Willy Moon - Oh Nikki Darling Lyrics

Oh Nikki darling, let's get in
Oh Nikki darling, let's go
Oh Nikki darling, I could have you screaming for more, yeah

Oh Nikki darling, I bring it
Oh Nikki darling, I could put on a show, yeah
Oh Nikki darling, I bring it
I told you so

Why are you alone in the lobby?
Why are you obsessed with your phone?
I'll never text you
I'll just undress you
Let's go

Oh Nikki darling, let's get in
Oh Nikki darling, let's go
Oh Nikki darling, I could have you screaming for more, yeah

Oh Nikki darling I'm leaving
You didn't think that I was taking you home
Oh Nikki darling believe me
You've got the biggest ass that I've ever known

Oh Nikki darling, let's get in
Oh Nikki darling, let's go
Oh Nikki darling, I could have you screaming for more, yeah

Hey Nikki baby, what you've got going on
Is something else like I've never seen before
Hey Nikki baby, I've got to see you grind
So put down that magazine and let me blow your mind

Oh Nikki darling, let's get in
Oh Nikki darling, let's go
Oh Nikki darling, I could have you screaming for more, yeah

Oh Nikki
Oh Nikki
Oh Nikki...

Oh call me up baby one more time
You bad

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Willy Moon Oh Nikki Darling Comments
  1. Its Me Gods

    You copied the human figure, don't you have any originality?

  2. David Reddington

    How cheap and absurd !!

  3. JaY The Player

    Come on guys joe is look better than will

  4. azeem

    Damn I can't believe they named the moon after this guy

  5. Pedro Alexandre

    whata shit song

  6. Why Purple You 93


  7. Ssupreme Love


  8. Yasmin Styles

    This song sounds like a rip off of jazz music in the 80’s

  9. CopperSniper !

    All of the backup dancers are wearing the same outfit. He literally has an army of doppelgangers.

  10. Darqweens 13

    It must suck having worked that hard for years to only have your Mrs ruin your career in a matter of minutes 😂

  11. Dink Winkleman

    Sorry but....I mean, it's like Norman Bates dressing up in his mother's clothing, It's just a little bit creepy and I feel like he's going to stitch someone's skin to his face and then kill everyone in the audience

  12. Hip_ _ee

    He ain’t even that great

  13. Septic Gaming

    Elvis Presley dollar store version really went and started bashing a guy for the way he preformed saying it was unoriginal, lmfao just came back to see how dead his career is now

  14. zahirul ashraf zailani

    ahh yes . the ancient gay lookin guy who seems like to address people copying him .

  15. planktonau

    Disgusting copycat. Do something original loser.

  16. Aries Radke#6

    obviously the record label sent a lot of money on bad taste.

  17. SmokeyMcPot

    Who does he think he is wearing a suit, and styling his hair that way.

    Total rip-off of G-Eazy. 😂🤣😂🤣

  18. John Spence

    And what's extra shocking is his voice is pretty standard for a singer...nothing special

  19. John Spence

    lol i love how every youtube video of these two has a LYNCH mob of comments...lol, those two idiots didn't understand that there IS bad publicity now that the internet is here.

  20. Prashil Bison

    *Apple* copies from Xerox
    *Willy Moon* copies from Willy Wonka.

  21. Sparkle 21

    How Dare you copied my Father's style... ??? Shame on you Rotten Moon... Disgusting... BTW where is your nasty wify...??? Tell her not to copy my Mother😠😠😠

  22. Siham Mohamed

    Willy wonka wants back his namn



  24. Billy The Boy

    Im wearing a suit right now and im starting to hate myself because of this man. Im disgusted

  25. Samantha Gardenmehappy

    Wtf is this. Zero artistic value.

  26. ChaosVisionZz

    How's the 22k subs going HA HA

  27. Giovanni Ramirez

    No originality or artist integrity, quite disgusting.

  28. JJY 2345

    How old are you because you must be atleast older than 900 years old if you are married to cleopatra

  29. Jovanie Bacus

    oh so original..

  30. Deadpoop XI

    I don't think pop songs can get more generic than this one

  31. Danielle Haley

    I don't understand the concept of this video or lack of one.

  32. Hello My name is

    are him and cleopatra’s copycat still married?

  33. helle vodue

    My cousin wore a suit at his graduation. How dare you to copy him? I find it absolutely disgusting, it sickens me. You have no identity whatsoever.

  34. amikoszoneria

    God thanks that his career was over

  35. Mr. Carey Collection

    Yes to one hit wonder with an attitude

  36. chrisjuu18

    This is so disGOSTIN'! I'm ashamed to be here...

  37. Mythed

    Thank god this song has more dislikes than likes (phew) willy moon is a rude person irl so yeah

  38. Willie FLEX

    He started off saying he everybody don’t you know it’s me ? Lol yea we know you as that ass hole who invented the suit apparently

  39. Boogity Prime

    This song isn’t very original, I’ve heard many just like it, the tone is obviously auto tuned to sound like it’s in tune, the choreography is terrible, lyrics are atrocious, and your voice is just not it, sis. NEXT!

  40. Danny Devito’sCousin

    *CEO of Originality*

  41. Hector Colon

    I think this song is worse than his xfactor judging skills.

  42. thors hammer

    lol i love when karma gets the right people

  43. Adelinnee

    I’m sorry I know we’re all making fun of his X Factor thingy but like this song sucks.....booty cheeks 😂

  44. travs

    u just copied joe irvin what a disgrace

  45. Theone

    Worst song I have ever heard

  46. Dflaming 1

    I see we are all here from the same incident

  47. Andrey Galeazzi

    How dare you copy Dumbo?!

  48. Mari F.

    Being fully honest and not trying to be disrespectful at all (despite the fact this guy and his 'can't decide my artistic name' wife had it coming 5 years ago), this guy always has this same annoyed, pissed-off, 'you're all my inferiors face'... He woke up, somebody squeezed lemon in his eyes and in his butthole and that's the only face he can make for the rest of day

  49. Annie Hall

    This is just noise

  50. Drelam

    This guy is trying to rip off James Bond and personally I find it disgusting how dare he have white skin and wear a suit it's like hes trying to copy a billion people who exist what a douche. I heard this guy's wife give someone shit for not having an identity and she's apparently changed her name like 4 times haha can you imagine the irony? Anyways this song sucks and this guy looks like a dweeb who deserves a good curb stomp. Really "Here's Willy Moon"? how original for an album name. Also this music video is a rip off of Adriano Celentano's Prisencolienensinainciusol 1972 music video so there's some more unoriginal talentless hackiness for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1qKv-kaYEk

  51. NamDuckJoon._.

    Since this was in 2012 one of these people should be dead ?

    Oh wait that’s willy moon .....

  52. Senyora Camz

    What a trash

  53. Always A BTS Girl!

    Am i watching a robot trying to dance video but malfuctioned? that's what he looks like...

  54. Dolly Gohain

    I think the comment section is rocking more than this guys video 😂 to the comment section guys you people ROCK😂

  55. Fred Von Daacke

    His voice sounds like a fork to a plate. I rather listen to dogs having sex for 45 minutes than hear 25 seconds of this "song"

  56. Ytim

    Why does he move in such a weird way?

  57. Dota tv

    Lixo the Song

  58. cosmosspring

    He has stolen the video concept from Italian singer Adriano Celantano.

  59. CoUnTrY Kay

    I'm so dead about how everybody is saying that willy is coping everybody's style and calling it his own. When soo many rappers do the same damn thing and yall dumb asses like it an say it's so original 😂😂

  60. Dang it Larry!

    the inventor of suits, ties and quiff hair, apparently. (this song is trash btw)

  61. Gerard Dela Cruz

    I wonder why he became an artist. Awful performance and an ugly voice. My parrot sings better than you.

  62. • Supernova •

    You better hide your willy before i come and kick it with my pumps

  63. Glamour CH

    Where’s the flavour?

  64. Yannick DRMDA

    This is absolutely trash and the singer is basic and unoriginal.

  65. Brittany Jesionowski

    In the beginning looks like he took a page out of elvis Presley's book and he scolded that poor guy on x factor about "stealing " his identity on stage hypocritical

  66. Tania Lakau

    I know he’s from nz and I am too but he is jst disgusting,rude and a piece of💩

  67. Tania Lakau

    I’m sorry but I hate his songs and I hate him and his wife💩💀💀

  68. Littledrunkkittykitty Kitty

    This music- wait im sorry i cant call this music, im abosolutly horrified at this video its so cringey! he sounds like he is mumbling and its so terribly made! i can confidently say that this is a peice of pure crap, i ehard about this dude while watchhing a vid about his wife and how her populartity went down and as soon as i saw this guy he instantly gave me a weird feeling, so i searched him up and im abosolutly disgusted, i dont know how he still has subscribers honestly😑

  69. Clovas

    Suits could only be fashioned by the beetles and one of them he is not. Suits went out a long ass time ago. The nanananananana is 80's I won't buy this album.

  70. Mark Newstetter

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_g6YxkSqL20 ... Prisencolinensinainciusol"  is a song composed by Italian singer Adriano Celentano, and performed by Celentano and his wife, singer/actress-turned-record producer Claudia Mori. It was released as a single in 1972.

  71. Shy Doorness

    Whats with his voice? It sounds like a freaking hawk. Well thats a disgrace to the hawk.

  72. james

    This is that arrogant twat from the voice, he such a star yet his claim to fame is being used in an Apple advert and this peaked at like 26 in the charts 😂😂

  73. 7포661대대

    Can anyone please tell me Why this video got so many dislikes and comments? I don't know much of this guy. I'm just here to listen to commercial song

    Blitz Thundergeist

    it is because they disrespectfully bully an x factor contestant along with her wife by calling the contestant disguting cheesy and had no originality because the contestant looked like willy moon


    @Blitz Thundergeist Thanks for the information!

    Blitz Thundergeist

    @7포661대대 no problem

  74. Cam Huynh

    The crappiest of the crap. Who wants to mimic Willy Moon and look this crap? Even the name Willy Moon is crap.

  75. logan swartz

    i love looking back on how the internet destroyed this dudes career

  76. SokEng


  77. Sally Jenkins

    He's not even good though.

  78. ALÉX B

    You are a laughing stock

  79. ARIANY

    Your best days are past.

  80. Retsel Selanreb

    just went here to dislike the vid...oh well bye

  81. Wonhos Toes

    This is who she tore that poor guy down for?... Girl... Callin' this sub-par being quite generous. On my mama, please say "sike" right now.

  82. Bryson Byroo

    This is complete and utter garbage. My pen has more charisma and talent than this idiot.

  83. m1lty plays

    Did every one come here to see his song because of x factor

  84. Michael Wilmot

    One hit wonder Willy, this hit should never have been considered anything but a clanging sound or a ringtone for the hard of hearing.

  85. Mega Rajasyah

    How rude x factor judge

  86. Problematic Bitch

    He looked stiff

  87. Its Gogu Bitch

    that contestant has a better voice than you lol no wonder you and your wife was mad to him

  88. girl gamer

    I loved this song at 8 now I’m 15 and my music taste has changed I find it weird and I’m only here for my childhood

  89. Eric W.

    Looks like he copied an X Factor contestant...

    Joe Irvine

  90. Dat Cat

    Worst song in forza horizon

  91. Kook Bop

    oh no! you’re breathing, you’re literally copying everyone else

  92. Elizabeth Hanna

    If this came on the radio, I would turn it off


    i wouldve liked his music if he and his wife weren’t such big assholes

  94. Matt Lindsay

    Somebody should let Eric Trump know this guy is copying his style

  95. flarexx.xx

    10k more dislikes then likes godamn (what was apple thinken back when they used this for one of there adds lol)

  96. TechMill Creations

    So I'm gonna be completely honest: This song really doesn't suck. It's fun, has a good beat, and is absolutely the kind of thing I'd listen to. The issue is Willy himself. After seeing the way he and his wife behaved on The X Factor, I can determine I don't like his attitude: he's smug, arrogant, tactless, and seems unpleasant to be around. It's a shame because the few songs I've listened to have been, in my opinion, quite good. But this guy...this is not my kind of guy.