Willie Nelson - I'd Have To Be Crazy Lyrics

I'd have to be crazy
to stop all my singing
and never play music again.

You'd call me a fool
if I put on a top hat
and ran out to flag down the wind.

I'd have to be weird
to grow me a beard
just to see what the rednecks would do.

I'd have to be crazy
plum out of my mind
to fall out of love with you.

You know I
(and I don't intend to)
But should there come a day,
when I say that I don't love you
They'll lock me away ay ay.

It sure would be weird
to live in an envelope
waiting along for a stamp

You'd swear I was loco
to rub for a genie
while burning my hand on the lamp

And I may not be normal
but nobody is
so I'd like to say 'fore I'm through

I'd have to be crazy
plum out of my mind
to fall out of love with you

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Willie Nelson I'd Have To Be Crazy Comments
  1. Mara Karetsos


  2. Nathan Robbin

    Willie has a great voice with some of the greatest phrasing I've ever heard.

  3. Nathan Robbin

    God I love this song

  4. Darcene Tzachev

    love the drummer's drumming too.. and all that.. thank you Mr. W. Nelson.. poetry

  5. Hank Igoe

    This is a Willie gem, can't believe Im hearing it for the first time now, but better late than never

  6. Luis Perez

    Back when you dare not touch the dial. And it was good for us.

  7. Donna L. Carl Kuchinski

    one of my very favorites!

  8. Tommy Tucker

    Everyone loves Willie

  9. Donna L. Carl Kuchinski

    this is my very favorite song by Willie....thank you so much for sharing it!...it's perfection!!

  10. Kevin Adams

    He's the last of the hold outs, from writing"Crazy" by Patsy to launching farm aid with Mellencamp. Watching the feds auction off your shit just to be given back by the farmers he's helped for years.


    From the album, "The Sound In Your Mind", which followed Willie's
    iconic "Red Headed Stranger" album.

  12. josef mengele

    you don't hear this little diddy very often, but daddy it is so cool.

  13. PonderingDesertRat

    11 years ago I was 17 and played this song to my girlfriend. I had gotten her roses for our two month anniversary and her mom who was a very ugly soul vivaciously made fun of me for it. Here we are now and we been married for 9 years and we have three kids and fall more in love everyday.

  14. Homer Howard Morgan III

    Thank You, gd uwen for this!!!!!!!!!! Serendepitously, I just left a gd ( Grateful Dead ) concert video on Sunday Night Dead Show!!!!!! Sometimes I wonder 'iffen Willie is not Plato or Kahlil Gibran, incarnate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ruby Moorman

    ~"Happy 420 Willie"~ I give this day of 4/20 celebration in 2018 just for you,... I hope life is treating you well all around bud, love ya & your always on my mind & how I wish I could celebrate with ya, but know "I'm thinking of ya", always have & always Will/ie"... Listening to ya & smilin bud! Hugs & I will always remember me while, remembering you Will/ie, ;)... Enjoying my medicinal medicines in my Willie's Reserve Vape Pen & I thank you & we all will always remember you are the one of the best & I/So Many appreciate & love you & I/We always will/ie...

    ~"Happy FRIday & enjoy your funluvn day to the fullest, CHEERS"~

    ~♥~ "Love, Hope, Peace, Joy, Laugh, Sing, Give, Live & Let Live" ~♥~

  16. Jeff DuPont

    love this song. Thank you Willie

  17. Helen Humphrey


  18. tiffany tadlock

    that's what we thought at one time

  19. Everett Eaton New Yorker

    Willie is immortal

    john hendricks


    Glen Stolburg

    Willie haggard and the possum... all I need


    Glen Stolburg

    AND Waylon.

  20. Rob C

    Sturgill Simpson has a great cover to this, had no clue it was a cover til now! Such a great tune

    Lemmy Cash

    Sturgill is a real country singer just like Willie Nelson his influences are real .


    The late, great Stephen Fromholz wrote this. He sings the "voice in Willies head" at 3:23.

    william gilbert

    Rob C still.... nobody comes close to the way Willie sings it

  21. john borucki


  22. Harrison Hutchins

    I thank you for saying in a song what I feel

  23. robin kjems

    Happy 83rd Birthday-Willie Nelson!!

  24. Linda Adams

    What a singer of songs....sounds a stupid statement but there are singers who , no matter how many years they sing NEVER do justice to the words or fully appreciate the power of them and the melodies...but not Willie, he is a Master of his craft and brings the perfect interpretation to everything he does...and long may he do so . Thank you Willie for all pleasure you have given to all ...........

    Donna L. Carl Kuchinski

    wonderful post....everything you wrote is oh so true...love to all

    Debbie Ritter

    Very well said! Totally agree & you put exactly how I feel about it/him in just the right words! So true! ❤ Willie! His songs are all beautiful & never get tired of hearing him sing or play!

  25. Jay Mac

    No matter what race all Texans love Willie....real highway music

  26. Phoenix Lazarus

    I personally knew Steven Fromholz. One hell of a great guy. Great song sung by a dear friend of his, Willie Nelson. Greatly written. R.I.P. Steven

    Stephanie Miller

    Phoenix Lazarus he was a great Man. miss him.

    Phoenix Lazarus

    Very much so. He was one of a kind. A truly wonderful guy

  27. Lorri Pohl

    My favorite Willie song thank you. I will have this played when I die.

  28. Dennis Turan


  29. Lorri Pohl

    Thank you Willie, one more time.

  30. Andrew Stine

    I sang this for my brother and his wife when they got married. Fav all time!!!

  31. Charles Traylor

    One of my all time favorite songs.....My ex and I used to dance across the living room to this song....good times

  32. heavythinkingnutritionist

    Love this song!

  33. reagan

    My dad and I were talking, and he brought up how he once requested a dj to play this and dedicate it to her. She called him weird, but it means a lot to both of them now. He explained that it goes to her, me, my sister, and my grandma. It touched my heart. We played it over 3 times in a row, then we went to bed. I then went on YouTube and I am playing it as I type this. This song is so touching to me, and it has made me choke up already. Thank you dad :)

    Homer Howard Morgan III

    I love this song so friggin' much, reagan!!! I'm cryin' already, went right past choked up!!! I just left Sunday Night Dead Show and thought of this song and Teresa Arthur!!!!!!! It ain't Plato, yet it has phrases that I FEEL and PONDER!!!!

  34. DJ Yarboro

    about 1:55 there is a guy singing back up, is this track suppose to be like this?

    John Ely

    djyarboro That is Steve Fromholz, the writer of the song.

  35. #1 person

    I'd have to be crazy . . . . .
    If I thought Willlie Nelson was a bad singer.

    Lemmy Cash

    In Texas that would be a crime to say that .


    One of my all-time fav Willie songs!!!!

  37. davidwat

    Is that Fromholz in the background at 1:53?

    Desert Rat

    Yes, it is. He is credited on the Willie Nelson album containing this song.

    Desert Rat

    The name of the album is The Sound in Your Mind; Additional personnel Steve Fromholz- harmony vocals on "I'd Have to Be Crazy"

    James Crane Jr.

    @Desert Rat I had forgotten how much I used to love this song....and I did not know that Steve Fromholz wrote it or sang background on it....I have learned so much about music from YouTube and the good people like you. 

    John Davern

    @James Crane Jr. Thanks, James.  You can also find Steve Fromholz singing it on YouTube. He had a very deep and rugged voice.

    Arthur Jacobs

    That sure sounds like his tremelo, I attended a songwriters workshop at Kerville folk festival 1986. he was one of the Guru/teachers along with Nancy Griffith,&Bob Gibson. unforgettable experience.

  38. Gary Denton

    Steven Fromholz, poet laureate of Texas, covered by Willie Nelson.

  39. Clayton Vernon

    Goodbye, Steve. Feeling a bit older today.

  40. ttlms

    RIP Steve Fromholz.

  41. Jason Smith

    I remember being in basic training 10 years ago, had my face in the grass and saw an ant crawl by. I just remember thinking of this song and laughing. They probably thought i was crazy....

  42. Thomas Nighbor


  43. greeneyedgirl1975


  44. LSUswanny62

    Sturgill Simpson does a great cover of this song.

  45. Banjo Jones

    one of his best.

  46. Amhlair

    Thank you, I'd forgot just how good this is.

  47. john9944

    I love Mickey's harp playing on this track. But, then I love his harp playing period.

  48. Craig Flint

    This is one of the best from one of the best.

  49. dunsta5

    completamente loco bb

  50. Donna Johnson

    I remember my mom and dad coming home with our first console stereo with just a couple of albums and this was one of them. This song brings back such good memories and a warm wonderful feeling! Thanks Willie for the many years of such beautiful music and memories.
    ----Donna in Jacksonville, FL

  51. Michael Young

    So beautiful....

    Becka Glass

    Michael Young ❤️