Willie Nelson - Will You Remember Mine Lyrics

Sweet is the song when the song is love love that has stood the test of time
And when you've heard all the songs of love will you remember mine
Gone are the times that I walked with you and held your hand in mine
Now when you hold another's hand will you remember mine
I have sat 'neath the trees while the cool summer breeze
Blew away the sands of time
And thought of days when you were near remembering when you were mine
Gone are the times when I held you close and pressed your lips to mine
Now when you kiss another's lips will you remember mine
I have sat neath the trees...

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Willie Nelson Will You Remember Mine Comments
  1. Berit Samuelsson


  2. Michael Adamson

    Brilliant willie

  3. Greg Mercer

    damn we were young then

  4. Jim M

    Great song. Jimmy Day on pedal steel ?

    J.g. Biel

    Possibly ,,,,(?), I think Buddy Emmons both were comparable in terms of style but Buddy E played more in the "high" (like here),,,,,,,anyway GREAT song!!

  5. Samandrosa jones

    Good old Willie !!! Thanks Brent. Great song.

    the winner

    You're welcome Rosa!  Gotta love some Willie!  Hope your week has started off good!

  6. jo luttringer

    Nice song (high class chords construction) with a beautifull Charlie McCoy's part on harmonica...Many thank for upload ! I send immediately this upload to my musicians, friends and fans...Jo     (Brent : your are indispensable !!!)

    the winner

    Glad you like it Jo!  And thanks for sharing it with your friends!