Wilson, Brian - Be My Baby Lyrics

The night we met I knew I needed you so
And if I had the chance I'd never let you go
So won't you say you love me
I'll make you so proud of me
We'll make 'em turn their heads
Every place we go
So won't you please

(Be my be my baby) Be my little baby
(I want it only say) Say you'll be my darling
(Be my be my baby) Be my baby now
(I want it only say) Ooh, ohh, ohh, oh

I'll make you happy, baby
Just wait and see
For every kiss you give me
I'll give you three
Oh, since the day I saw you
I have been waiting for you
You know I will adore you
Till eternity
So won't you please

(Be my be my baby) Be my little baby
(I want it only say) Say you'll be my darling
(Be my be my baby) Be my baby now
(I want it only say) Ooh, ohh, ohh, ohh, oh

So come on and please
(Be my be my baby) Be my little baby
(I want it only say) Say you'll be my darling
(Be my be my baby) Be my baby now
(I want it only say) Ooh, ohh, ohh, oh

(Be my be my baby) Be my little baby
(I want it only say) Ooh-oh-oh-oh, ooh-oh-oh-oh
(Be my be my baby) Oh-oh-oh, oohh...
(I want it only say) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oooohh...

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Wilson, Brian Be My Baby Comments
  1. Rab Baney

    People seem to forget that Brian Wilson used the same studio as Phil Spector and he also used the same musicians. Brian Wilson was in the studio with Phil Spector plenty of times and he witnessed how Phil Spector created music and i'm sure after watching him so much he idolized him. Brian Wilson is defiantly a better songwriter but Phil Spector is a lot better producer and Phil owned his own record label and publishing company. Brian Wilson did not. What Phil Spector was able to do in the 60s was pretty damn amazing!!! I am a huge Phil Spector fan and i love his work.

  2. Nigel Day

    Great song but the real star here is Mr Wilson 🤗

  3. Art Apollo

    Brian Wilson is Michael J Fox here. He's such a Genius that he transforms into different personalities through the years

  4. Wayne Pitty

    Brian's vocals on *"Dont Worry Baby* : are Angelic!!! That song is and will forever be one of their greatest most awesome songs!!!

  5. Vin D

    As great as it was, BMB never reached Number 1.

  6. WALKIN THRU THE PARK by Mr. Melody TM


  7. Scare Crow

    I like 'Baby I Love You' more.

  8. blueticecho

    I freaked out when B Wilson made that no talent mike love a lead singer..

  9. GH1618

    Ronnie later did Don’t Worry Baby when she was rid of Phil.

  10. Blah Blah

    The Beatles had nothing on the Beach Boys. I could list the Beatles songs I can tolerate on one hand.

  11. Anthony Perry

    be my baby changed my life.

  12. Full Spectrum Domino

    ah artful emulation, or is that being too polite?

  13. Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav

    -Phil Spector has brought wonderful music to world .He spends his whole life as a successful producer and writer . No one should go through the weird things Ronnie went through during her marriage to Phil Spector. But she has been no angel herself, making horrible life choices . She has brought a lot of things on herself..just look at her attitutes she stalks like a street low class uneducated big mouth slut from the gutters has zero social skills If it was not for Phil spector ronnie and the othe two would never made it to anything in life . And remember, Ronnie saw Phil daily for years before they married. Don't tell me all of his traits came on like the flip of a light switch. She wanted to live the rich-and-famous lifestyle. She rolled the dice going for the "money" Rich and Famous ,live in a big masion . The dice came up snake eyes. Get over it ! The Ronnettes would never have made it ...if it wasn't for Phil Spector .Why she still carries Spectors last name why ? she low class from the gutters ! little goldigger who never done anything after she divorced Phil Spector ! nothing !

  14. Jim in the Gym

    Dang it, where can we see the next clip?

  15. Roger Thornburgh Justvintedge

    1:45 Good shot of Nedra.

    Tommy Truth

    Yes indeed.

  16. jnorth1000

    Fill Sphincter

    Scott Wakeling

    Full Sphincter

  17. Tazmanian Ninja

    He was a copycat, and I can understand why Phil Spector has expressed such disapproval of Brian Wilson's productions. Brian bastardized the sound. Like a cheap parody. Missing the important aspects – mimicking the the less important, superficial ones.

    That said, I can appreciate Brian's stuff. But ONLY if listened to while disregarding the influence from Phil Spector. On its own, it's okay.


    Tazmanian Ninja .... Hahahaha.
    Oh! You were serious?

    Tazmanian Ninja

    I've since that comment revised my stance on Brian Wilson. I realized that I was only looking at it from a sound production perspective. From purely that perspective, he did IMO bastardize/mimic The Wall of Sound in a mediocre way.

    However, when viewed from a harmony and melody perspective, Brian Wilson took it to another level. Absolutely: he was a genius there. I'll happily admit I didn't "see" that, when I wrote my original comment.

    So, in a way, Brian Wilson did harmonically and melodically what Phil Spector did, production-wise, with the Wall of Sound.

  18. SpaceFlowerAesthetic

    *I love Brian Wilson, but I can't say the same about Phil Spector. Yeah, yeah, he's produced some hits, but he's a total snake*

  19. Dave Arnold

    Yeh Brian,brilliant,but you got the "golf caddies" thing spot on!

  20. William Saint Vincent

    can anyone name the song right at the start? thanks

    Agent of SCUM

    I think it's Surfer Girl. Girl, surfer girl, my little surfer girl.


    "if i had a nickel for every joint brian wilson smoked trying to figure out how i got that sound" ahahhahah Phil is a dick

  22. Sergband 967

    funny he was a huge fan of ronnettes didn't know a song made from a song

  23. Tim Jarzabek


  24. Captain Charisma

    Wtf why???

  25. greenbeagle13

    The beginning commercial is gross... Her boobs are gonna flop out of that piece of cloth... Gross


    I think it's pretty cool, I like boobs

  26. DwightMS1

    Brian, that creep couldn't hold a candle to you.


    It would have been more likely for him to hold a gun to Brian, as he often did to others

  27. Cöcö Vïnz McMürphy

    I had the exact same reaction for "Hey Ya"

  28. Fern

    I didn't look at the YouTube s*** on this song Be My Baby because I don't want anybody to f****** a good song for me be my baby was a nice song Don't evil it up

  29. Steve Smith

    Type in Spanish Harlem Phil Specter and hear Phil sing the song he wrote. Hard to believe and might be the best version

  30. westmeathguy

    Looks like the audience was segregated?

  31. Dave Mindell

    Compared to The Beatles, we ALL are golf caddies.

    Tommy Truth

    The Beatles killed the music in the U.S.

  32. Deiter X

    Great singer, songwriter, and producer; horrible storyteller.

  33. spudcustardx1

    Been around a while and be my baby still gives me goose bumps, if I knew why, I could write a new one. But I don't have the talent.

  34. the seventh sojourner

    Hearing 'Be my baby" caused Brian Wilson to pull over to the side of the road and the sound blew his mind? Man, I guess I know zero about music.


    Well, me, too. But Brian was a genius, and what he sees is the brilliance of a simple but perfect chord progression and bridge, and the way the chorus comes in has probably rarely been done better. More musically knowledgeable people than I can put it better, but I believe he was awe-struck by how flawless the song was, and as a piece of pop it was and is.

  35. Will Rogers

    anyone know what song they're singing right at the start?

    Agent of SCUM

    Surfer Girl

  36. Joan C

    what documentary is this?

  37. Baskerville22

    Brian is easily impressed

  38. Mitja Irsic

    Brian Wilson was not the only person that got his mind blown away by Phil Spector. *ba dum tsh*

    Seb Web10

    @Wud Dude Do you have a sense of humor? Because your comment made me think that you don't. I feel sorry for you lad


    @Seb Web10

    He murdered a woman. I don't see the humor in that.

    Deka Denssi

    @Kroban3 The humor is in the joke. Not in the actual murder. Get it?


    @Deka Denssi

    Your humor shows a cold calousness that has become far too common.

    Deka Denssi

    @Kroban3 Agree

  39. Victoria Corcoran

    Have some respect people...these guys produced beautiful music and sound, they set the bar high for music producers today blessed with much higher technology.

  40. diver dave

    @1:47 ... what is the name of the Ronnett on the left ?


    Estelle Bennett is on the left. She was Ronnie's older sister.

  41. Steve Dudeman

    I find it extremely ironic that Brian Wilson idolized someone who was light years behind him in terms of songwriting...


    Steve Dudeman Spector was a producer not a songwriter.


    No, he co-wrote it along with Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich


    if anyone's wondering what tinnitus is like, it's like this

  43. Christopher Johnson

    don't worry baby is alright, but it lacks the simplistic straight-forward pop sensibilities that be my baby has. The up and downs of the verses is overly dramatic in don't worry baby. The only part that really holds a candle is the "plink plink" sound leading in and between verses. The rest is a pretty obvious rip-off dressed up in fanciful and unnecessary overworking.


    It was an "Answer" Song to "Be My Baby" which was a homage to Phil Spector.  Brian's obsession with Phil Spector and "Be My Baby" was very bad at times.

    Christopher Johnson

    Yeah, and it's understandable. Apparently it was pitched to spector and he rejected it, in flamboyant genius style.


    Yuk! Yuk!  I have Phil Spector's Box Set.  The man was amazing.  He really was the First Superstar Record Producer before David Foster, Babyface, Timbaland, and even Dallas Austin.

  44. KIBanshee9

    What documentary is this from?

  45. Joey Misciagna

    Phil committed murder and is in jail. How he treated Ronnie his wife can not be forgotten. yes he was a music icon.

  46. jmua04

    Phil is jealous of Brian. That's a well known fact and has been admitted by Ronnie Spector who claims that Phil listened to Pet Sounds repeatedly.

    Burlats de Montaigne

    Nonsense. Brian was a student of Spector and took his whole studio approach from Phil. He used to hang around Goldstar Studios in LA when Phil was working and picked up all his production knowledge from watching Spector at work. He even went so far as to employ Spector's entire studio band - The Wrecking Crew - on all of the Beach Boy recordings. Phil was the master; Brian the student

    Adam Stringer


    William Saint Vincent

    the wrecking crew were session musicians. they were on just about every mainstream record in the 1960's.

    Burlats de Montaigne

    Adam Stringer _____ Its common knowledge. Also, Pet Sounds - P.S. - is a homage to Phil Spector.


    @Adam Stringer yer mom...

  47. Andy Trullinger

    "balls out, totally freaked out...". Brian is the coolest.

  48. Jawbone

    God bless you Brian

  49. ChaldeanCauldron

    Though I respect Phil's input, the equipment used to compress the sound like UREI 1176 was largely what gave him the edge. So it's as much about the inventors behind such wonderful devices, people whom no one's heard of, who deserve at least a piece of the praise Phil got and still gets. This happens over and over in his-story, unheard of principal people being totally ignored. Sad.


    ChaldeanCauldron Brian wilson

    Steve Starr

    You're 100% right---and the musicians....loosely known as the Wrecking Crew....who played on those records equally deserve a ton more credit than they ever got.

    toshiru mifune

    Yeah and what about the fella that invented the guitar and the drum?

    Matt Walsh

    First, the 1176 came out in 68 after almost all of Spector's hits. And anyway, it's just a fucking compressor. If what yr saying is true, why doesnt every record sound like a Phil Spector record today? Everyone has an 1176. So self-evidently false.


    @toshiru mifune I see where you are going with this! :)

  50. HotWax93

    Phil Spector was one of the greatest music producers of all time.  And honestly, I don't think he belongs in prison......He belongs in a mental hospital.

    Wud Dude

    @Smitty Werben Man Jensen

    I heard Lana Clarkson, Spector's victim, was working at a nightclub and Spector walked upstairs where she was working and she said to Spector while he was wearing one of his wigs, "excuse mam, but you can't be up here." Someone immediately told her who it was.


    In a studio in a mental hospital lol.


    People that crap their pants, forget to eat, or that are absent from reality, belong in a mental institutuion. People that kill other people beout of petty sins like wrath, greed, envy, etc., belongs in jail.


    HotWax93 He always was a sob, wth are you talking about mental illness? Brian Wilson still is suffering from mental issues and he never mistreated or killed anyone

    Jonathan Swain

    Viejotrueno exactly!

  51. Rusty Shackleford

    What documentary is this from? Is the full version available?

  52. Ron Ronero

    totally in agreement, Dave. Ronnie was the very one,along with the other girls that put them on the top. Best female trio or group of the 60's into the 70's. Still miss their talent and their beauty. Ronnetts forever!!

    Chris Gonzales

    Supremes > Ronettes

  53. patrick

    phil spector rejected don't worry baby wtffffffff


    Spector rejected Brian in general. It sometimes seemed that if Phil didn't create it himself, it wasn't worth much (a "Not Invented Here" complex?) You can hear his disdain for Brian in interviews here on YouTube. Hal Blaine, the Wrecking Crew drummer, who worked for both Spector and Wilson (among many, many others) told Brian that Phil had NOTHING on him.

    Sister Shook

    burlingtonbill1 that too but mainly cause he wanted Ronnie to himself and Brian was seen as a threat. So we're the other ronettes (Estelle and Nedra) they reason they broke up is because Phil wanted to get closer to Ronnie


    nobody's perfect


    The lyrics about a drag race made no sense to a girl group but fit beautifully on Shut Down Part 2.

  54. Wolfsky9

    The 1st time I heard " BMB", was in downtown Denver, fall of 1963, at Harmony Records. I'll tell you : the world stopped when I 1st heard it. I simply could NOT believe it! I was just turned 17 y/o, a senior in HS, & the song was THE most incredible thing I had ever heard. I still own the 45 I bought that day & though it's badly scratched, it STILL plays!!       Wolfsky9, 69 y/o now.

    Billy Krzemien

    Cool & special memory :)

  55. Barney Os.

    In case there's any confusion, the "new group" mentioned at the end was The Beatles.


    +seshwondo * vanilla ice actually

    mark tulo

    +seshwondo The wiggles actually, nirvana ain't shit.


    +Barney Os. Phil was on the plane from England with the Beatles.

  56. ApproximatelyJane

    Anyone know what year this video is from? He looks pretty physically unsteady here.

    Chris Gonzales

    Those are symptoms of tardive dyskinesia, an affliction caused by the incredibly excessive amounts of anti-psychotic medicine given to him by his former psychiatrist.

    Hannah Laymon

    Right, I knew about the condition, but I was trying to figure out how long he had it for. How long do you have to be off the medications before you stop displaying the symptoms?

    Peter Bonde

    It really depends on what kind of anti-psychotic medication he was on. Some take several years to entirely leave the body, especially if you were given excessive amounts of them.

  57. bootsamou

    "Don't Worry Baby" was the B side of "I Get Around".


    +bootsamou  They used to call them "Double A-sides".


    Yes, but I don't think, in the UK, it was ever considered an "A" side.
    "I Get Around" was the track that was played on the radio & was a hit.

    Scare Crow

    I'll never understand why 'I Get Around' is/was a hit.

    Vance Overstreet

    What a record

  58. Myra1959

    Looked like golf caddies than rock n roll stars? I like the earlier Beach Boys in their candy stripe shirts. Of course that attire would not last forever as fashion and styles do change in life. The Beatles in their earlier days had to were suits even though John Lennon hated them.


    +Myra1959 Me too....they were so adorable in their clean cut matching attire.

  59. rick charles

    Sad watching Brian in his bad days.

  60. John Piassek

    What is what? Whoa whoa!

  61. Moy Musouka

    I may be out of line for saying this, but I wonder if Brian is mistaken, by 4 bars: When they hit the chorus ("Be my, be my baby") it's really nothing special, just going from a 5 chord to the 1 chord. But if you pretend you've never heard the record before, play the record from the beginning, and listen to the transition on, "So won't you say you love me..." THEN your mind gets blown.

    Julian Korph

    +Moy Musouka The thing with the chorus is it's melody, that is what Brian is obsessing about. And if history has thought as anything the simplest of chord progressions sound the best and catchiest if you have the imagination to write them in a non cheesy/cliche fashion that is.

    Moy Musouka

    +Julian Korph I bet if you played the song for Brian, he'd correct himself.

  62. burlingtonbill1

    Spector may have been a great producer but seemingly he lacked common sense at times. Per Wiki, "Chapel of Love," which the Ronettes recorded in early 1964...the first to record their version of the song, but Spector refused to release it as a single..."We thought it was such a great record that we practically begged him to put it out," Ronnie Spector later wrote. "Then the Dixie Cups' version came out and it was a smash! It was so depressing."

  63. Ronan McGurrin

    Where is this clip from? Help me internet, you're my only hope

  64. Jake Britt

    This is after the Landy years. His withdrawals from Landy meds have faded. He got on new meds.

    Brian said never again in terms of collaborating with McCartney again. He said it loud and clear. Check out his interview on Jimmy Kimmel. He says it loud and clear.


    @Jake Britt Like, has Paul or Brian spoke about this recently?

    Jake Britt

    No, just Brian and that was in 2005 a couple years after he recorded the 'Gettin' In Over My Head' album. If it helps any, I think people took it as if Brian was upset about something but I think he was just being too blunt as he usually is. Hahaha.


    +Jake Britt i can't find that Kimmell interview. I could only find a 42 second clip. Anyone have the link?


    +bhumanecate I'm actually looking for the late night show with jimmy fallon of Brian Wilson and Mike Love.

    Jake Britt

    @bhumanecate It was deleted from youtube, probably over copyrights. I think he was promoting his Christmas album. You can google up the exact date.

  65. David Evans

    You know what chaps my ass about all the accolades for "Be My Baby"? Everybody rants about Phil's production. Ya, he was a great song picker, talent picker and total hands-on producer. No doubt about it. But Ronnie's vocal performance is what really knocked that song out of the park. She is so incredibly, incredibly cute and likable, so pretty, fun and sweet. If anyone else would have sang that song it would not have been the mega-hit it was with Ronnie.


    I disagree I want backing tracks, vocals are for teenage girls

    Marco Plo

    to be fair..Ronnie was blessed..walked in to the cradle of all the muses.

    Wayne Pitty

    Always loved Ronnie's voice! She was gorgeous in her time. Back in 1970 *George Harrison* wrote _YOU_ for *Ronnie Spector.* At the time her husband _Phil Spector_
    was co-producing George's _All Things Must Past Album_ . In 1971 She recorded *YOU* with _George, Leon Russell and Jim Gordon and Jim Horn_ on Sax.
    The song was never released.
    George released it in 1975 on his Extra Texture album. George left in Ronnie's guide vocal and it can be heard from the 2 min mark on ward. Especially at the end with her trademark _Woh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh!_

    O O

    You don't understand about having an ear for music if it wasn't for Phil's ear Ronnie's voice wouldn't have performed for it's true potential. A good producer can seem like a dick but he or she is listening for what you can and should do not what you are already doing. It's all about having a good ear and perfect pitch

    Nikki Crisp

    WHAT?! The backing tracks give it more feeling man. It brings you into her world

  66. Randy King


  67. irishbrummiedon

    I make music in my mind with no limits and it's still not better than Spector

  68. irishbrummiedon

    LOL Spector owned Wilson lol


    @irishbrummiedon  no he did not-  wrecking crew members Hal Blaine and Carole Kaye have always said they preferred Brian- Darlene Love has also written she and the blossoms much preferred Brian. Brian is never likely to end up killing someone

    Keyboard Warrior

    Phil Spector was too lazy to make good albums, all he had was singles. Brian made one of the greatest albums of all time.


    and now the state owns Spector..

  69. Steven King

    Then golf caddies hath more talent than any insect. Inclusive to Beatles. Golf caddies must make the best music then? Yup.

    Tommy Truth

    The only talent in all of that is the Ronettes.

  70. Frank L

    Every California band when starting out usually used The Wrecking Crew.  The record company almost made it a requirement.  The Byrds and Mr. Tamborine Man.  Only McGuinn played on it because he knew who to banjo pick the electric Rockenbacker 12 string,.

    I see what Brian is saying because when the chorus comes in on Be My Baby it is incredible.   A lot of it was tha ldies voices as much as Phil's production.

  71. craw19950

    I remember watching the original programme this clip was from in 1995/6. It's from a 10 part BBC documentary called 'Dancing In The Street'- yet to be released on DVD as far as I'm aware. A damn shame, because each episode was GOLD. I remember hearing it took 4 years to make and some of the guys interviewed had actually died by the time the show was broadcast (Joey Ramone, Mick Ronson being two examples). Come on BBC! At least put it on iPlayer!!


    @craw19950 I agree...

  72. 07foxmulder

    Can you imagine if Spector produced a Beach Boys album?  That would have been something special.  


    +Peter Ormond Before you spout nonsense, give Pet Sounds and Smile a thorough listen. Spector's Wall of Sound is rudimentary compared to their musical genius. BW is just too humble.


    +Alex Delarge ... Agreed.  Brian Wilson emulated Phil Spector.  But, today, Beach Boys records sound crisp and clear, while Spector's records sound old and muddy.  Brian's one good ear was better than Phil's two.

    Barry Morris

    +SavageArfad Absolutely not. Pet Sounds was the soul of Brian Wilson. He gave everything for that album and nobody could have ever done better. It genuinely is the greatest album of all time.


    People don't realize that the Beatles had a "fifth Beatle," George Martin, doing all the production work after the studio sessions were done. And the Moodies' album of that period, Days of Future Passed, as good as it was, utilized an outside producer as well, Tony Clarke. Meanwhile, Brian WROTE, arranged, produced, and even PLAYED on some tracks, all by himself!


    @burlingtonbill1 amen- you said it

  73. Ismael Flores

    They're referring to the Beatles at the end right? I'd like to see the rest of this! 



    Seth Bullock

    @Ismael Flores It's from a brilliant BBC documentary series called Dancing in the Street - there are fragments on YouTube but I can't find the episode that this is from - I think it's called "So You Want To Be a Rock and Roll Star". The whole series is worth watching if you can find it...

    Undead Nightorc

    +Seth Bullock I think I watched it many years ago but I'm not sure if it's the same documentary. There's a part in it where Brian criticizes "I wanna hold your hand" by the Beatles, saying that it wasn't very well made and he couldn't understand why it was such a hit.

  74. Carlton Phippen



    Believe me, I am 100% Team Brian, but remember the lyrics to many of the Boys' best songs were written by Tony Asher and Van Dyke Parks. I don't mean to take anything from Brian, because I love him so dearly, but the lyrics were not always his.

    Steven King

    But as a true dreamer, it could have been a dog barking or complete gibberish, or maybe a 60 hertz signal, or a steam engine? Or maybe my wife bitching at me, whatever the lyric, if the melody is Brian, then it's golden. Lyrics matter not to a true dreamer. You dig?


    @Steven King I dig!! 

    Steven King

    Right on! Hahaha!!

  75. A1sausie


  76. Peter Plunkett

    It´s even hard to explain how genial this song is. 

  77. imperialfreek

     the song s just average to me...The production is great, tho...

    Emma Schneider

    excuse us plebs


    I love hearing this genius talk about music, he always gets so exited!

    Steven King


  79. Jane Doe

    Being an asshole is not illegal. The evidence did not support a conviction. I have a
    reasonable doubt. Blood shoild have been all over Phil Spector.


    Agree. I heard of a group trying to re-open the case for leniency/mercy. Supposed to be a website being built, freephilspector.com



    Andy Lockett

    well said Jane

  80. Sadakichi Hartmann

    Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys estimates that he’s heard “Be My Baby,” by the Ronettes, more than 1,000 times. The very first listen, 50 years ago this month, still haunts him.
    “I was driving and I had to pull over to the side of the road — it blew my mind,” Mr. Wilson said, repeating a story that has become something of a legend. “It was a shock.” Just 21 and already frustrated with his band’s basic surf music, he bought the single and set about deconstructing its arrangement and production.
    “I started analyzing all the guitars, pianos, bass, drums and percussion,” he said by telephone. “Once I got all those learned, I knew how to produce records.”
    Those records, many fans would contend, weren’t half bad, but if you ask Mr. Wilson, they still don’t stack up.
    “I felt like I wanted to try to do something as good as that song and I never did,” he said. “I’ve stopped trying.” Mr. Wilson added: “It’s the greatest record ever produced. No one will ever top that one.”

    Billy Krzemien

    Brian is way more gracious in regard to Mr. Spector, than Mr. Spector was to him.

    Wud Dude

    @Robert Johnson

    I agree, DWB is as good as BMB. Not better but just as good.

    M. M.

    that's creepy


    Wouldn’t It Be Nice is better

    Gina McCartney

    NOBODY, but nobody had a sweeter, clearer voice than Brian Wilson back in those days.. God Only Knows actually made Paul McCartney cry.. Brian's voice sounded like angels singing, IMHO.

  81. Carl Nilsson

    Hi!! Look up the brilliant "Dancing in the Street - A Rock And Roll History" a documentary from BBC here on Youtube.

    Though, just EP. 2, where you can find this interview seems missing for some reason!

  82. LittlePeachMusic

    Hello! Do you know where I could find the original video of this interview or details of when/where it happened? I'd love to use it in my rock history lecture. Thanks!