Willy William - Love Lyrics

Elle m'a dit: "Oh will never give you up"
Je lui dis: "Oh will never let you down"
Depuis qu'on est restés connectés
On s'est liké tout était ok
On se parlait de nos futurs baby
Dis-moi quand est-ce que tu vas passer dans le coin
Trop de coïncidences
Trop de "à quoi tu penses?"
Tout était ok
Mais voilà toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin
On a fini par se lasser

Enchanté d'avoir fait ta connaissance
On a fini par ne plus se liker
Mais dites moi pourquoi on est si compliqué
Ça c'est parce que

Tout le monde veut du lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love
Tout le monde veut du lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love

Elle me dit "Qu'est ce t'as t'es bizarre?
On dirait que tu cherches à m'éviter comme le blizzard
Tu prenais des nouvelles et maintenant tu m'as tricard
Je vois tes statuts qui ont des allures de fêtard"
Elle m'a filé son stress à distance
Ce genre de nana me rend perplexe quand j'y pense
On n'est pas encore allé jusqu'au sexe
Excuse-moi faut pas que tu te vexes
Mais voilà toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin
On a fini par se lasser

Enchanté d'avoir fait ta connaissance
On a fini par ne plus se liker
Mais dites moi pourquoi on est si compliqué
Ça c'est parce que

Tout le monde veut du lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love
Tout le monde veut du lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love

On veut, on veut, on veut, on veut, on veut, on veut
On veut du love love
On veut du love love

Du love à emporter
Du love à emporter

Tout le monde veut du lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love
Tout le monde veut du lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-love

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Willy William Love Comments
  1. Mark Hit em Up

    Back when a song could change your whole mood :(

  2. Ayet Sadi

    Je la kiffe grave

  3. Богдана Быба

    december 2019?

  4. Klaas

    Who do I always find these nostalgic videos only at 3am?

  5. Sulaimaan Akhtar

    Guys hope for the best 2020 for u all.

  6. ?? Cows

    what a crazy hairstyle o:

  7. pavan kamble

    Dec 2019

  8. Morgane Henry

    2019 chtek 🤣

  9. South - 16


  10. tufan durmuş

    eva simon's hair very nice ...( in 2019 , december, day: 25 )

  11. Sead Sehovic

    Hel ya hel ya hel ya hel ya this is love this is love this is love is this love is this love

  12. Jakob Möbius

    Merry Christmas Guys!!!!

  13. SaFe VSN

    Cant believe this was from 7yrs ago the time is going so fast 😔

  14. david chizi

    This was my jam that year in my teens

  15. Haktan Bayar

    2019 christmas🌲

  16. Craig Ochieng

    Thou this song is old, its still gold for me

  17. Pain Kami

    My fav song in old

  18. MrEdzuks

    this old song makes me think and I miss it.😥

  19. scarani francesco

    25 December 19 ?

  20. Marosi Gábor

    Na jó, javítom magamat, inkább nevezzük erős kötődésnek, okés? Mert azért nem akarok fogalmi zavarokat okozni.

  21. Marosi Gábor

    Ez még attól arrébb van, főleg hogy most érzelmileg tiltva vagyok. De közel járunk ahhoz, hogy felszabadulhasson annak is csak egy része.

  22. Tümay Bağıran

    Bu şarkı TV'de çıktığında dis iz lav diye bagira bagira söylüyordum. Vay be o zaman 1 e gidiyordum şimdi LGS ye girecem .

  23. Mariusz Makowski

    2019.. I love this song

  24. Emily Ayala

    Yo quiero q hagan grupos los dos para mas músicas

  25. Alex Maza


  26. Нуркыз Абдыкеримова

    Моё детство 😘😘

  27. Donna Soekhoe

    Haha 2019 December anyone?

  28. Wayman Heldens

    Swedish House Mafia products

  29. Cedars Academy Creative Cru

    ok see do ben

  30. Love Dance

    Oh no... My childhood ... I'm gonna cry 😭

  31. Cat Valentine


  32. Mary Briceño

    Yo quiero que haga un grupo con ella

  33. Tutorials & Showcases

    Who used to play kogama while listening to this?

  34. saam coj


  35. QuantumSoLace

    Old but gold

  36. rachid laouadi

    Salam bonjour et good job for the musique big up family and friend to world merci beaucoup this big Love❤ good luck 😉🤫🌍❤🎶🎶🎵🇩🇿kiss

  37. Name Surname

    her haircut is just like the mozilla firefox logo

  38. Name Surname

    waterproof laptop :)

  39. João Belchior

    Remember old times❤️

  40. gabe rojas

    2020 , 2021 , 2022.... i love this song from the 593 🇪🇨

  41. Bts—for—life 20130613

    i cant listen to mondern day muc=sic anymore i listen to music for 2000-2010 and kpop now

  42. UZI PL

    This music is best polska?😏

  43. Ravella Raveyna

    end of the decade kind of song fck yeah

  44. ayhan biral

    This is not love 🤣 this is hell yeah🤑

  45. vita cs

    December 2019

  46. Ola Kozlowska

    my nostalgia level went to high nad im abouta cry

  47. Nintu !

    his artist name is clever af

  48. Joey Grotentraast

    I was ready to delete all that unnecessary shit.

  49. Alex Dumi

    old is gold
    who’s still here in 2019?

    The Halving Show


  50. Julia Cidfuentes

    This is Love. Big Big Big Big Love. I can Feel IT♾♾♾♾

  51. Kostadin Tzarev

    December 2019?

  52. A&JGamer _

    December 2019 Anyone?

    Hope y’all had a good decade.

  53. MAHI ALDEEN محي الدين

    I love this song.any watching in 2019??

    luana vidal

    MOOHY ALGISM محي القاسم yeees

  54. Thomas Delhommeau

    This is love

  55. turu bow

    This is love 2020 Welcome !

  56. Pale Accused

    2020 anyone?

  57. Top_Blackz

    you are in a marathon of nostalgic music sure🤔?


    Yes, my mood pre-2020. What a period the 2009-2012

  58. Dragon

    I miss good old days the nostalgia is just too strong omg i remember singing it with my sister while traveling. Im crying

  59. Wiktoria Król

    this is love this music

  60. 524,904,413 views

    7years ago :(

  61. Flo Jamieson

    3020 anyone?

  62. angelique lehmann

    cette femme trop cool avec ses cheveux est sa voix ses trop bien

  63. andersraggan

    December anyone?

  64. Ден артюх

    I love you!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🔮

  65. Eric Kimweli

    Anyone Dec 2019

  66. Richard Hemlock

    december 2k19 anyone?

  67. Johnatan Sanchez

    Bro this bringing me back when I was in elementary school OMG

  68. Mew Lettuce The Coca-Cola Girl

    This song holds a speical place in my heart. me and my family wacthed this music station called STAR tv. after this song, we took a photo of my big sister and sent it to them and SHE WAS ON THE TV. she was also wearing a puffle t- shirt. we recorded this and lots of other songs on the channel. one of them was sing by gary barlow. sadly, we lost the old brodband and got a new one. I will miss the times when i was innocent....... take me back!!


    Damn I feel you. I wish I was back in those days too.

  69. Fernando silva

    Quem percebeu o coração pulsando

  70. Gepa 003

    I couldn't find this song for literally 3 years, and now finaly, found it! By accident... It sounds greater than ever!!!!!! 😀

  71. Nick Tyler

    December 2K19

  72. BlackMetal Warrior

    Классный трек и видео.
    А куда ты исчез, чувак? надеюсь, что у тебя всё о'кей ....

  73. Nasra

    Im here من جديد

  74. MortalKombat/SomariTheAdventurerFan2019

    0:40 Donkey Kong Country 1 - Life in the Mines? Is That You?

  75. Drago69 XXX

    Cool song

  76. Baraka Mwakio

    2019 still here

  77. moi

    suis-je la seule a l'ecouter en 2019??!! loooooooool

  78. Chambers

    Booons tempos!!! todo dia na Mix TV kkkkkk

  79. Alice Bichanga

    We want will I am back

  80. Zenith Singh

    2019 anybody?
    Cause This is was my middle school days ;)

  81. el mehdi riadi

    DECAMBER 2019

  82. Latischa de Jonge

    Someone December 2019 ?? Merry Christmas bdw!

  83. Diana Cubas

    Someone 2019 ? I still listening this in my hard times.

    Color Art

    yes. we here

  84. king love

    My man say hell ya aye this my song

  85. Elena Pazhitnykh

    Me too!! I want this music back

  86. jorge troncone

    brutal excelencia

  87. Al Percino

    he just invent waterproof laptop

    tim cook: we have one more thing

  88. Xbox boy

    That woman can't sing

    Shumba Chidawo

    She not best singer but she sounds great

  89. Cherif Maréchal

    November 2019

  90. Moserrat Aldreine Rodriguez Garcia

    did someone else noticed that in the start of the video, the people and will.i.am smoking seems fuzzy???