Wills, Mark - Universe Lyrics

Bet you didn't know
You were sacred to me
Like a cathedral rising
High into the blue
Bet you didn't know
All the corage I have came from you

It was you
Bet you didn't know
You were my tower of strength
Through the hurricane
Like a child
I found peace in you
Arms time and again
Time and again

You were my life through the storm
You were the shelter that kept me warm
You were my heart, my soul
My kingdom come, the breath I breathe
The sky, the sun, the moon, and stars all wrapped into one,
In other words
You're my universe

Bet you didn't know you inspired my dreams
You help me believe in myself
Yes, you did
Bet you didn't know you were the only one
Who stood by me when there was no one else
When there was none else


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