Wilson, Gretchen - Everybody Wants You Lyrics

You see 'em comin' at you every night
Strung on pretension, they fall for you at first sight
You know their business, you think it's a bore
They make you restless, it's nothin' you ain't seen before
Get around town, spend your time on the run
You never let down, say you do it for fun
Never miss a play, though you make quite a few
You give it all away - everybody wants you

You crave attention, you can never say "no"
Throw your affections any way the wind blows
You always make it, you're on top of the scene
You sell the copy like the cover of a magazine
Puttin' on the eyes 'til there's nobody else
You never realize what you do to yourself
The things that they see make the daily reviews
You never get free - everybody wants you

Everybody knows you
Everybody snows you
Everybody leads you, needs you, bleeds you

Nights of confusion and impossible dreams
Days at the mirror, patchin' up around the seams
You got your glory, you paid for it all
You take your pension in loneliness and alcohol
Say goodbye to conventional ways
You can't escape the hours, you lose track of the days
The more you understand, seems the more like you do
You never get away - everybody wants you

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Wilson, Gretchen Everybody Wants You Comments
  1. Kylie Pollert

    The only 80's cover on this album, even though it consists mostly of 70's songs. I wonder what Billy Squier is up to now?

  2. Tore Wilhelmsen

    sexy song

  3. Pierre Bourquin

    Under Cover...Gary Moore ;););)

  4. George Roberts

    very nice cover love what you did with it.

  5. foghat75

    Billy would/should be proud of this cover! Gretchen nails it!