Wilson, Brian - Midnight's Another Day Lyrics

Lost my way
The sun grew dear
Stepped over graves
And stood in seers
Took the dive but couldn't swim
A flag without the wind

When there's no morning without you
There's only darkness the whole day through
Took the diamond from my soul
And turned it back into coal

All these voices
All these memories
Make me feel like stone
All these people
Make me feel so alone

Lost in the dark
No shades of grey
Until I found
Midnight's another day

Swept away in a braying storm
Chapters missing, pages torn
Waited too long to feel the warmth
I had to chase the sun

All these voices
All these memories
Make me feel like stone
All these people
Make me feel so alone

Lost in the dark
No shades of grey
Until I found
Midnight's another day

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Wilson, Brian Midnight's Another Day Comments
  1. Keith Carroll

    I love that Brian no longer has to PROVE he's "Brian Wilson" but now can just Be Brian Wilson!

    Jaime Dingledine

    Well said, Keith.

  2. Nigel Day

    What a beautiful song ! Recently certain people keep telling me Brian and the BBS are rubbish.
    Those people are soulless, loveless pricks.

  3. drperiwinkle

    Brian Wilson was something of a sweet melancholy mystic.

  4. Sharon Ramone

    I can't stay away from this song. It's so hauntingly beautiful! Heard this live-it's even more stunning in person. Thank you Brian for all the music, thank you God for Brian!💝

  5. Sharon Ramone

    Lovely, and lonely at the same time! Brilliant, brilliant man. So lucky to share the earth with Brian💝

  6. ClubViking63

    Brians best solo album, without discussion.....

  7. beachboys fanforever

    the music notes with “all these people make me feel so alone” is just one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, and together with the words, you can just feel his pain. It’s really heartbreaking. Reminds me of my family

  8. penvellyns

    I agree with others here -- this is one of the Brian songs that makes me cry every single time I hear it. The build-up to "make me feel so ALONE" gives me chills. The final piano/strings section is so spiritual and hopeful, and of course it has so much meaning just remembering how much Brian has done and overcome. Stunning.

    Jaime Dingledine

    Totally agree.

  9. Lawrence Hill

    Great lyrics - So personal & accurate

  10. Michael David

    Al Jardine in the harmonies?

  11. Love God & Neighbor.

    Hi, Brian.
    Thank you for your music.

  12. Michael Boyce

    Aka Been Too Long\Can't Wait Too Long offered as a bonus CD track.

  13. Wood Bruthas

    So scary. I see myself in this video. Just trying to reach for that optimism.

  14. Judy Reyes

    This video was my introduction to this obscure but beautiful song. circa 2008, 10 years ago now. lovely arrangement with horns, strings and piano. Brian's voice shows signs of life. "lost in the dark" does a decent job of reaching the high notes and staying in tune. He's rough on the lows but that was never his thing. I love singing along on his falsetto songs. I tried singing this song in same key, and the lows and highs are hard to get to; it seems like a huge range to my amateur voice. His upper range was always astonishing.

    Jaime Dingledine

    I love it when people discover this song and honored you found it with my video. Cheers, Judy.

  15. The Walrus

    Beautiful + Genius = Beautiful Genius


    True ,Brian's perseverance continues to amaze and inspire me as well. PURE MUSIC/////..........

  17. Jørgen Ditlev Petersen

    There is so much  love and soul in Brians songs...... Brian - you are my hero :)

  18. Allthisisthat

    Days like this (when I hear a Brian Wilson composition that I've incredibly never heard before) are days when life is great. So beautiful, what a treat.

    widow mcmahon

    Monk used to say his music made you happy to be alive.

  19. Funny4450

    Wow, Jaime, great work - You told Brian's life story here with the placement of the pictures to this gorgeous song.

  20. stevenriddle22

    i love this song so much, love you Brian.

  21. Our Nostalgic Memories

    Excellent!  Great job with the video!

  22. Andrew Hillabrand

    First time I heard it I cried. You are a real genius. I know you are to modest to ever agree. But I just hope you understand your music has affected so many peoples lives!

  23. Andrew Hillabrand

    This song is up with your best I love the introduction and then a pure masterpiece

  24. G.D.S Channel

    Wow a beautiful song

  25. ClubViking63

    Lucky Old Sun is my favourite favourite Brian Wilson solo album!!!!

  26. sqweezel

    You tube trolling has become an epidemic of self-inflicted, isolationist, drug fueled delusion.


    Drug fuelled? Lol

  27. A Darlene

    I Am Not Leaving Without My Own Friends Too Hard I Lost Too!!!! I Am Not Losing Other Friends To Hard For Me

  28. Steve Cox

    I'd never heard this before. Now I am weeping like a baby. Thank you, Brian, you incredible genius!

  29. Noah Zark

    Wow what a Yawn. All the folks here raving about this song. Must all be insomniacs. It's this kind of masturbatory pitiable ghoulash that caused the Beach Boys to vacate the charts. Wilson tried so hard to show everybody that he was capable of something "bigger" than Hot Rods and Diggin Chicks that he drove himself crazy... he lost sight of what Beach Boys music was all about...making you feel good.... making you smile and be happy. The British invaded and Brian hid in the Bunker and lived off his new fame of "eccentric schizo genius." Unfortunately this new fame sold magazines, biographic movies, and not records.

    Noah Zark

    Mikey .... there you go again... I didn't bash anybody.... Brian and the Beach Boys are the ones who stayed in the limelight solely by publicizing Daddy's Meanness, and Brian's plethora of maladies, self inflicted and otherwise, spinning in circles, pointing fingers.....I saw Mike Wilson on TV once admit that he was embarrassed of the pet sounds album cover... calling it "lame" the comment was something like...."while we went to a photo shoot at the local petting zoo... the Beatles were busy doing the album cover for "Sergeant Pepper's" And who is talking about "deeper songs" Heck even Gary Lewis and the Playboys were making a string of hits while the Beach boys wrapped themselves in denial. I once went to see the Beach Boys in an Outdoor Concert in Chicago... and only two of them showed up. Watch "Love and Mercy".... Brian quit making music with his Beach Boys and would only hire studio musicians who blew "genius" smoke up his ass to work with him, while the Beach Boys tried to convince him to return to their roots.. but to no avail. No Bashing involved. Brian and the BB's dropped the ball and made excuses, not good music. "I'm picking up good vibrations, can't carry on a conversation, no girls just masturbation... good good good good...." Ok, so that was bashing...

    Noah Zark

    Mike Love, Not Wilson.


    Uh yeah Pet sounds was a landmark record so you appear to have no idea what you're talking about

    Love God & Neighbor.

    Go listen to car crashes or squeaky shoes, sir.
    The people here prefer *_M u s i c._*

    "Just saying," as the modern saying goes. Peace, Friend.

    Riley Smith

    Mike Love??? Is that you?!?

  30. angelica ramirez

    amazing new gem for me ♡

  31. jamie einkauf

    As I wipe away the tears, thanks for sharing. God Bless Brian Wilson what a beautiful song..Genius indeed.,

    Surya Ananda

    jamie einkauf Same. 😢

  32. Nelson Poynter

    Thanks, Jaime.

  33. James McAllister

    4:13 really makes you wanna tear up. RIP Dennis and Carl

  34. Phil Watson

    The original 'Can't Wait Too Long' was a bootleg from the original 'Smile' sessions and also subsequently released as an outtake on the 'Smiley Smile/Wild Honey' double cd. Always wished Brian had developed and completed that demo, as with so many other fragments of his genius.

    Michael David

    The unfinished is now finished.

  35. Ross McCulloch

    Classic bring tears to your eyes song.

  36. Kevin Klenkel

    Not a single dislike

    Jasa Yassa

    2 now :( probably mike love and mike loves second account

  37. I_Like_It_Here

    This made me cry its just so amazing

    Noah Zark

    MardukFilms.... Last time I cried, I had caught my foreskin in the zipper of my Jeans... so this song has that effect on you.... huh?

  38. I_Like_It_Here

    this song is seriously amazing its up there with smile

  39. Pastor Bruce

    I have heard this song several times and I am always moved by it.  The intro is amazing.  Some of the harmonies are phenomenal.  I can't believe the emotions that Brian puts into this song.

  40. Al Gardner

    OMG!! That intro should be a whole song. It's perfect.

    Jaime Dingledine

    It actually is. Its a Beach Boys song called 'Can't Wait Too Long.' It can be found on the Good Vibrations boxset.

    Lou Peterson

    It actually first appeared as a bonus track on the Smiley Smile/Wild Honey 1990 release. It's also over a minute longer than the boxset version.

  41. bird zene

    Brian Wilson's comeback is one of the most inspiring things I have ever seen and heard, it cheers up my soul.

    Michael David

    He did musically but not mentally. Most people that take LSD never comeback.

    John B

    Michael Langley most everyone comes back from LSD. Just not when you're schizophrenic.

    Michael David

    I reckon Brian had an underlying illness but LSD brought it out.


    Steve Mikulka... how do you know what Noah has done? You don't. Yet you are the one preaching about not talking about what you don't know... I have to agree with Noah, the Beach Boys dropped the ball... and how do I know it? There's an abundance of evidence Steve. And today's Geriatric Beach Boys continue to exploit Brian's maladies as some mystical sort of musical legend.

    Father Karl

    Steve Mikulka lol man you’re pathetic. Boasting about someones life when it’s not even your own. You’re the actual loser

  42. SufferingFoolsMusic

    The first minute or so is a remake of "Can't Wait Too Long," a song that dates back to 1967.

    Jaime Dingledine

    And what a shame it never found its way onto an album before turning up on the Good Vibrations Boxset!

  43. Colleen McC

    Oh my...how is it I have never heard this one? It has me weeping and cheering all at the same time. What a wonderful song. What a beautiful soul. Thank you so much for posting this!

    Jaime Dingledine

    I'm glad you've discovered this beautiful song and honored you did so thru my video. I've heard it countless times and it still makes me weep and cheer. Thanks for watching.

    Colleen McC

    Again thank you for posting it. It touched something deep in my soul. My day was better for it!

  44. Jaime Dingledine

    Your comments about Brian are spot on. I can't begin to describe what he and his music have meant to me. I selected the images and their placement very deliberately and it is heartwarming to hear from people who understand what it's all about. Thank you for the great comment.

  45. Jaime Dingledine

    The song still makes me cry and I've listened to it hundreds of times. The song just wouldn't be complete without the Too Long intro and the TLOS reprise-it is his life condensed into just a few minutes. How lucky we are to experience it. Thanks for the comment.

  46. Jan Med

    Brian Wilson has had a life of extraordinary triumphs and tragedies out of which came some of the most beautiful music the world has ever known. This video is the best I have seen chronicling that brilliant life. The highs (Notice the glint in his young eye :33), the lows (The obvious pain in his eyes 3:12), and the abiding love of his brothers, only to emerge victorious as the last picture of Brian shows. The song is so emotional.

    Thank you, Jamie, for this wonderful video. I love it so much.

  47. gregormann7

    It's funny, as much as I love That Lucky Old Sun, this song only really moves me apart from the album. I actually cried the first two or three times I heard it, before the album came out. But yet the genius of adding Been Too Long as an intro, following with the transition back to TLOS is just mind bendingly awesome! Brian is simply unmatched in his realm. Thanks for posting, and including that utterly remarkable intro.

  48. Jaime Dingledine

    It really shows that after all they had been through they still had tremendous love for each other. I'm always touched by the fact that it's Dennis that makes that moment happen. I still get a lump in my throat from it and I've seen it hundreds of times. Thanks for the post.

  49. flatfour65

    4:11 put a lump in my throat. What a great brotherly moment to catch on film!

  50. worschtee1

    Oh I TOTALLY get it! I've always felt so sorry for Brian...fighting those demons for so long. I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into making this...can't wait to see more of your work :)

  51. Jaime Dingledine

    Thank you so much. It's always good to hear from people who 'get it.' I really appreciate it.

  52. worschtee1

    Jaimie...you did a BEAUTIFUL job making the video!!! Even if there was no music, the sequence of the pictures ALONE tell Brian's story. A Lucky Old Sun he is!! I've never been more moved...THANK YOU!

  53. Jaime Dingledine

    Brian's and The Beach Boys' music has moved me like no other. I put this video together with the utmost respect and affection for this man and his life story. Thanks for the nice post.

  54. Ray Stroud

    Thanks for posting. I've not heard this before - and some poignant photos e.g at 3:28

  55. Dominicfoneill

    Beautiful song.