    VW DT

    Great music is timeless sista.. And has NO limit, on its replay ability.. There are certain records, that I can play for hours on in.. This joint may be one those records, that I'd put into that same category, that can have that type of effect on me.

  80. Plangnaan Ignatius

    sweet memories of childhood. Thank you for soul uplifting songs

  81. Thuls Mngoma

    I love the winans This song reminds of home how i thank my parents who raised me so well such a humbling meaningful song once again Winans

    God changed my lifestyle 👌


    They raised you to be a sweet Christian

  82. Deborah Steele

    "BEAUTIFUL SOUND" ... DJS - 10/30/13

  83. K Blackwell

    Im sooo thankful I found this song. Memories of when I was a child. Thank you Lord♥

  84. Twana Clerk

    This songs reminds me that god can change me .... and his light always shine ,,you can feel change when you listen to this song.
    This song is a hit.

  85. J Nate

    MUST be a reason HE loves me!!!!!!!

  86. Gilvania Ferreira

    Olá gostaria de mais informações dessa dupla, por favor. Bjs


    Amigo amigo

  87. Eric Manuel

    The best brother, sister group of all time.

  88. Jimmy Selai

    this is a hit.

  89. fruitful_doggu

    "I come from here, you come from there......How could someone love someone like me?? It's hard to conceive...but now that I am born again, Love set me free...and now I can see and I can choose my destiny....I hold the key....He said there'd be nothing in this life...that's what they told me...that's what He's not the way it has to be....and now look at me......See, I came from far away...That's.two different lifestyles...."

  90. gontse sikwane

    nw dats a song


    No future Molly Perpcocets?

  91. Cyberfunk

    my fave right here!!!


    Indeed He cahnged my lifestyle

  93. shonda bundy


  94. chinas best

    my mom used to play this for me and my sister all the time back in 92',now I understand more clearly what she was telling us....thankful for my mother!!!!

  95. william pipkin

    Another of the BETTER songs of gospel !!!!!!

  96. Dr. Kalima

    This was one of my favorite songs from this album. I use it to describe our right to be different when I speak in motivation and elevation of humanity on behalf of Almighty God The Creator.

  97. J Nate

    i had this song on my mind and had to find it....maybe i needed it for some reason that has yet to be revealed!!! still and will always be a beautiful, inspirational song...

  98. Amoure Music

    One of my favorite songs... I love it!