Willy Moon - My Girl Lyrics

My baby don't care for fancy clothes
She don't care for picture shows
My baby don't like champagne balls
She don't care for movie stars
And what she wants, well I don't know
All I know is that I love her
She's my girl, yeah
She really wants my love, yeah

My baby don't care 'bout holidays
She don't care for staying up late, no
My baby don't like walks in the park nah
She don't like it after dark
And what she wants, well I don't know
All I know is that I love her

She's my girl, and I don't want no other
She's my girl, she's my loudest melody
She's my girl, and I don't want no other
She's my girl, whoa oh oh

My baby don't care bout riding in cars
She don't care for rich cigars, nah
My baby don't like diamonds and pearls
She don't care for kings and earls
And what she wants, well I don't know
All I know is that I love her,

Cause she's my girl, and I don't want no other
She's my girl, she's my loudest melody
She's my girl, and I don't want no other
She's my girl, whoa oh oh

Oh baby it's so crazy
Way that I've been feeling lately
Say that I'm the one and only
Baby we'll be never lonely
Oh baby it's so crazy
Way that I've been feeling lately
Say that I'm the one and only

Cause she's my girl, and I don't want no other
She's my girl, she's my loudest melody
She's my girl, and I don't want no other
She's my girl, whoa oh oh

She's my girl, and I don't want no other
She's my girl, she's my loudest melody
She's my girl, and I don't want no other
She's my girl, whoa oh oh

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Willy Moon My Girl Comments
  1. Erik Eriks

    Even before the incident his music was still kinda shitty

  2. therockstar barber

    Dude really killed his career lmao
    .here to add to the dislike train

  3. 浩李

    Damn... ur music really does suck! Lolol

  4. justina sween

    Just stopping by 5 years later to dislike all his songs. We will never forget you and your wife’s despicable behavior on the X factor. NEVERRRR. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  5. Sara tayeb

    I was expecting some John Legend level of talent LMAO... Not this. How do people even make it to factor judging. I mean the bar is so LOW.

  6. Saphire diamond XD


  7. Duhan Pyung

    Omg, elvis hair is copied yours. I feel disgusted

  8. Hip_ _ee

    It’s like he used all catchy beats on garage band and mashed up together to make trash

  9. Gerard Dela Cruz

    It starts raining when i played your video. Anyway i already disliked all your videos. Everything is bad, ugly and awful. Shame on you

  10. Yannick DRMDA

    Disgusting trash.

  11. Mitchells Mitchells

    Only just saw the vid of this nobody ruining his career in 2019 for the first time👍😂👌 He's a hack with one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen💩💩💩

  12. Joseph Franco

    Every song is horrible by him, no wonder nobody knew him till X factor

  13. Adriano Duetes

    weird face..

  14. conjure26

    Horrible. How is this guy an artist?!

  15. sharon joy

    My dad sing with his suit on, how dare you copy him it'a disgusting! You don't have originality! lol

  16. Scarlett’s Dreams

    1:56 me running away in terror from his music

  17. Yodahir Alvarez

    A ese man será q su mamá la peinó y lo vistió.. Q copia barata de los cantantes de los 80...voz de computadora...

  18. znpower

    His voice is monotonous

  19. spillman

    So disgusting, damned! Why do have so bad singers a "voice" (not really a voice, probably a bad copy) on youtube???? Hope, he is forgotten already

  20. Chennelyn Chorva

    look at his ugly face specially his horrible voice like sang trying hard

  21. Lapis Nako

    This comment section is pure GOLD

  22. Ain’tEasy LivinWheezy

    Cocksucker !

  23. Mr HunterF λ

    *your girl got you fired*

  24. Don Merguez

    The guy who created the suit...

  25. Ezra Vincent

    This is Norman Bates

  26. WalkingBlue RAVEN


  27. Zeus Mc.

    You can't combine slick, dash, retro cool guy, with I am so genius and original. Your style is a bold statement attached to middling success, so how that was supposed to fuse with some xfactor harshness, you really didn't think it through. The music wasn't bad either. You were told to be mean I guess but they didn't point a gun at you did they?

  28. No Named Liz ¿

    The only thing that him and that guy from the x-factor have in common, it the suit and hair. There music isnt even close to being the same. Him and his wife acted as if they invented looking nice

  29. Waris

    Your baby is a stupid

  30. gareth flanagan

    All his songs are the same and hozier has made more money in the last five minutes than this guy has made his whole

  31. Reina de Guzman

    this is anything but original. what a hypocrite along with her wife. you know, if he was sooo original, he would've been super famous by now, but here he is, with only 18 000 subscribers on youtube.

  32. Jan Nex

    He's got such a huge ego.. you can tell straight away by the mood of his songs

  33. Samantha Jolly

    He looks like he's gonna cut someone's face off and stitch it onto his own

  34. Michael R

    Big ear bitch.

  35. Rose !!

    Oh yes, he's SO original.

  36. Torie

    Heys like norman bates dressing up in his mothers clothing its just a little bit creepy and i feel like hes gonna stich someones skin to his face and then kill everyone he sees

  37. Wesley Cole

    Can't help but think how much of an intolerable c**t he looks. It's okay though I wasn't enjoying that terrible trash anyway.

  38. ileesan

    how to write a song like willy moon- ryhme random things about girls, make a crappy quality vidoe, dis someone on the X-factor for views, VIOLA! 

  39. Jonathan Evans

    This is the song you play at last call... not to cap off the night, but so everyone leaves quickly.

  40. Shreshtha Dhankar

    YOUR GIRL just ended the very few of what was left of your career.

  41. Eloise Hodgson

    he's gay tho! lol

  42. Violet Parr

    He is much better than that Buddy Holly guy from the 20s.

  43. Kate Williams

    I don't care what he says or does, I'm genuinely a fan of him and his music. Same goes for Natalia Kills <3 

  44. Luisa Gomes

    could this dude possibly be uglier?

  45. My Name is Daniel

    Great! A lanky skinny guy wearing a turtle neck... Just what I needed

  46. Michael Vincent Beltran

    My baby dont like copying ifrankenstine movie

  47. Ona Sobotie

    It's the guy who invented 70's fashion


    Originality?! HA HA HA HAA
    Lana Del Rey - Video Games 

  49. Steven Lee

    Who are you again ?

  50. SuddenDeathLOL max swag

    This guy buys his own music....

  51. kevin kling

    i guess im just insanely jealous of his virginity

  52. A Jane

    Omg some of these comments have me lmfao so bad. I don't like to think negatively towards anyone but but man these are crackin me up hard.

  53. WonderWolk

    I hope u die

  54. Harmony Diamond

    What a prick

  55. Masterpiece777

    Ewww.... No one wants to listen to your music. You have crappy voice. You have crappy videos. You have crappy personality. Foul mouth. A massive ego. A face that gives everyone nightmares. And everyone hates you.

  56. Kaergaard


  57. Robert Das Neves

    #1 Douche-bag! Congrats you have no personality, shit music, shit dance moves and you bully people on live TV! George Mc Fly looking mfkr

  58. Denzel Flash

    **I DONT BELIEVE ONE WORD**  that **Moron Willy Moon** x **Natalie** (wannabee) Cleopatra comments on twitter that she so called asking **Joe Irvine** for forgiveness & her so call apology.. **WHAT AN INSULT!!!**.. to **Joe**.. **you both** are** **LIARS**.. trying to salvage **What**!! Being **REMORSEFUL** **NOW**..after how many days after the incident.. **Shame on you both**, you didnt even flutter an eyelid **when you both ripped into Joe**. **Bullying Tactics**  **The****WORLD** **GLOBALLY** **KNOWS** and we will definately **wont  FORGET**.. Heartless, Gutless Human Beings.. despicable, cant stand the sight of you both, all your albums SUCK!!!

  59. Clare

    Does he think he's hipster?? Sorry dude, that's not original anymore

  60. TheSlowdown86

    This has got be the shittiest song ever.

  61. Mike Frazer

    What a strange man.

  62. Emily Ann Menke

    He's got an otter face

  63. Joicah Torreon

    Cant we ban videos like these? its disgusting. his voice. his wife. his attitude. Making us sick.

  64. TheBlackjack87nz

    Hardly original...

  65. Marcos Reis

    Shut the fuck up. Nobody wanna hear it!!!

  66. Adam T.

    This is just bad

  67. Melody Yousefi

    The first lines reminded me of Nina Simone's My Baby Just Cares for Me

  68. Rebecca Classen

    "My girl" has been used in a song title before. How UNORIGINAL.

  69. archimago2010

    talentless prick

  70. Angela García

    BEHOLD the originality in one body, Because he doesn't look like Rick Astley at all

  71. ari hedges

    Rick Astley called, he wants his style back

  72. christina pham

    did he use a flip phone to film this ?

  73. Elizabeth Grace

    Good luck finding another job, Willy Wonka.

    Banyong Sering

    Elizabeth Grace haha! Savage!

  74. Cristina Basulto

    this guy isn't even famous he only has 500,00 views lol and 499,999 were probably views from after the X factor scandal lol XD

  75. Christopher Uren

    I don't like people who wear suits. Lol

  76. Andrew Grenon

    Wow. Overrated much?

  77. Dan B

    The word 'Mediocrity' would be kind of generous to describe this idiot.

  78. lazaglider

    Fuck off, Willy.

  79. haiderstar1992

    My ears r bleeding

  80. Adem Iscariot

    Just here to dislike... he is unoriginal and uninspired.. what a douche.

  81. Ryan Phillips

    if Buzz from Home Alone lost some weight and was 10 years older that's what he would look like.

  82. rj sta cruz

    For those people who like this song.. You need to see a doctor ASAP! And have an ear check up..

  83. delta november

    your oompa loompa girl. lmao

  84. Palath T

    just come here to dislike his video,

  85. worlds stage

    wake up guys! this happen in NZ xfactor because Willy  is an unknown singer and was his opportunity to be famous.(just learned about him) So I think his marriage is fake too... just for advertisement and the one helps the other... they didn't care about x factor and their positions but the fame after this... all a worlds a stage guys.....

  86. nathan king

    Oh darn, they've gone and done damage to the N.Z. music scene.  If you like Wee Willy's original style(cough, cough)...Please check out the artist AARADHNA - 'Wake up', 'Lorena Bobbitt'...And KIMBRA for that original look of Natalia Kills...Now AARADDHNA and KIMBRA would be great judges.

  87. Elijah Moreno

    Damn this is talent??

  88. siegeaye

    You're girl is a brunette doppelganger twat!

  89. Mudcat

    pretty ugly

  90. Danial Shariffuddin

    Your girl sucks. Period!

  91. vientorio

    The first suit in history huh...

  92. Eyesskyes

    He looks like a psycho that would stitch someones face on him self and start to stab someone.....

  93. Here'sJohnny

    He sounds like the 60s would sound if they were complete shit.

  94. Wesley Productions

    Such a shame Willy Moon is an asshole. His songs are cool

  95. magical clara

    Hey.. now you're copying steve jobs cmon man