Wilson, Steven - The Pin Drop Lyrics

Carried away by the river that passes through bulrushes on to the sea
Dragged by the current to rest on the stakes of the breakwater shaded by trees
Beginnings and endings, love intersecting a rift that will break us apart

Love learned
In turn
Dreams burned

I am tired of struggling
And the rain is beating down on me
I tried to be the way that he wanted me to be
I did not hear the pin drop down
I did not hear my heart

I have not lived and loved enough
Things are left unsaid, undone
It was not to meant to be like this
Drifting off without a kiss
We built our love, we built our ark
Nothing ends before it starts
I cannot feel my arms and legs
I don't deserve this bitter end

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Wilson, Steven The Pin Drop Comments
  1. Athreya Guru

    1:58 is the real highlight! So beautiful

  2. manco82

    2:42 is almost a copy of Cirkus.


    Cirkus meaning ???

    Jan Lewandowski

    @Zion Maybe he meant Circus by King Crimson?

    Jan Lewandowski

    Or band Circus Maximus xd

  3. Guru Jeff

    Man, this song scratches the itch. Fantastic


    Hahaha, an unpoetic but accurate simile.

  4. TheNonArtist

    2:12 CHILLS

  5. Alex Frideres

    easily one of the most beautiful pieces of music ive ever heard

    S.A. Hogan

    Yikes, we need to get you out more! Start with the 1st movement of SAINT SAENS' "Symphony For Organ," continue with some CHOPIN preludes, and finish with ENYA's "Book of Days"---just for starters!

  6. mihir rathod

    this n the holy drinker
    underrated as fuck!!!!


    Not for me. They're both by far two of my favorite songs ever. Holy Drinker gives me the same emotional response as much of Watershed by Opeth.

    mike wiitala

    Who underrated them?

  7. Dave Night

    What a piece this is! The Bass with the clarinet is awesome.

    Clemente Martínez Correa

    Yeah... Guitar and drums are good too, very good


    yes it is, though it's a soprano sax :)

  8. Somnoliento 666

    underrated song

    mike wiitala

    By who?

    Somnoliento 666

    @mike wiitala by humanity


    coz the lyrics are kinda spooky