Wills, Mark - Places I've Never Been Lyrics

I've never seen the sun set at Montigo Bay
But my heart melts when you look at me that way
And I've never seen the snow fall
From a rocky mountain sky
But I get a chill just by lookin' in your eyes

'Cause you take me places I've never been
I travel the world in your arms and back again
I have no need to wander or go chasing those four winds
'Cause you take me places I've never been

I may never see the wonders of this earth
I may never hold treasures of great worth
I could search the whole world over
But I don't have to go that far
I've got it all right her in my arms

'Cause you take me places I've never been
I travel the world in your arms and back again
I have no need to wander or go chasing those four winds
'Cause you take me places I've never been

'Cause you take me places. I've never been...

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Wills, Mark Places I've Never Been Comments
  1. Stephen Carter

    A vocal God why he's not a superstar is beyond me always loved his music.

  2. Yvonne Chavira

    This song reminds me of someone very dear to my heart ❤. Where I have been to places I have never been.. What's unique is that good memories like this is what's I'll always have in my heart till the day I die.. I was very blessed to have had him in my life.. Thank you God!!

    Michael Scanlon

    Myself also

  3. Rev. J. Russell Benoit

    Love this Song

  4. Bonnie F. McPherson, McNeil


  5. Johnny Dodge

    Great singer and who ever is producing his music is excellent at it.

  6. Georgianne Taylor

    Dam baby I miss you

  7. Dane Stegman

    Good song! You don't hear music like this nowadays!

  8. Dakoda

    My favorite Mark Wills song.
    My least favorite Mark wills haircut.

  9. Dana McLellan

    I remember hoping to meet someone who made me feel like this, someone who would take me to places I'd never been - beautiful song ❤️.


    Dana McLellan did you?

  10. Steve Cudd

    This song makes my heart scream in pain i lost someone last year just after 5 weeks. Her family stepped in and broke us up I was Super in love with her and always will be Love You Jessica Duncan

  11. Shanon Michigan


  12. Trina Marie Gonzales

    For my RSJ ♥️

  13. Kimberly Peacock

    I love this song

  14. Yvette Diana

    Allen Paul Leavy ..Sr. our last visit 2018 id do it all over...my babies Daddy

  15. Camilla Aguilar

    Awesome song

  16. Sun shine

    I know one thing the video sucks. But I can tell you one thing he's an awesome singer God bless him.

  17. Christopher Clifton

    Awesome singer and he wouldn't sell his soul for the industry. Christian base country and artist have no place in the beast system known as the music industry. They don't want that kind of country anymore. Now it's back dirt roads, trying to get some in the bed of a truck music now. Country before Hollywood struck their pitchforks in it.

  18. Kelly Kremposky

    Love mark!

  19. michael thomas

    I would buy this!!! And I haven’t bought any country in years.

  20. Shaun Thomas

    I remember long ago you came to our county fair and asked what song everyone wanted to hear. I yelled out this song from the front row!
    Love this song!

  21. DragMama1

    Love his voice so much.

  22. Stellah Weiwei

    I wish every media play country music ,they come me down

  23. Bryan Malone

    My first concert before he blew up in Winnie,Tx . I only remember him haveing a few hits a that time,but it was awesome concert we wete right in front of stage.

  24. Trump Man 2020

    The 90s was a good time.

  25. Canyon Cabinets & Countertops

    Thank for you music love

  26. Jennifer Dijames

    Mark, I haven't heard that song from you in years. I miss hearing your voice.

  27. Mario Martinez

    what a song great memories 90s 👍

  28. Charlotte Shumate

    Love this guys voice he’s wonderful! We need real country music back on the charts. ♥️🎶🦋♥️🎼🙏🏼🥰

  29. Teresa McClanahan

    I Love this song & to hear Mark Wills sing anything! 😍🥰♥️🎶 He’s truly been Blessed with a Beautiful voice. He could sing the phone book and make it sound amazing!! 😍♥️🎶

  30. Lipoktemsu Longchar

    All time favorite singer since, 90s mark wills

  31. Lasse 1964

    Great country artist !!! pretty song!!!,and very attractive person it was one of the 10 best country male singers of the 90s!

  32. Kathy Phillips

    Love is voice good singer

  33. Bea_queen78 Aunt Jenny

    Love love love this song

  34. Millie Burgess

    Hi Mark 👋 wills love ya songs

  35. Peter Bone

    This real country music great vocals and songs

  36. Ann Bates

    Brian love I and miss u

  37. Chris Harrelson

    If he looks at my album from last cruise, he’ll see a picture of the sun setting in Montego Bay and then he’ll be able to say he’s seen the sun set in Montego Bay!!! 😃😃😃

    Because I snapped a picture of the sun setting in Montego Bay, Jamaica from my balcony cabin on the Carnival Freedom!!! 😃😃😃

  38. Michelle McDougall

    You take me where no one else has done before you take me to our own universe

  39. Marilyn Darlene Johnson

    Love me some Mark Wills 😎😘

  40. LadyAnne


  41. Sheila Pollock

    2019 still completely in love with this song..

  42. Cory Foster

    Yea u take me places I’ve never been

  43. Dalan Brown

    Country music at it's finest in my opinion!

  44. Millie Burgess

    I miss country music then

  45. 7 Shadows

    This is a triple Mish! 👆🥋✊

  46. Ronnie Westmoreland

    Such a powerful lyric song full of romantic expression. In my opinion an underrated song and artist.

  47. Josh Miller

    Today is me and my wife's 8th Wedding Anniversary. 21 years of knowing,21 years of growing,14 years of parenting,thank you for everything.

  48. Tina Beck

    Nice song

  49. Kayla Rodriguez

    He did a show

  50. Kayla Rodriguez

    Just seen him today in geneva

  51. Crystal Watts


  52. Becky Stansvield

    I'm a widow of 3 yrs.I've got this great sweet man that approach me bout 3 month's ago.he's 2 hrs away from me.life does and will go on

  53. Rosemary Downey

    Mark wills is such a great singer man is a class act never listen to a song that i didn't like very nice thank you mark for sharing your music god bless you. 👍

  54. Crystal Watts

    Went and seen Mark Wills and Lorrie Morgan about a week ago and they still sound the same! ❤ miss the old "real country"

  55. love is hard to find who cares love is not real

    Baby you take me places i never been

  56. Heather Forman

    great song

  57. Sheila Pollock

    Amazing song..

  58. Gwen Bouras

    I can hear this song over and over and never get sick of it! Beautiful voice

  59. Lisa Treadway

    love u kyle

  60. Lisa Treadway

    in love with this song makes u think

  61. Lisa Treadway

    love this song

  62. Christina Gillespie

    Great song

  63. Kosmas Zaromitidis

    2018. And still listening.

  64. Lisa Treadway

    this should have been our wedding song we never got a honeymoon either

  65. Yvette Diana

    i love this song

  66. Carrie Gray

    I love this song so much, my sweetheart sent this to me ,he's in Afghanistan, I won't to play this on my wedding day , I love you my sweet baby , kisses and hugs ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  67. Gwen Bouras

    What a gorgeous gorgeous voice I just love this song

  68. raymondalexander23 44

    I love this,

    raymondalexander23 44

    I love this song,

  69. Jeromey Young

    To my husband Jeromey from your wife

    Jerry Means

    Jeromey Young my wife

  70. Chante Gardner

    I hate this song I like rapping songs

  71. Quiana Montinez

    This song reminds me of Bradley and David limond

  72. J Sinatra

    Where are you?

  73. Carole Francois

    My respiration that song

  74. Kelsey Hoffman

    I am with my boyfriend wayne

  75. Rusty Lowry


  76. Joey Preciado

    Dedicated this song to my beautiful wife 😎

  77. Lisa Treadway

    I love this song makes me cry

  78. Leon Mack

    this is REAL country music. this is better than that new stuff they called country which aint country.

  79. Lisa Treadway

    this song goes to my husband Tim HONAKER I love u NEVER forget 11 21 2017

    Bobby Courtney

    Awesome 😎

  80. Keith English

    Takes me back in high school those was the day's...

  81. corie baird

    Look up how many songs he wrote for others to sing !!!

  82. William Henderson

    This is a great song

  83. David Doyle

    Country music is now dead . I cannot understand radio stations in USA that will not play real country like this . Its more pop today than Country .

  84. julie Tate

    Forrest Kelly I said yes to on Nov 6 2017 can't wait to marry to my bestfriend in 2019 .... God gave me u ... Julie and Forrest 4 ever

  85. Leon Peterson

    thank you Stephanie Peterson for taking me places that I've never been like hell and back showing me what love fells like

  86. Tyler Bollinger

    Could definitely hear Kenny Chesney sing this or George Strait

  87. Sky Lark

    Please bring this style country music back!!

  88. riley Griffith

    This guy is the Modern day George Strait!

  89. Evan Easter

    that's right I do alot of his music

  90. Evan Easter

    that's right I do alot of his music

  91. Evan Easter

    that's right I do alot of his music

  92. Z0mbiekiller254

    My daughter says this song reminds her of going on the truck with me she started going at 5 yrs and by the time she was grown there isn't too many places she hasn't been she's 27 now and says she misses all the traveling we did

  93. Leon Peterson

    thank you Stephanie Peterson for showing me how true love really feels and how a Brocken heart can drag someone down to where they want to give up on life

  94. Gitte Schulze

    I wish country music would sound like this today,,,,perfect <3

    Elvis Presley

    It does, you just gotta know where to go to hear it. If big city, forget it. Guys that go there are not gor country but for booty.

  95. Tammy Austin

    You're take me places I've never been I love you Darrell.

  96. Jeff Wasson

    They don't make them like that anymore.

  97. Joeie Pettit

    I sing this song to my wife all the time

    Elvis Presley

    I sing it and take mine