Wills, Mark - What She Sees In Me Lyrics

Thirty one and six foot even,
She still looks at me and sees
Her wide eyed boy, six years old
Reachin' for her hand to hold
She still tells me, "Wipe your feet, son,
Wash your hands, It's time to eat", yeah
She believes she's heaven-sent to protect
my long lost innocence

What she sees in me is nothing but the best
In her eyes I'll never be anything less
With a love strong enough to forgive the rest
If only I could always be what she sees in me

This ain't the paradise I promised her, it's just a slice
Of life with an average man, honest work with calloused hands
And it bothers me I can't deliver all the things I swore I'd give her
She looks into my eyes like life with me is some kind of prize

[Repeat Chorus:]

Three years old and two foot four, each day
When I walk through the door
She runs to me and holds me tight
And in her eyes there shines a light
That reaches to the deepest part of all that's good inside my heart
The places that are kind and true, and I know I must live up to

[Repeat Chorus:]

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