Wills, Mark - Lost In A Kiss Lyrics

What am I doin' here starin' at you through these empty eyes
When I disappear, how did I lose this piece of time
I remember your lips pressed against mine
All of a sudden I was lost'

Lost in a kiss
I could feel my mind drift

Off the edge of forever

My heart slips away
To a beautiful place
That I can't resist
Oh, I was lost in a kiss

Whatever you've done to me, is nothin' like I've felt before
Right now I can barely breathe
You're everything I'm livin' for
"Did you just say something, baby I'm sorry"
There for a moment I was lost'

[Repeat Chorus]

There's so many places yet to discover
Open your arms and let's get lost'

[Repeat Chorus]

I wanna get lost in your kiss

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