Wilson, Brian - Nothing But Love Lyrics

She's got a way of easing my mind
Looks in my eyes and everything's fine
We can laugh without any words
My smile is hers

She shows me the art of how to use time
Lets me believe the ideas are mine
Now there's less time to spare
But much more to share

Oh, tell me what is timeless
Just the stars above
She said, "I'll tell you what's timeless,
Nothing but love."

She doesn't need fame, doesn't need wealth
Made it so clear I can see it myself
Though the picture may look the same
It's better framed

There will always be sun and moonshine above
But most of all, there will be love

Don't always need her to say it back
The way that she holds me makes it a fact
She knows the answer, the answer's "yes"

I asked her what's timeless
Just the stars above
She said, "I'll tell you what's timeless,"
Nothing but love."

The only thing timeless is love

(Ooh, ooh)
(Ooh, ooh)
(Ooh, ooh)
Nothing but love

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Wilson, Brian Nothing But Love Comments
  1. Melvyn Anderson

    Sounds a bit like "A Summer Place" by Percy Faith

  2. probyngregory

    Recording the basic tracks of this was a blast-- i am surprised to hear my own vocal part in this mixed up fairly high.

    Darren J Ray

    Thanks, Probyn. Love this track and, indeed, the album. Top job. 


    +Darren J Ray  Love that fat bottom provided by baritone sax. Great arrangement.