Wilson, Steven - The Raven That Refused To Sing Lyrics

Sing for me
Sing for me
You can come with me
You can live with me
Heal my soul
Make me whole

(the raven sings in a dream)

Sister I lost you
When you were still a child
But I need you now
And I need our former life
I'm afraid to wake
I'm afraid to love

Just because I'm weak
You can steal my dreams
You can reach inside my head
And you can put your song there instead
Please come to me
Please stay with me

Sing to me raven
I miss her so much
Sing to me Lily
I miss you so much

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Wilson, Steven The Raven That Refused To Sing Comments
  1. Gerald Wright

    what is this animation called?

  2. Lorraine Hall

    Steven Wilson has been dubbed 'the most successful musician that nobody has ever heard of.'

  3. Ryz'N

    The last day of june??

  4. Lorraine Hall

    Steven Wilson :'I want spirituality rather than technicality..'... This is coming from a guy who is an atheist.. Funny that..

  5. Jarek Marek

    Emotional destruction.

  6. Mirko Giorgini

    The perfect song

  7. Horace Osirian

    In Drive Home, the main character crashes his car after becoming distracted and failing to pay attention to the road, causing the death of his girlfriend Lucy, who burns to death in a fiery inferno, trapped & unable to escape the car. Lucy is a reference to Lucifer (sentenced to burn in hell forever) - there's a hidden theme of human sacrifice to a merciless demonic god (Lucifer, but could just as easily be Moloch).

    In The Raven that Refused to Sing, the female muse this time is the protagonist's deceased sister, Lily. Lily is a reference to Lility, infernal Hebrew demoness / sorceress, Adam's first wife (before Eve), who lost the job due to excessive demon summoning (don't blame me: Google it).

    There's a bit more going on with Steven WIlson's music ;) The 4.5 (album / EP) reference harks back to 9 Cats, IMO, itself a reference to cat of nine tails, torture, the planet Saturn, and much more. But that'd be telling ;)

  8. TIM ACE

    ❤2019 Tara

  9. Janne Hako

    I cry every time I see this video.

  10. Christiaan Jellesma

    This is really so fucking sad and depressing , damn you Steven Wilson you brilliant musician who can really make superman cry

  11. Sid Ant

    This man is a progressive rock god. Much love from India ❤️


    I think it was a comment on a Steve Haxkett song that I came across Steven Wilson. To that person if you're reading, I'm eternally grateful for introducing me to someone new.

  13. Mitch Wolf

    Really really beautiful song.

  14. Marko Kampfelt

    One of the most beautyfull song ever..
    This is musical masterpiece..yes it is.

  15. Christiaan Jellesma

    Soooo sad, soooo depressing, but so beautifully good, a song with a dark downward feeling and you get tears in youre eyes and a feeling of sadness

  16. Susej Kingly

    The art is nightmare fuel. But I love it.

  17. Barak Porat

    This song is an out of body experience

  18. UncleFunkle

    4:18 :'(

  19. Karsten roelofs

    6:05 the fucking chills that bit gives me! I love it so much!

  20. Dale Cooper

    When i want to cry i come here

  21. Lemon Myers

    This in concert is... Wow...

  22. Marko Kampfelt

    Amazing sorrow..same time beauty of hope....Masterpiece!!

  23. Humble Opinion 43 Samurai

    As I weep over every loss.... Every memory comes flooding back.... Every sorrow is a thousand knives.... I don't mind whatsoever because reminds me what it means to be human.

  24. Kobita Dutta

    Steven Wilson is not a musician. He's a freaking philosopher who just preaches through music.

  25. Tony Mitchell

    Ended his show this last tour with this. I left the venue gutted. Devastating.

  26. Ahana Sadhu

    How can this have even one dislike? What planet are we living on seriously

  27. Aarshi Anand

    Why do I always tear up and get goosebumps while listening to this.

  28. Nave It'spronouncedNahvay

    It seems to me I heard the words "Sing to me Lilly, I miss you so". Is Lilly the sister or the raven? If she's the raven then her name could have been on the grave stone... Beautiful Music and animation none the less.

  29. Aniket Tagore

    Make a offer that raven can't refuse.

  30. Sergio Velasquez

    This was the first time I ever heard this song fully and watched the video. I cried and felt a lot of grief. Besides that, the song is really beautiful, emotional and powerful, especially the ending. I feel that if I listen to it live, I'll end up crying through the whole song.

  31. Seth Hines

    why I don't listen to SW anymore-
    4:24- "sing to me raven, I miss her so much"
    "Satan the raver, I miss her soul much"

    did anyone else hear that to....?!???

    Miguel Benavidez

    C O M E D Y K I N G

  32. GooseGumlizzard

    this is the saddest shit in the world

  33. TLF Cymbrogi

    It's a beautiful song, with also beautiful lyrics ! Good job ! 😀

  34. Bob Romeo

    This is Radiohead right?

  35. Edward Bijnsdorp

    I LOVE Steven Wilson, but why he CLEARLY ends the 3rd and 4th line of
    the intro with 'we' in stead of 'me', like it should be according the

  36. Jannatul Islam

    It is too emotional and i was gonna cry..but I don't know why I couldn't cry

  37. Transmercury

    Sing for me,
    Sing for me.
    You can come with me;
    You can live with me.

    Heal my soul,
    Make me whole.

    Sister, I lost you,
    When you were still a child,
    But I need you now,
    And I need our former life.
    I'm afraid to wake,
    I'm afraid to love.

    But just because I'm weak,
    You can steal my dreams.
    You can reach inside my head,
    And you can put your song there instead.
    Please, come to me.
    Please, stay with me.


    Sing to me, raven,
    I miss her so much.
    Sing to me, Lily,
    I miss you so much.

    Sing to me, raven,
    I miss her so much.
    Sing to me, Lily,
    I miss you so much.

    Sing to me, raven,
    I miss her so much.
    Sing to me, Lily,
    I miss you so much.

  38. Yoni The K

    in Steven Wilson words (before playing that song at the end of his show): "you came here to be miserable"

  39. David Starzinger

    i always get the feeling of crying listening to Steven`s Songs. But i just can`t force a tear out.

  40. Lorraine Hall

    The funny thing is, ravens can't actually sing, just croak.. Maybe it should have been called 'The Song Thrush that refused to sing'....

  41. Ritoshirsa Sarkar

    What a magnificent composition. A song complete in itself

  42. Miguel 13

    I love hearing sad music because I love being melancholy it helps me to think deeper

  43. golf wang

    I'm not crying, you are crying

  44. Chinmoy Chatterjee

    Steven mostly tries to point out how much emotionally fucked up everyone can be in this world but sometimes he also writes from his own experiences as well. So it's basically every person including himself is fucked up but we tend to hide it from the rest of the world and this song makes us recognise our pain and that is again why this song is so beautiful. Steven Wilson, you never fail to amuse me.

  45. TooTsaka

    I don't know how many times I have listened to this. It still gets me emotional beyond belief. This deserves worldwide fame. This right here is the very essence of the absolute power music has on the human soul. I cannot praise Steven Wilson enough for this.

  46. Vaibhav Jain

    I feel lucky that I've heard this song ♥️

  47. Lemon Myers

    I just got to see Steven Wilson last night for the very first time, ironically in a little venue at Pensacola Florida and he had no idea they existed lol. This was their finale song and I almost cried. It was just too beautiful live. <3 Best concert ever, go see them if they ever end up in your area!

    Megatron moss

    Yoooo I was there too
    Lol I was like the only 13 year old there. Good concert

  48. theguywithin

    Absolute masterpiece!

  49. JaQuan Jones

    Saw this live in Baltimore last night. Incredible. He closed with this. I wasn’t completely enthralled. Couldn’t help but shed tears. Thanks for a great show Steven!

  50. L. Filteau

    Heartfelt, heartbreaking, powerful, vulnerable. Just a gorgeous song, and a video that keeps me returning to it. The way it builds, the pleading.....

  51. rosiespole

    Just stunningly beautiful

  52. Ginger Knight

    He closed-out his to the bone shows with this, video included.

    This album had passed-me-by so hearing this live I went cold. It absolutely fucked me up as a show-ender!

  53. Mark Kamphuis

    My fellow burmese cat died yesterday at the age of 18. We were like married. He learnt me about unconditional love, endurance, faith and discipline. Pepe, i miss your talking, your smell, your presence, your being. Pepe, i miss you so much, i miss you so much......

    Lorraine Hall

    Mark Kamphuis I miss my dear cat Peppy so much too.. He died when he was 14.. I had him for my 7th birthday..

    Mark Kamphuis

    Lorraine Hall sad :-(

  54. Goferowy Kocur

    1:42 i dropped my coffee

  55. Alexis M. López

    I lost my little sister when i was a kid, i remember that day perfectly, i still think this is the song of my life...

  56. Thomas Ferraro Jr.

    Who dislikes this song? Really? You came here, on purpose... Or accidentally, heard masterpiece and gave it a thumbs down? This is just about musical perfection folks.

  57. Marlene Pendleton

    A god damned religious experience!!

  58. Ashlee* Dawn

    Interesting how so many of these songs have themes of greif. I'm glad I discovered Steven Wilson today, I'm really glad I did. His style is the definition of hauntingly beautiful. 💜

  59. Hector Salcedo

    Will always be my favorite Wilson's song. Total beauty.

  60. Dipali Deka

    a hundred and three fuckers didn't really know what they were doing

  61. Marwan Abd El-Ghany

    Brb suicide

  62. Felidrummer1

    i find it hard not to cry listening to this.. in some kind of weird mix of joy and sadness.. and disbelief. Music is what saved my life and what keeps me going.. and Steven Wilson, for me, is the greatest musician alive. because he : Is one of the best vocalists i know, one of the most talented songwriters, one of the best guitarists and keyboard-players.. but most of all... the only Person that i completly believe what he does... i beleive 100% that he feels what he sings about... and i cant find anyone else who gives that much emotion into music... pure, honest emotion... not forced or anything... i cant find the words for this. its just magic :)

  63. InciteManyOhs

    I’m reminded of Radiohead’s Pyramid Song. Both are outstanding pieces with unbelievable emotional power. ❤️

  64. Kudos MSP

    First heard this through Osu! I'm not disappointed, I fell in love with this song and everything about it.. It's just amazing..

  65. Lucifer Sam

    The last time i was nearly brought to tears by a song, was radioheads exit music (for a film). This is... better, im surprised i didnt cry, this album alone puts Steven Wilson in my top 5 favorite groups.

  66. Elektryk 157

    This masterpiece makes me cry like a baby :'(

  67. Larissa Ellmers

    i was thinking of using the title "the raven that refused to sing" for a story so i looked it up to see if any other online stories had the same title and this song came up and holy crap this relates so much to my intended storyline

  68. EssCee96

    The old guy looks like Mike from breaking bad ;p

  69. Franck Bizouard

    Beautifully sad

  70. Holy Terrorizer

    ja men læll

  71. Robert S.

    A beautiful song and amazing video ruined by bullshit advertising. Fuck!!!!

  72. Anita Brennan

    This is such an incredibly moving song

  73. teme007

    I wanna hear radiohead cover this.

  74. teknichol _

    canzoni come queste hanno fatto la mia adolescenza ed è sempre un piacere ascoltarla. un'emozione toccante come poche. love you forever, titans.

  75. Jan Lewandowski

    I'm touched ;_;

  76. Jurresp Dougsp

    super ..

  77. Clint Clore

    Beautiful work

  78. Gp Bhandari

    tearing eyes :( :( and this was the only one song i was listening for one month during my vacation in Nepal over high mountains

  79. ST M.

    Well, that was a song.

  80. Peanut Corn99994

    Who left dislikes on this is a monsters

  81. oswald's hat

    I'd love to sing to you
    I miss you too
    But you're too afraid to love
    And so am I

  82. Jack Smith

    Shout out to Jess Cope, what an unreal animator. She crafts such wonderful visual stories in her work. An absolute pleasure to watch.

  83. Peter Clarke

    Had the tremendous pleasure of seeing this played live in Cardiff yesterday. Just blinkin' incredible. Glorious, beautiful, haunting, tear-inducingly brilliant end to a phenomenal set by Mr Wilson. Best songwriter in the UK, if not the world, and utterly, criminally underrated by the mindless ed sheeran loving mob. But isn't that always the way? I'm just glad I've been lucky to find his music tropical island in a sea of simpleminded repetitive insipid dross.

  84. bruna brandao

    how come an animation breaks my heart that much? I'm a fucking sensitive bish

  85. John Stewart

    Arguably the most tear-jerking video on YouTube. Man, what a fantastic way to end both a video and a song.

  86. teknichol _

    Steve fai di nuovo cose così, per favore

  87. jarl Andruha der grosse her

    make it louder!!!! the ending uplifting by its "heavy pressure" reminds me Toccata Festiva of Samuel Barber

  88. RickTransit

    I just love the comments on this. Everybody gets it! This one of the saddest, most beautiful and most heartbreaking pieces of music ever, and I'm overjoyed to know that I'm not the only person that thinks that way.

  89. KazeReload

    After watching it several times, this time I think I got my personal interpretation. Given the dead sister and all the background story, after dreaming about the raven who sung just like his sister, he wakes up and finds a real raven on her sister's grave. He runs to catch the raven to make it sing as the sister did (and as the raven did in the dream), hoping it could be the last chance to "feel" his sister in the real world. Desperate, after "the raven refused to sing", he notices he's becoming crazy about the thought of her dead sister, damaging the good memories of her he had as well, and indeed madness (the dark shadow monster) comes after him to kill his sister's memory. As a matter of fact, after his sister's "shadow" is killed by the monster of madness, he lost his reason and almost killed the raven (which represents his last glimmer of memory of the sister, a meaning he himself gave to the raven hoping to have a "physical contact" with her in the real world). Just before darkness takes over his world, anyway, he realizes it is useless to stick with the arrogance of being able to have her back in the real world, and frees the raven as to mean his acceptance that she will never live outside of his memories, because believing in this will only bring to madness. When he finally understands this, the world around him is restoring, and he finally finds peace. He can now leave his home, which represents his "little mind world" he was stuck into.

  90. Aidan Kale


  91. Clint Clore


  92. Yukusna Kurumbang

    this was the best gift from music in my birthday

  93. tubedaddio

    First time I heard this was in Chicago 2016 at the Hand Cannot Erase tour. I was beyond stunned.

  94. Atta Otigba

    Just wow.

  95. Anway Roy

    4 years and still makes me cry for real.