Wilson, Brian - Can't Wait Too Long Lyrics

Been too long
Been too long

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Wilson, Brian Can't Wait Too Long Comments
  1. Dj Pagey

    All this is awesome

  2. Saul Osorio Garcia

    Brian Wilson nunca mueras


    Cuándo muera irá al sitio que le pertenece, el cielo.

  3. Jason Lee

    Hope he makes another album..

  4. Steve Mack

    Haunting...brilliant...a true gift of music to us all!

  5. Yves DE VRIENDT

    Brian is not of our world… he comes from outer space. The girl singing the back vocals is just too beautiful. Must be a California girl !

  6. Rory Preston

    This guy is a fucking prophet

  7. Ronald

    Brian was in such a good place 2000 - 2010, so lovely to watch him perform his beautiful music :)

  8. Dj Pagey

    awesome !

  9. wilsonmara

    vaya canción macho, cada dia me pone mas los bellos de punta.

    hermosa cancion brian. genio

  10. PolmCarry

    ¡Qué grande eres Brian!