Wilson, Brian - The Like In I Love You Lyrics

You reached into my heart
And found the music of my soul
The melodies unfold for you

I've never danced before
Until you asked me
Then magic lights lit up the floor

Gliding in a starless sky
Till we found the inner light
Now we can duplicate the universe

The pain in painting
The muse in music
The like in I love you

When you connect the dots
I see your picture coming through
The story's always you

It's more than harmony
When you sing with me
It's an entire symphony

Gliding in a starless sky
Till we found the inner light
Now we can duplicate the universe

The pain in painting
The muse in music
The like in I love you

(Gliding in a starless sky)
(Till we found inner light)

Don't be afraid, love
We can take it from
The happy ending

The great in grateful
The faith in faithful
The like in I love you

Aah (ooh, ooh)
Aah (ooh, ooh)
Aah (ooh, ooh)
Aah (ooh, ooh)

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Wilson, Brian The Like In I Love You Comments
  1. Nigel Day

    Dear Brian. Do you realise how loved you are ? ❤️

  2. David Ingiosi

    Love it. Brings me elsewhere...

  3. Seamus Duffy

    Just listen to the joy in the voice and music from our national treasure. Brian Wilson

  4. J AQ

    really love this album

  5. Cachos Beleza

    I Love this song!❤

  6. Andythenerd

    Still think this is one of his more underrated solo albums. This song in particular is amazing.

  7. Eduardo Schereder

    "The pain in painting
    The muse in music"


  8. nelward

    you know what this song is missing? mike love. said no one ever

    Thomas Ogg

    Yeah, much better that Brian be co-writing songs with rapist Scott Bennett than with the guy he co-wrote multiple Beach Boys classics with (I Get Around, The Warmth of the Sun, Fun Fun Fun, Kiss Me Baby, etc.)

    Jordan Warner

    Nice paradox

  9. joel derrien

    la derniere prouesse vocale de brian wilson,loin de don t talk mais tres superieure a tout ces dernieres productions.

  10. Jason Lee


  11. Will Harris

    It's 1:17am.  I'm up too late.  One more Brian song before goodnight...

  12. Daniar Suryowati

    this is the first song my boyfriend sent me before he declared his feeling upon me , so I guess this is very special song for us two and I want this to be played on my wedding day :) Amen


    heart this all day!

    Justin Puga

    Awww qué lindo:3

  13. Annetta Ballesteros

    Nice! I love listening to Brian's music.

  14. Steven King

    Brian, your "ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah" at the end is just... Well, I don't have the words man. Simply TOPS. Steven

    Steven King

    I'm a musician not the writer! :(

    Tor Parsons

    @William G Danson That's the guy with a PH rather than a V.

    Steven King

    +Tor thanks. Big difference.

  15. Steven King

    BB's did "Come and Go With Me" by the Del Vikings. ITS AWESOME! Love that song so much, and how good is "Blue Moon"!!!???

  16. John Cave

    Great track.

  17. bee

    Love this song. Have bought the disk and enjoy the combining of two musical geniuses (genii?).  I am now searching for the music to this song and can't see it anywhere.  Lots of other Gershwin greats, but not this one. Can anyone help me?

    Steven King

    Please let me know too! Thanks! S

    Regev Schweber

    I don't know if it is still relevant, but the song is "will you remember me" from 1924. Brian wilson took it and made some alterations on the melody and they have written new lyrics to match it.


    I believe there were two unfinished Gershwin tracks on the album - I think this lovely song might be one of the unfinished songs. It is a heavenly song! It is my favorite song on the album. Brian Wilson is a GENIUS!

  18. psychedelicpiper

    No Brian, why did you use autotune on this?

    Steven King

    +Mike Thomas I agree 100%. Subbed to your channel.

    Steven King

    They have ALWAYS USED REVERB. Jesus have you never heard libido or Caroline?????

    John Cave

    @psychedelicpiper So what, he is 72 for goodness sake. There are plenty of younger artists who use autotune.


    @John Cave What I'm saying is I don't mind hearing him at 70+ years old with just his natural voice, or something closer to a more organic effect (like phasing). It's more pleasing to my ears than the autotune. I'm not putting down Brian's actual voice here at all.


    @Steven King I said autotune, not reverb. lol Those two things are world's apart if you're talking to someone who understands production. Autotune came about in the late 90's, I think.

  19. J.D. Meeks

    With time, Brian keeps reaching new heights of creativity and art. He isn't getting old, just better.

  20. Andrés Maldonado Ruiz

    now we can duplicate the universe

  21. watcharapong anusadsiripon

    I like it.

  22. Nick Frenay

    give it up for scott bennett doing an excellent job helping out Brian with lyrics!

  23. Marc Joyner

    The opening harmony reminds me of Disney Girls

  24. Rory Cubel

    Please Jerry, Keep your religious dogma out of this praise for Brians' God given talent.

  25. Diego Toscano

    God bless you Brian!.

  26. newyorktown

    Scott is also a great singer and songwriter

    Keith Vinterlik

    Scott is in jail

  27. Ma. Teresa Almazora

    The pain in painting, the muse in music, the like in I love you. Words and music so sweet, almost childlike.. but truly awesome : )

  28. spike3585

    Brian Wilson is one of the greatest composers of all time.You can put him right there with the likes Mozart and Beethoven.

  29. Burt Wilson

    He can still do it to me. His melodies still hit me.
    A lot of other tunesmiths his age have lost their magic touch..Not Brian.

  30. perrythelaconicone

    Love this song. Love the arrangement. Viva Brian!

  31. Aggromerchant

    He does. Brian has always been a believer.

  32. Hal9000ize

    Don't you mean he puts a SMiLE on your face?

  33. hassan elmeskini


  34. BeautifulPast

    I agree with so many here ... Brian's music touches me deeply - beyond words!!!
    Such a talent!

  35. Clevelandbrowns58

    just fantastic, dave from switerland

  36. gremar66

    What is that magic thing that I feel when I am listening to this wonderful song??? it is just like going to the sky,, it is just like being in love forever!!! I love you Brian Wilson,, hopefully I will see you again on your concerts!!!

  37. Sean

    I just can't stop listening to this. This is soaringly magnificent ! Something about this piece resonates deeply with not merely the core of my being but with being itself. Is that an overblown analysis? I think not. Seraphic choirs of Angels are Brian's prime collaborators here. God has clearly touched this man with a special grace. This is wonderful.

    André van den Berg

    beautiful analyse...!

  38. Patrick Balfe

    I hope he plays this live when I see him this Sunday at the South Bank. Beautiful song.

  39. Sean

    Somewhere along the line I read or heard that Brian once said that he aspired to write music that people could pray with.There exists an ethereal synergy that's not only inherent to this piece but that pervades the entire fabric of all his work. St. Monica is quoted as saying that he who sings prays twice. Brian's work prays a dozen times every time i hear it. This particular number prays thousands of times with each note. This is magnificent. Superlative is an inadequate description.

  40. Sean

    I saw Brian and his band at the Keswick just outside of Philly near Christmas time in 2007. My very being remains pulsating positives from that show. Better than any Dead concert I ever saw. Better than Bruce. THAT'S saying something! You're in a class by yourself, Brian Wilson and you furthermore are at the head of that class.

  41. jmua04

    The fade out is classic BW. Beautiful harmonies with a killer bass line.

  42. gremar66

    The first time i hear this song it touch me very deep , since then i cant stop loving it

  43. marcintime

    Thanks so much for posting this! I'm sitting here wearing my Brian Wilson Smile t shirt, savouring and loving every second of this gorgeous melody. Love you Brian! Smile was the best concert of my life - and I've seen a few in my time lol. God bless you Brian. You're the greatest. And the band are terrific too!

  44. cruiser1947

    Great song!!! Its too bad that it isn't played on the radio. Thanks for posting it.

  45. Tony221100


  46. Patrick Balfe

    Just amazing. I have tickets to see him at The Royal Festival Hall, I just can't wait. The guy's a genius. Love to you all x

  47. vampyros1

    While I don't feel Gershwin was near the composer that Brian Wilson is, I'm glad Brian lent his special genius to the germ of an idea that George had in this song.

  48. IainB1511

    @smitheree Brian's band doing the background vocals and you could not be more right about Rod Stewart an Englishman who wants to be Scottish, living in the US supporting a Scottish team that wants to be Irish, He will leave his heart anywhere he thinks it will give him a leg up or a leg over, but has left it behind so often he has now lost it

  49. Charles EG

    This is truly a work of Genius! The melody is !
    Singing a great song is awsome but arranging makes the difference in true greatness and Brian does both..........Beautiful !!!!!

  50. Dan Savik

    Aaah, those wonderful harmonies...

  51. lejoe48

    I am crying..This song is the most beautiful I've ever heard..
    Brian, You made my day!!!

  52. egw180

    He makes Gershwin sound just like the beach boys!
    so modern

  53. IainB1511

    @kohoutek7 Brian's greatest gift is the ability to use different chords to emote different emotions he is a poet of music.

  54. brokenbeard1

    As a Brian wilson/beachboy fan for many years this album sounds right up there along side "petsounds"after hearing this track one more time im off to buy this album, brian wilson you still rule//

  55. inkal

    Could be from an Alan Parsons album back in the 80's ... Great music & arrangement.

  56. Ron Lardie

    Classic music by a classic guy. Doesn't get any better than that!

  57. jokerrecording

    Brian,You are great artist! This song is Wonderful and Sweet!

  58. waynatra

    Pure musical genius. G-d talking through Brian.

  59. caraphyllis

    @gildy10 sweet

  60. pmoyer50

    Today, my son put this album on my pod. This is one of my favorites. I have to say that I love The Like in I Love You. The version of I Got Plenty O'Nuttin is pure genius. It didn't need words to tell me what I needed to know. And I Got Rhythm trumps every version of this song. Brian Wilson knows how to make what at first seems to be dissonance sweet to the ear. The Happenings version was good. Brian Wilson's rendition is timelessly great.

  61. Sarah Moon

    Amazing stuff! I'd rank this one right up there with God only Knows. <3

  62. smitheree

    Brilliant - were the Wondermints doing backing vocals?
    (ps Rod Stewart doesnt have a heart to eat out lol)

  63. gottacatchemall72

    When Brian was born, God reached down and gave us all a gift. There's no other way to describe it. The man is just a gift. Music is God's voice, and He chose Brian to bring it to us. God bless you Brian.

  64. daniel h

    brians back? BRIANS BACK!

  65. Caio Graco


  66. pmoyer50

    No way is this band bland, instrumentally or vocally. Brian Wilson could take any 1 - 3 chord song that is popular today and complicate the shit out of it so that no one would notice. I've listened to this and other songs off this album numerous times. Brian Wilson was and still is the man. This is a masterpiece. The genius with the master brush painted another gem with music. Eat your heart out Rod Stewart.

  67. raiphdude7

    The Master Of Changes

  68. pmoyer50

    Anyone who doesn't love this album is in dire need of ear transplants.

  69. Markgr122


  70. Secret Admirer


  71. westentrance

    Since the early sixties no ONE person has mustered the combination of writing, producing and performing as Brian Wilson. Even now, as age advances upon him, he still retains the spark of musical genius.

  72. petemuso

    oh my god, this is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  73. Gloria Buono-Daly

    Wow, just when you think you've heard the best ever, Brian Wilson does it again ....he's a genius

  74. Matthew Corcoran

    this is going to be one of his greatest albums yet.

  75. coolsweetgroovy

    This is cool Go Brian I love you

  76. Christian Hegele

    The production is sort of slick (a la "adult alternative"), and the studio singers/musicians are pretty damn bland. But the main melody is fantastic -- Brian's voice is unbelievable! -- and the chords Brian has chosen are just gorgeous.

    I somehow feel like this track would have benefitted from a seriously stripped down arrangement, but I'm really looking forward to hearing other tracks from this album!!

  77. proman84

    By the way, watch for Wilson to win the "Gershwin Prize" for popular music in the coming years.

  78. proman84

    Very interesting collaboration. I am kind of amazed by how great Wilson's voice sounds!

  79. john hanvidge

    What is it that this magician of music does that few others will ever be able to touch, he can spin a story around the basic 2 verse 2 chorus bar eight chorus route but what ever it is and however he does it I for one hope he never stops. A true one off that the word genius does not really do him credit. This will, on the snippets that are available, be another album of magic, his sound , the Geshwin americanisms, and his incredible band, just as it should be, prefection. Long may he reign.

  80. dmcguire70

    I seems as though Brian has his full confidence back and the wind is in his sails again!!
    I''ll be rushing out to by this when it's released.

  81. Thierry Callard

    C'est toujours un vrai bonheur d'attendre chaque nouvel album du plus touchant des grands compositeurs contemporains! Et ce nouveau projet semble être du bel ouvrage! En tout j'adore déjà ce titre ci!! Et un grand bravo au groupe qui l'accompagne!!!!

  82. dingothing

    I'd say this is the best song/recording he's done since 2004's Smile. GREAT!

  83. Michael Jurkowski

    I've always loved Brian. When I read "Catch a Wave" I couldn't imagine how hard it was for him to pursue things he really wanted to do, since there was so much opposition from his dad and the other Beach Boys (mainly Mike Love), but Brian can take a giant deep breath now since he completed the masterpiece that is SMiLE and now re imagining Gershwin--whom he has so much respect for (for all the right reasons)...I love Brian Wilson and his music still doesn't cease to amaze and inspire me.

  84. oldstuff

    Gershwin and Wilson. What an awesome combination.

  85. Markgr122

    @tbirdtim -beautiful work,huh. Love it too!!

  86. bendak

    i love brian wilson

  87. 20ceeyou06

    I love every bit of it....

  88. jmua04

    Classic BW bass licks...this is going to be awesome!!

  89. Tbird Tim

    This is one of the best recordings that Brian Wilson has done in quite some time. He's always at his best when he is inspired, and it's very clear that he was truly inspired (Gershwin admiration) for this project.
    And kudos to his ever encouraging wife Melinda who has done so much over these past years to keep Brian doing what he was born to do, which is to be musically involved. He's amazingly vibrant at 68 years old. Nobody could have ever imagined this some 25 years ago! We need to contin

  90. David Slater

    Great vocal's from Brian and lyrics by Scott Bennett. The muse in music - the brain in Brian. Wonderful.

  91. John Hunter Phillips

    This is heart-breakingly beautiful. How could it be otherwise, with these two geniuses at play ?
    John Hunter Phillips

  92. rick van dijk

    Beautiful. Wilson and Gershwin are a perfect match. An inevitable classic.

  93. pedro torres

    this will be a classic album i am sure