Wilson, Brian - This Beautiful Day Lyrics

Life goes on and on
Like your favorite song
What we feel inside
On this wayward drive
If we could find a way
If you would only stay
If we could hold on to this feeling
And this beautiful day

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Wilson, Brian This Beautiful Day Comments
  1. Ventura Easy Rider

    Que maravilla..... genio Brian Wilson ☮️

  2. César Madero

    ife goes on and on
    Like your favorite song
    What we feel inside
    On this wayward ride

    If we could find a way
    If you would only stay
    If we could hold on to this feelin'
    And this beautiful day

  3. Igor Marco

    Brian abusando con la melodía xd 2019

  4. Diane Scotter

    The man is singing his soul in this album ❤️x

  5. Katherine

    My soul shine

  6. Andre Juricic

    Fabulous song

  7. David Fitchett

    You are a beautiful soul Brian. I am in tears trying to process this song. One minute and twenty four seconds of mystery, sadness and joy all expressed through your words and progressions. Thank you for you if that makes any sense.

  8. The LassKicker

    awesome song

  9. Gloria Buono-Daly

    isn't Brian Wilson amazing and after all these years - beautiful

  10. N Cool

    what harmony! toss in the muted trumpet and WOW.

  11. larryboy1975

    Happy Birthday Brian Wilson, what a beautiful song!

  12. * GibsonS

    Someone said that music is the closest thing you will ever hear to the voice of God...i think Brian Wilsons' musical imagination sits very close to the Divine......... i can hear all the love and sadness and light of creation when i listen to Brian Wilson music..

  13. topeka cate

    Absolutely - another 3 minutes...................

  14. William

    Who actually disliked this

  15. yuWIN

    How does this man manage to keep his spirit intact after all he's been through? My, god, he's truly someone from the heavens. This is seriously tear-jerking.

  16. Peter T

    In the same vein as "Caroline No" IMO. Wonderful.

  17. Dora K

    l love Patrick Wilson

  18. Shell D

    It's like it's raining, but the sun is out.

    Se Sa

    Shell D perfect

  19. Shell D

    Beautiful. Sad but happy. How do you do that? It's wonderful.

  20. Myra1959

    I agree. It is a sweet song.


    this album is pure JOY.. Thank you Brian, survivor in a sometimes hard (sometimes amazingly Beautiful) world

  22. Paolo Rosati

    Brian 4 ever

  23. Wolfsky9

    All the voices on this song are BW. After all these years, I can tell when it's only him, or when he's using his group, with either Matt or Jeff hitting high harmony. This is all BW.

  24. Dan Steely

    Reminds me so much of "Weightless" by Prefab Sprout. Very similar chord progressions and even instruments used.

  25. Do Kyung Yun

    Beautiful song, harmony, voice and life

  26. Ah Fiddle sticks

    best song writer ever.

  27. Kayden Trujillo

    The vocal double tracking he is doing sounds different than Beach Boys stuff... Probably because he is using digital equipment. Sometimes analog stuff works better.

    I_Have_Foreskin Jr

    or maybe he's older

    Kayden Trujillo

    @I_Have_Foreskin Jr  I'm not saying anything about his voice. His voice is amazing. It is just the doubling effect itself that I don't personally like. I prefer the doubling effect he used in the 60s.

    I_Have_Foreskin Jr

    +Kayden Trujillo Would you say it sounded less synthetic with the way the vocal harmonies were produced then? Not that I think they/he did in those days but if so I get what you mean,my apologies.

    I_Have_Foreskin Jr

    none taken
    as for the sound my sentiments exactly btw you should checkout The Velvet Underground if you haven't already

  28. Paul Bradley

    too short ? more ?

  29. TheNatural1

    Love The Beach Boys and Wilson but at 0:57 he sounds like he's about to let out the biggest sneeze he ever as

    Giorgio c

    ahahah I always thought the same...ahah

  30. Zero Qualms

    sounds like Wayne Coyne!

    Juan Taravella

    Zero Qualms imagine the Flaming Lips recording Smile

  31. I_Like_It_Here

    why are we autotuning brian now

    Marco Zucchi

    +MardukFilms Because he can' t sing very well today. Sad but true


    +Marco Zucchi yeah i know... At least lucky old sun wasnt


    +MardukFilms He claims he wasn't auto-tuned here. He may not realize he was, though.


    @SanchoKobe He did? I believe you, but when

  32. reyj1022

    Brian Wilson is a musical genius!

  33. Ulises Rodriguez

    Fucking beautiful

  34. machia0705

    My God, does this man have an ear for music .

    Kenneth Close

    In an interview Brian said it is all about the " Music "

  35. bellinghammond


  36. Santi Araújo

    This Beautiful Song

  37. Igor Marco

    Creo amigos que la canción es un rezo oración o plegaria como God only Knows.

  38. gazuaman

    When I started to listen to "pier pressure" I was blown away... Beautiful  short song... just like an aperitif...Thank you Brian for such a pleasure...

  39. Amtran727

    I love this song! It's just too short, I wish it was 2 minutes longer.


    +Amtran727 Brian Wilson has just always been really direct. I mean, his longest song (which is one of his best) is Rio Grande at 8 minutes. Even his really progressive stuff is relatively short, he gets a lot done in a short time.


    not the point

    james hey

    Because you can't hang on to a beautiful day!



    Diane Donner Engoron

    @james hey Wow - exactly!

  40. Gabriel Ekadasi

    Sounds like Summers gone! It's like the second part, like a continuation of final track of "That's why God made the radio"!!! :D


    @Gabriel Ekadasi wonderful piece of music, elegant and with sweet trumpet,

  41. Felipe Alejandro

    Bella y elegante :)

  42. marco motta

    E' cosa buona!

  43. Bondek

    going through these in no particular order, ticking like almost before we get going because...I guess I expect nothing less than to be joyed by this album and so far, nothing bad.

  44. Noven Jaisi

    What a great opening track.