Winans, BeBe & CeCe - Love Of My Life Lyrics

My heart belongs to you
You're the happiness I know I can depend on
Been there for me when things go wrong
There's rivers full of love I can rely on

You and I have faced troubled times before
Because of you I live needing nothing more
Where you are my heart isn't very far
So promise me now we'll always be forever

Everyday I wake and every night I dream
Of one thing in life I'm sure of
You are the love of my life
Never should there be one moment lived without you
Nothing I'd change about you
You are the love of my life

My life is who you are
All I want to do is simply rest in your arms
You chase away this loneliness
In the middle of the storm I'm lost in heaven

You and I have come through rains before
Because of you I live wanting nothing more
Where you are my heart can't be very far
So promise me now we'll always be forever


You're the summer breeze and yes my inspiration
Song I sing, my salvation
You are the love of my life
Trust me when I say that I can't live without you
You're in my heart, now that we are
Forever we'll be


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Winans, BeBe & CeCe Love Of My Life Comments
  1. John Joy

    Jesus is Love....

  2. Lovely Dove

    Pretty song

  3. Tina Branch

    I truly appreciate all your music may the glory of the Lord always be with you both all the days of your life and beyond life in paradise

  4. Tina Branch

    Beautiful simply beautiful music god bless you both king and queen

  5. Bright Star

    Lord Jesus You are the love of my life.❤❤❤


    Amen!! 24/7, Yes he definitely is.

  6. Anita Mazyck


  7. Shonda Mosley

    yes I love this song it took on a beautiful wedding song back in the day okay

    Troy Mosley

    Wow... another Mosley 🙏

    Audrey Job

    It is definitely on my wedding playlist...celebrating the love of God

  8. Mary Hudson

    Just beautifull

  9. M Curr

    Beautiful song, but how would anyone know you are talking about the Lord God

  10. Avery Livingston

    You know Mr. 1974 since high school through out the years you have brought Love in my Life. Just the thought of you.. pretty Special and Amazing.

  11. Gun Peterson


  12. Lisa Holmes

    I love this too of Bebe and CeCe Skydream Lyrics Production & Emmys Production House Recordings Llc Fans of CeCe winans for life.

  13. Lisa Holmes

    Still this song has the love message in it for the one who is to come.

  14. Lewis Blair

    I love this song

  15. Brianna Britt

    I love CeCe and bebe

    Brianna Britt

    CeCe and bebe are my favorite singers

  16. Greg Zeno

    She is beautiful man..what u lucky man he is,to have cece

    Marilyn Mookodi

    brother and sister

    Greg Zeno

    Marilyn Mookodi I know that


    +Marilyn Mookodi loooool


    +Greg Zeno looool

  17. Thick brix

    I been looking for this version thanks for posting!!!!

  18. Irvin Franklin

    I love this song

  19. The OneSmoothWolf

    I loooooooooooooooooooooove this song <3 this is my favorite Bebe and Cece song I looooooove Bebe and Cece <3 There voices speak straight to my soul My Dream is to be a R&B soul artist and I really look up to BeBe and Cece if I ever be come a famous singer I want to have a song with them or sing live with them or something they are legends to me


    Yes they are legends and have a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame

  20. Sane Miya

    i like the disc version better

    Nichole Thompson

    Agreed! I like the album version better. I love looking at Bebe....such a handsome man.

  21. crawlbitchcrawl

    there is a different version on their album

  22. Ajene Solomon

    This song should have had way more likes. And who was it that disliked it? I heard this song when I was 12 and fell in love with it! That's why I still remember it, looked for it and added it to my playlist

  23. Vanessa Lopez


  24. StarChyld4

    The one person that disliked this is not musically inclined. This is a beautiful song

    Lisa Holmes

    yeah I think so too.

    Delite Gooden

    StarChyld4 Amen 😍 This gives me life. I can listen over & over etc... .

  25. prisca chimezie


  26. nono942002

    Beautiful song

  27. TheNobleMoor

    I love them.

  28. olipam

    I Really Love This Song

  29. Blessed Domo

    i have been lookin' for this video and now i have found iht ... thanx for the post.

  30. Shanice Jones

    Thank You So Much. I have been Waiting to see the entire video.