Winans, BeBe & CeCe - These What Abouts Lyrics

Now let me start by saying sorry
Thought it might be positively too late
Knowing this one word can't change things
But yet it can express the way my heart aches
My heart aches.

Cause what about the plans we made
What about the dreams of cascades
What about the vows we pledged
Are they still alive or dead
And what about the promise to stay
Can I still believe it's OK
Can we somehow talk about these what abouts
These what abouts

So let me just confess I love you
Admitting that I failed to show in times past
So if you just can't in your heart continue
Know the love you gave forever will last
Forever will last.

And what about the promise to stay
Can I still believe it's ok

Can we somehow talk about
Somehow work it out
Can we somehow find a way, find a way
Can we somehow find a plan, somewhere there's a plan
Can we somehow work it out, somehow work it out
Somehow find a way, somehow find a way
Somehow talk about it, somehow talk about it
Somehow there's an answer, somewhere there's an answer
Can we somehow work it out, somehow work it out
Can we somehow talk about these what abouts
These what abouts
Can we talk about these what abouts

It won't hurt to talk about
These what abouts

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Winans, BeBe & CeCe These What Abouts Comments
  1. torij1206

    These what abouts? I’m wondering? Sang Bebe💕💕

  2. Aaliyah Liyah

    I'm never letting go on the one person I truly love with my whole heart and soul. They the ray of HOPE in my life, the treasure at the end of my rainbow and my whole world. 🥺❤️😭🐻 Let me just confess "I LOVE YOU"..

  3. Ahmed kadiri

    Can't stop listening to this song.....

  4. David Yilshai Augustine

    I love this song deeply...

  5. Joicet Muthuke


  6. bongekile mkhungo

    These what about❤

  7. Paul Baikaranabyo

    That's talent! The guy has great voice control. God bless him

  8. Desmond Tekani

    Some will never know the true meaning of loving someone...

  9. Sanele Meyiwa

    Can we somehow talk about.... somehow work it out 😢

  10. nompumelelo morake

    Can we somehow talk about this what abouts, the voice behind the song drives me mad till this day.

  11. Zodwa Ngobeni

    love the song❤

  12. sello ntsie

    What a beautiful song indeed

  13. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg all love we have to work on it God has Tobe in it if God ant in it I don't want it love yourself God at work 🙏 Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯❤️

  14. Amanda Ludidi

    these what abouts.....eish its okay....

  15. ntombi mgwaba

    best ever

  16. Andre Strydom

    My brother sang this song at my wedding.

  17. Smangele Zungu

    Bebe's voice drives me insane (it knocks me off my feet)

    Thabo Phumo

    One of the greatest voices of our generation. This song always brings tears to my eyes.

  18. Danise Marla

    God bless you BeBe and Cece Winans

  19. michael ridgeway

    How can you not love a God that care about us sinners. These What About... Thank you Jesus for caring for These What About.... sinners.

  20. Karen Sanchez

    Soul repair from life hurts

  21. Jenus Page-Franklin

    WOW! I remember this one! Loved it then and now!!

  22. Kelebogile Tshegare

    I'm pregnant with my what about... 😥 we can't work it out or find a way or plan or even an anwers but I put this song on my belly my son kicks when it plays😍


    ❤❤❤❤ sending all the hugs to you

  23. Akullu Jackline

    Can we somehow find away.........somehow work it is the word but too bad for me it came at a time when am nolonger interested in finding a way. Buh if there still lies a ray of hope for you; then WHY NOT go for it??????? My prayers and best wishes are with you dear

  24. sadie Williams

    Love it just so fresh and warm 2019!

  25. Ayandamandosi Cele

    It not a sunday if Metro has not played this track for me...

    zama phungula

    You can say dat my cc😆

    Leonard Bailey

    Yes wish I found this song when I was going through my divorce awesome words

    Charmaine N


  26. Marie-Jeannette Lubba

    Wonderful Voice!

  27. Sithembile Sibisi

    When music was music...thank Bebe

  28. Saffron Cinnamon

    When music was just that, music! Speaks your heart

  29. Refilwe Lioma

    When you realise the marriage is over...

    Debbie Mitchel


  30. Twinky Sokhabo

    Love is All We Need.. without love we are nothing does not matter which love, from relationship, Lords love, parents love, or from a friend love is love they build us and shape us. If someone gave you something lesser than true love or something like love that person has hurt your soul. That is why God loved us before the creation of this world, we can all learn to love ourselves or others if only we can allow our hearts to do so. Our minds are a small thing and open to anything we feed with. Just learn to others first start with yourself someone needs your love. You can be honest when you don"t know what love is. There should be a school of love and life more than learning to teach others or earning money. We have a many educated people in this life but they lack love and they are dangerous to others.

    Olawale Omokoku

    I can't just forget this song. Bebe and Cece kindly give us more of these songs

  31. Get St

    My wedding song ... i know we will !

  32. Refilwe Lioma

    Ah but this song...

  33. Ntokozo Nkabinde

    Road trips with Dad 🚗🎶


    Pushing heavy Chevy?

  34. Get St

    Wedding song

  35. Nqobile Billy Ngwenya

    Can we somehow.... Takes me back .

  36. Lisa Ingram-Knight

    Relax! Let us enjoy this Holy Ghost ride together baby. I still believe in the surprises God has in-store for us...

  37. Angela Carla


  38. Puleng music

    it wont hurt to talk about these what about... it proves that music doesnt grow old

  39. Solomon Love

    These what abouts......


    Solomon Love Helen Baylor 'doxology'

  40. Chapel Hayes

    Always touches my heart,thank you Lord God.

  41. Lisa Holmes

    I am a big fan of the brother and sister duo.

    Crltnmbr 1

    Me as well my sister!!!

  42. adewole amole

    I love this song so much....

  43. Macy Andima

    I wish music could go back to this time...ugghhhh🤗

    siya williams

    Macy Andima say that again before artists brought thrir material junk

  44. Ms Farred

    Memories :-)

  45. Randolph Burrell

    is there anyone greater...


    not attall

    Alivera Namuganza

    The winans are here to stay

  46. Sunday Ngonabo

    These song make's me share tears bcos it remember me there's an answer

    Emmerencia Kammies

    Sunday Ngonabo nice song indeedly beauty songs

  47. deon alexander

    its okay. my all time favourite

    Ishmael Maboiki

    jeez woman I love tht song 2 death

    Sne Nandi

    Wat a song it so beautiful

  48. Sne Nandi

    one of my best song

    Nqobile Billy Ngwenya

    Good music this Sne ...

  49. Sibongile Meyane

    somehow work it out

  50. Roger Del Turco

    This is song is what we need to think about when we love someone.

  51. Lusanda Tembani

    3:26 - 4:05


    Lusanda Tembani #hekiltit

  52. thabo ngubeni

    I'm here because of you

    Marcia Fletcher

    What I love about their songs /music they are definitely not religious. .. you can find yourself with it in your personal love life earthly and personally spiritually with our Triune God Almighty.
    Bless you both as I admire how you stayed in God Almighty with such beautiful gifted voices and never shift to the worldly pleasures.of life. Blessings upon blessings to you both.

  53. skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders

    What a beautiful song totally missed by the secular world, a true hidden GEM.i absolutely love it and these two singing it is the icing on the cake,awesome.

  54. Priscila Roman

    my favorite song. it's very beautiful.

  55. Rea Abetsoe

    beautiful song

  56. Bilal Muhamad

    What album was this

    Jonathan Daniels

    Bilal Muhamad relationships

    Jonathan Daniels

    You're welcome

    Tiymbrok Brown

    Bilal Muhamad relationships

  57. Prudencia Lifestyles

    A positive message of hope simply Inspirational :)