Wills, Mark - Don't Think I Won't Lyrics

If you need someone who will promise you blue skies
If you think old-fashioned love's out of style,
you've probably got the wrong guy
but if you need someone to walk through fire for you

I'm just the man to do it, don't think I won't
I mean what I say and I say what I feel
I'll love you 'til my name is carved in stone
baby don't think I won't, 'cause I will

Your heart's been left to hurt by lovers runnin scared
but whenever you reach out for me, I'm gonna be there
And if you need someone to spend his life lovin' you


I'll love you 'til my n ame is carved in stone
Baby don't think I won't
baby don't think I won't, 'Cause I will

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Wills, Mark Don't Think I Won't Comments
  1. T Smith

    Beautifully written song. I love Mark Wills.

  2. Ellegwey11

    Is anyone else having trouble with this song loading all the way? It keeps stopping at 52 seconds

  3. Fallen13Angel7

    Thanks for uploading this song. I have always liked Mark Wills.

  4. Fallen13Angel7

    definitely not GLaDos...

  5. Charlie Kowalski

    What potato was this uploaded from?

  6. tobbias matos

    this is a great song.. thanks for uploading

  7. locacheeto

    ive always loved this song

  8. Aaron HACK

    not being mean but y is there such bad quality??

  9. T Smith

    great country song!!! yes indeed!!!