Wills, Mark - Love Can't Lyrics

Drip, drop, down it came from the
Roof top, morning rain, hope it
Don't stop it's been a long dry spell, well, I'm
Pretty sure it's a sign we need to
Call work and tell a white lie, sayin'
Head hurts, you're not feeling too well
C'mon baby, let the world carry on without you
Right this minute ain't nobody need you more than I do

Hey, we need a little fixing
There ain't nothin' love can't
So what do you sayin'
We pull the covers over
Get a little closer and
Do some catchin' up
A little you know what
It's all about us today
The world can wait
But love can't

Don't you miss having the time for a
Long, kiss, you know, the kind where your
Hearts skips and leads to other things, why don't I
Lock up, you get the shades, never mind
I don't want to waste One touch, I'm where I want to be

With you next to me

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

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