Willie Nelson - The Convict And The Rose Lyrics

Within my prison cell so dreary
Alone I sit alone with aching heart
I'm dreaming of my little darling
From her forever I must part

The rose she sent me as a token
She sent it just to light my gloom
And tell me that her heart is broken
And cheer me before I meet my doom

The judge would not believe my story
The jury said I have to pay
And with the rose in all its glory
Not guilty's all that I could say

Goodbye sweetheart for in the morning
To meet my Maker I must go
And when I die at daylight's dawning
Against my heart they'll find this rose


Within my prison cell so dreary...

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Willie Nelson The Convict And The Rose Comments
  1. Jan Caraway

    My father actually wrote this song before WWII but never recorde it. It became public domain after many years, and Willie Nelson found it, loved it and recorded it. My father attended Willie's concert at Notre Dame IN years later, met Willie at his tour bus and was allowed to tell Willie about it. During the concert, Willie gave my father, Al Brown, a shout-out, and sang that song, dedicating it to him. Thank you Willie. It meant the world to my father.


    I love this tune, one of the prettiest songs ever written. I like everybody's version, but have always been partial to Tommy Duncan & The Texas Playboys. But Willie obviously put his stamp on this. Definitely love Willie's version too.👍🤠

  3. Ruby Moorman

    ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~
    ~"Happy 420 Willie"~ I give this day of 4/20 celebration in 2018 just for you... I hope life is
    treating you well all around bud, love ya & your always on my mind & how I wish I could
    celebrate with ya, but always know, "I'm thinking of ya", always have & always Will/ie...
    Enjoying my medicinal medicines in my Willie's Reserve Vape Pen & I deeply thank you & I will always remember you are the one of the best & I/So Many appreciate & love you & thank you for being you... Sweet funluvn hugs always bud! ;)

    ~"Happy Friday & enjoy your funluvn day to the fullest & many more ahead bud, "CHEERS"~

    ~♥~ "Love, Hope, Peace, Joy, Laugh, Sing, Give, Live & Let Live" ~♥~
    ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~ ~♥~

  4. Anna Craenen

    zo mooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  5. leavicki1

    Thank You !!!

    the winner

    +leavicki1 glad you enjoyed it

  6. Doris Johansson

    Beauiful music ..........

    the winner

    glad you enjoyed it Doris. i appreciate your listening.

  7. Margaret Nelson

    no. no. not. now. breathing forevermore

  8. profcave

    Thanks, the winner for postig this nostalgic and beautiful song. I have the long play album and missed it here!!

    the winner

    +profcave Glad you enjoyed it professor. I also love this album of his.

  9. Jim M

    I had this album on vinyl many moons ago. Great album. Nice to hear cuts from it, but now I can't get this song out of my head!

  10. KVD11MV4

    Thanks for posting this song man

    the winner

    +PandaTimeNow You're welcome. Glad you like it, and I appreciate your listening.

  11. webbjr37

    Tougher Than Leather Fits Willie, Tough While being Compassionate,A rare combination, Love Willie 

  12. Montana Studiomusic

    Copenhagen - Fabiula Grassi  Fabiula Grassi --- Copenhagen

  13. keith dallas

    boss man willie