Willie Nelson - One Step Beyond Lyrics

I'm just one step before losin' you.
And I'm just one step ahead of the blues.
But I know that there's been pain an' misery.
Long before this old world had ever heard of me.
And I know it will hurt to see you go,
But we'll just add one more heartache to the score.
And though I still love you as before,
I'm just one step beyond carin' any more.


Bet that you're surprised that I could feel this way,
After stayin' home an' waitin' night and day.
For someone who cared so much for me,
You'd come home just long enough to laugh at me.
I don't know just when my feelin's changed,
I just know I could never feel the same,
And though I still love you as before,
I'm just one step beyond carin' any more.

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Willie Nelson One Step Beyond Comments
  1. Adam Ross

    it's crazy how regular Willie used to look!

  2. Sara Nascimento

    Que voz linda

  3. P M

    Shits complicated

  4. Joby Manuel

    Dear sir please send me 50000000000000000000000000000000 trillion dollars

    Sam Ray

    Joby Manuel ,u are no good bro

  5. Jewel Dotson

    Willie was so far ahead of Nashville they didn't know what to do with his music, it took going back to Texas and lots of hard work before he became a super star. This early stuff is his best

    N gate

    not sure why. cuz there were so many before him. lol thats crazy eh? his 6;s were the best. one in a row. the parties over. love those.

  6. Stanley Watson

    my dad had this album in the early 70's before Willy was well known

  7. Larry D Walters

    wow so true.

  8. Micah Taylor

    google interests brought me here

    Kenny Dobbins

    Willie Nelson brought me here.

  9. Bernardo Corrig

    thank you Willie, Bernardo Corrig, Phoenix, AZ.

  10. C Dykhuizen

    that Fender Bass VI sounds utterly amazing on top of the stand up. Why did that technique go away?

  11. Margaret Wyatt

    I love this song.

  12. Lisa French

    great song <3

  13. Donald Matson

    It's an old side 2.

  14. freq 432

    this is the first time I've heard this song and it's so good. thank you for posting

    Mary Colon

    blue eyes

    M.L. Seitz

    He is the best!

  15. vtfa midimi

    First time I heard this song. Any original song by Willie is a great song. Thanks for posting.