Winans, BeBe & CeCe - If Anything Ever Happened To You Lyrics

Sometimes I can't believe
How much you mean to me
I could never love anyone more

When I feel so empty inside
It's your love that helps keep me alive
You rescued this lonely heart
And I'd be so torn apart

If anything ever happened to you
How could I go on, tell me what would I do
Oh I'd have to be strong, find a way to get through
If anything ever happened to you

As I lay here sleeping at night
I pray God keeps you insight
The thought of losing you makes me cry
I don't think I could ever survive

If anything ever happened to you
How could I go on, tell me what would I do
Oh I'd have to be strong, find a way to get through
If anything ever happened to you

Cece you know
That I don't need possessions, oh babe
'Cause after all, all we really need
Is right here in our hearts
The love in our hearts is right here in my heart

I'd have to be strong
Don't make a way
If anything ever
If anything happened to you

If anything ever happened to you
How could I go on, tell me what would I do
Oh I'd have to be strong, find a way to get through
If anything ever happened to you

If anything ever happened to you
How could I go on, tell me what would I do
Oh I'd have to be strong, find a way to get through
If anything ever happened to you

If anything ever happened to you
How could I go on, tell me what would I do
Oh I'd have to be strong, find a way to get through

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Winans, BeBe & CeCe If Anything Ever Happened To You Comments
  1. Deanna Green


  2. gregory malone

    This is still the greatest song

  3. Corey Adams

    Ce Ce you know that I don't need possessions,oh babe cause after all we need is right here in are hearts,powerful...

  4. Flaviana Fly

    Lindos canções impecáveis Bebê CeCe parabéns estou maravilhada 💕💕💕💕💕

  5. shaundaboo

    love you Cece,.. but Bebe something Sexii...LORT!!!!!!!!!~2019~

  6. Rakisteph

    323 I love my husband so much

  7. Tasha Coston

    I still love this song

  8. Cecile Povich

    I know these feelings for you.

  9. Gina H-M

    That note she hits still gives me goose bumps to this day. Love this brother/sister duo

  10. Aini Masyitah

    When he said " Cece you know..." Oh my...😍

  11. Benita White

    Yes🙌 LORD🙌 if anything ever happen to you🙌💃💃💃

  12. Cheryl Mciver

    Such pretty song

  13. Robin Williams

    Cece so pretty cause of ur inner beauty
    That’s what makes u so pretty on the out

  14. Lusanda Tembani

    When my mother went for chemotherapy this song became my daily prayer...the thought of losing her was crippling!



    Those who die in mortal life and have long white Heaven robes as clothing with proper shoes, are Saints.

    Our Heaven clothings for our Soul Body tells us so much about a person in life and after.

    Stay true everyone and be good.

  16. WilleeDee

    A true belter this one ;-)

  17. Mateadi Huddas Mphahlele

    i dedicate this song to my dad nd son😗

  18. Travis Boyland

    Miss my Mom R.I.H. Mother you is with your Lord and Saviour jesus Christ

    Travis Boyland

    Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ mom I know your smiling right now

  19. Travis Boyland

    My Mother always play this song when we go to the store I was 10 years old

  20. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg thanks for sharing if anyone should know these two people know God promised us we all have to take that ride love now share smile laugh pain is a real feeling Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯💯 💯

  21. Dion Morgan


  22. Anita Nando


  23. kay22100

    Why is Cece smiling on some of the songs lol.. She just can't help it

  24. Giozy Banjen

    Yes i love God

  25. Nicolas Plaatjies

    My Mom passed away last September and now I ........ What will HAPPEN TO ME? HOW CAN I BE STRONG ????????????? MOM AND DAD I MISS YOU SO SO SO MUCH. THANK U BEBE AND CECE. BUT MOST OF ALL THANK YOU GOD. YOU ARE ALMIGHTY.

  26. Jeremy Greer

    Katrina LaShaune Davis....I know I'm always distant and in my own world, but Trina, from the bottom of my heart I SWEAR I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE AIR I BREATH!!!! You are my sister, mother and FRIEND!! I thank GOD for blessing me with a sister like you!!!!!! I LOVE YOU TRINA!!!!

  27. Joy Sam-Ero

    This song is really making me cry.

  28. Chizedek Ettienne

    I love Bebe and Cece duet. If anything ever happen to you. Cece is a diva. Love that note .

  29. Cee Yaya

    Love them, Legends!

  30. Helen Jackson

    If Anything Ever Happen To You. I Have To Be Strong. Look To God For Strength.

  31. Sharon N. Alenda

    Oh no Ms. Cece Winans! I love your brother Bebe Winans! So much... haha. Very beautiful music. Its a classic. A time where men were men and women were women.

  32. Sizo Kutila

    BeBe and CeCe your songs make me feel so real and complete I really love your songs

  33. vamperkillzshy

    My little brother was my companion and then he ripped himself away from me....

  34. Erica Collins

    My favorite fraternal Twins!!💜💙💪🎼

  35. Intan Akuntan Berpraktek Accounting Office of DEP

    On top of my playlist!!

    At first i thought this song address to a spouse, apparently it is for siblings.
    Love it so much

  36. Sarakiah Mebemeye

    Love this to, they are so good!!

  37. Gilberto Bermudez

  38. John Donigan Jr

    CeCe has the voice of AN ANGEL!

  39. Shamecca Swayne

    Missing my brother like hell and it's only been 6wks since his death. Oh how I want you back Rod G.

  40. Nicolas Plaatjies

    I have a 14yr old son and he means the world to me. if Anything Ever Happened To Him I don't know what I would do. I lost a niece at the age of 6 due to cancer and it hurts so much as she would have been 28 this year and she brought so much joy ot our hearts as she was so positive that GOD would heal her but she lost her battle because GOD wanted her to be with HIM. if anything happened to my son I don't know what I would do. Even if anything happened to my ex wife I don't know how I would react. Yes we done but he is my son's mother. GOD thank you Cece and Bebe. May GOD BLESS THE BOTH OF YOU. My Dad also passed away and I MISS HIM SO MUCH just to be there to GUIDE me and HELP me to bring my son up. GOD it is so hard, but I know GOD is with me every step of my journey. GOD what I whimp I am crying my eyeballs out. Please forgive me and help me LORD.

  41. Rakiba Young

    This song brought tears to my eyes back then and it brings tears to my eyes even more now.

  42. Siyanda Zama

    Who's Still Listening to this amazing song in 2018

  43. Vondell Taylor

    I had this cd and these songs I sang to my now x wife, what I will however say is that she never truly understood what she had, these words I meant when I sang them to her more than 10 years ago, now that I am over her, and that situation I say, " what does not break you only makes you stronger " and for sure I am truly stronger. this is a truly great song to me, great lyrics.

  44. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  45. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  46. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  47. Lawrence Grey

    feed people with loving music...they will be more loving...feed them with garbage...they will be evil. Great Music this.

  48. Jenny High

    You are so missed Dana S Harris, June 20th 2009 until we meet again my son.

  49. Kesha Kellogg

    This a beautiful song love this since i was a kid

  50. PM IKeepsitRealz

    That look he gives her toward the end is hilarious, he's like sis don't be trying to out do me, we on the same team 😁😂🤣

  51. Florence Scott

    Great songs ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹😇👍

  52. Florence Scott

    Wow !! Thank you lord the Best songs . ❤️❤️❤️😇😇❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. Maria Espinoza

    I made a video of my sweet Kismo's when he passed July 21 2015 while making this video a evil man who has been taunting me all these years he heard me crying through my computer and could see me. So this evil man pretended to be another person and went into Facebook account and said through private chat. I just kill my self and die over. He was mocking me for crying. Then comes 2017 June 26 my sweet Kikido's was screaming like a child. Had put her down. Had her since she was 6 weeks old. Now finding out this year that our neighbors killed my babies. Lord how it hurts. No help from Police or FBI in VA. Only this special earthly angel out of State who is FBI helping me. He knows all the people involved. Praying he tells the Police in Newport News. I owe this special man everything. He is the only only one that believed in me. Except my Lord. My body so weak because I've been poisened too. All I can do is wonder why? 😑😇

  54. Maria Townsend

    Love this song so much, I listened to it about 100 times after my father passed 12/19/16...I couldn’t stop crying. He was the greatest man to walk this earth outside of Jesus to me.

  55. Mowana Russell

    I understand shortly he be gone just the matter of time 45yrs what would I do have to be strong


  56. Lisa Holmes

    I like all songs they got a style that I have not seen before in gospel recording music A big fan since little.

  57. Pearl Glenn

    I dedicates this song to my husband kevin glenn love u sweetie

  58. Pearl Glenn

    I dedicates this song to my children love yall especially you baby boy ( Cortez )

  59. Rita Walker

    T is the best letter.

  60. Macy Andima

    There sibling goals ✊🏼

  61. Terry Sanders

    So touching... I love to listen to CeCe and BeBe...and when she hits that high note her voice just soars. What a heavenly sound. They're perfect together or alone in song..God bless them and their gifted family.

  62. sweet14mb

    I lost my grandfather in 2016 and my favorite uncle on Father's Day in 2017 and now it's 2018 and this song still ministers to my heart like never before. Never take anyone that you love for granted. Be blessed everyone 😇

  63. Earl Lloyd

    When they sing it's like two angels talking to us.

  64. Jonathan Daniel

    Becausw we need a word

  65. Base Maintenance Department TTAG

    such a powerful song !! love it

  66. Lavelle Pascol

    One of the BEST Brother/Sister Duo ever1

  67. Tor Kamau

    Along with these amazing voices, we so often forget about all the behind the scene artist. Big shout out to the writers, producers, musicians, back up vocals etc... Simply Magical we are some talented people!

  68. kim george

    Love this song always makes me cry!

  69. Shawna Ramazzotti

    Any one once that this little girl has a Prince symbol ball cap?

  70. Terneal Kelly

    Man watch out

  71. Rosa Sanchez

    i love this

  72. Angela Mallett

    God have been good to them

  73. Angela Mallett

    l like this song because i love my family and God and it keeps me in my right mind

  74. Linda Burnett

    i love this one

  75. Nunya Bizz

    When I hear this song, I can't help but think about the worst period in my life (August 2013-December 2015). All in that time span, I had a loved one sentenced to prison for a shocking crime, I had to deal with a breakup (which was a blessing in disguise actually), looking for a job and the death of my paternal grandmother. I can only say that it was the grace of God that kept me from losing my mind, getting strung out on drugs (cause I definitely had moments of wanting to self-medicate the pain) and failing at succeeding with my suicidal ideations. Most of all, it taught me that despite the inevitable, you can make it through. Don't rush it, keep putting your best foot forward and better days will come in due time. #ThankGod4Lifelines

  76. Mickel Smith

    Beautiful song

  77. Ebony Aka Cookie Marks

    Bebe 😍😍

  78. PNWSpeaks

    I listened to this over and over while my dad was in Hospice. Dad you mean the world to me. I feel so broken but God. You will always be in my heart. 😢

  79. Charlotte Graps

    keep Christ in my heart

  80. Joe Jones

    To my "Doll, "Diane J., If anything ever happened to you. I love you, because you make me whole.

  81. #1Love Life

    Bebe and his good looks and mezmorizing eyes!!😍😘

    Sharon Joi

    Those eyes...

  82. Dominique P

    What happened to great music like this? Classic!

  83. qclark59

    I dedicate this to my future wife!
    "Nicole Sanders"
    God is molting me to the man he wants me to be_ b4 we get married!!-...
    I love you Sweetcakez!!!***

  84. gotti812

    I just 💘 this song

  85. Linda Ross

    I love bebe.and cece

  86. Linda Ross

    I love bebe.and cece

  87. Linda Ross

    I love bebe.and cece

  88. dette3000

    Where is love where is love where is the love like this today.......🙁. Still searching.

  89. onieshia napoleon

    Cece's beautiful voice matches her beautiful looks. Soft gentle gorgeous lovely precious beautiful adorable 😇❤️. One of a kind

    randy porter

    onieshia itZZaS no

  90. Mpendulo Ndabenhle Ngcobo

    how i love this siblings they like couples

  91. Viviana Gomez


  92. Dame Nicolé

    I love everybody....and I forgive those who haven't even asked for forgiveness....The Most High isn't done with me yet❤

  93. REBEL

    My siblings and I love this song. We have all sat and cried together listening to this. I love you Juan, Sonia, and Trena!


    we are Israel..THE MOST HIGH "YAH" CHOSEN PEOPLE...we are the best at everything!

    James Gray


    As gentile converts we are the spiritual descendents of Abraham and have be grafted into the family of LORD

  95. William Singleton

    this is the most beautiful song I heard in a long time

  96. laquitta smith

    Download music player

  97. Cecelia Pierce

    me and my twin brother is this close and this song omg I love it

  98. Wayne Butler

    I love you KW always missed everything about you god knows I missed you 🙏🏾 I know you are in heaven looking down at me baby help I'm losing my way I love you boy

    Joscelyn Favors

    Wayne Butler hang on God has you in his hands.

    Tammi Smith

    I know how you feel I lost the love of my life on 4/26/16 and I'm trusting in God to help me get through it