Willie Nelson - Summer Of Roses Lyrics

A short time I have to be with you my love
But a short time is better than no time you see
So I bring to you all my posessions and would that you'd share them with me
I bring you one springtime of robins one springtime of robins to sing
And I bring you one summer of roses one summer of roses I bring
I bring you one autumn dry leaves dry leaves will be helpful you know
To soften the fall of your snowflakes when I bring you your winter of snow

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Willie Nelson Summer Of Roses Comments
  1. MarkLAsche

    Willie does in these two minutes what most songwriters spend a lifetime *trying* to do.

  2. Greg Francis


  3. vaughn winslett

    In the care of GOD.

  4. Marsha Rupe

    Yesterday's Wine is such an amazing album, with beautiful songs like this and the title tune. I was so thrilled when I found a copy on compact disc to replace my well-worn vinyl copy.

  5. PabluchoViision

    Denny Hanley: you're right on the money. It's a very powerful performance, very difficult to bring off. Willie's phrasing is other-worldly great. It's Sinatra great, Billie Holiday great, Ray Charles great. And yes, he "makes it sound easy"... like the world-class musician and singer that he is.

  6. Denny Hanley

    As a musician, you can't even process how incredible this song is. It's very easy to play, anyone can sing it, but Willie makes it what it is. Just another reason why he is and always will be a legend.

    Eric Valley for President

    Denny I know music theory (for real) but haven't been able to figure this song out. Do you know the changes?

    Denny Hanley

    @Eric Valley
    There you are! I wrote a huge long note here then it didn't send. Had to find you again.
    The intro is done by playing the high E 7th fret. That's the first note of the movement. Then 7th fret D and 8th fret high E together...5th fret D with 7th fret high E...4th D 5th E...2nd D 3rd E...open D 2nd fret E...3rd fret A with open high E ( or 5th fret B ) ...2nd fret E alone, 2nd fret A with 4th fret B...then, 2nd fret A and 4th fret B same time, then 4th fret D...2nd fret A with open E, then 4th fret D...2nd fret A with 2nd fret E, then 4th fret D...
    It sounds like a mouthful but it works out...
    then go into G chord, A min, A maj, D...
    G, F, C...G, D, G, ...then a descending 3 note run on the B string 3,2,1...G chord progression again...from that point you should hear the changes.
    Sorry it's frantic, it's hard to put it into type here...i have a version from a couple years ago here on youtube under Dingo Jr. on my page/channel. It's outdated and i have to redo the vocals they bug me. But i like the way it came out. I tune to D, all strings down a step, so it may sound different than Willie's. Hope this helps.

  7. Eric Valley

    Who's got the chords to this song?!?!?!?!?!

    Eric Valley for President

    Wrongo, schlongo.