Willie Nelson - God's Problem Child Lyrics

I did the best I could do
But the best I could tell
The higher I flew
The farther I fell

Born in the mud
Raised in the wild
Washed in the blood
God's problem child

I feel the shine
Following me
Not far behind
That's where I wanna be
A little out of time
Fine by me

Darkness may fall
We still got a light
Keeping us all
Safe through the night
Heaven must love
God's problem child
Heaven must love
God's problem child
Heaven must love
God's problem child

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Willie Nelson God's Problem Child Comments
  1. David Pruitt

    There will never be another Willie Nelson!

  2. Triketacular

    True Class, Thank You Willie

  3. joegodsey

    R.I.P. Tony Joe White Thank you for the music

  4. Nomad Jeff

    Saw Leon years ago with only about 75 people in the room. Felt like it was your living room. Met Willie in 1978 and he was very gracious especially when he found out we had snuck backstage. When his security busted us he let us stay because we were GI's. Willie laughed his ass off that two 20 year old's got past his security (bikers in those days). They even fed us and gave us a beer. Willie is one I'm going to take hard the day he passes. I've always said Willie brings out the best in people somehow no matter who you are or what genre of music you prefer. That's a rare talent in an artist.

  5. Ronnie Chambers

    Great song

  6. Rhonda Smith

    I often see Him shaking his head in disbelief, only to Love me More Than I Ever Been Loved!

  7. Rhonda Smith

    From one rebel to another with a Life mission.. Yeah here I go My Brother! chasing peace! here's hoping I find it!

  8. Darth Hasbro

    Idk ur name but God ain't Jesus...Jesus is annoying...worse than I ever could be...he talks too much I left

  9. Darth Hasbro


  10. Darth Hasbro


  11. mrjodel

    R.I.P. Tony Joe White and Leon Russell.

  12. Doris Johansson


  13. Russell Rogers

    a song thats my life there so great

  14. Russell Rogers

    dam willie and trigger both or great there my heros

  15. Lennie Volle


  16. Michael Thornton

    A touch of blues I love it, this is amazing!

  17. obadiah danyels

    This song has a powerful message

  18. obadiah danyels

    Willie nelson is a legend

  19. daphne womack

    Can't get enough of this song.

  20. Jason Mulvany

    God's Problem Child TRU & ROCKS. I bought the cd!

  21. Stephen Eckroth

    I say this from my heart and soul. The day that Willie Nelson stops, will truly be the day that music will die. My mom and dad first heard Willie way back when no one knew who he was and said he was going to make history in the world of music. I can't imagine my day without listening to Willie Nelson. I've been playing drums and toured the world over for over 50 years. My one wish has always been to play with Willie. His songs inspire the values that every human should strive to have.

    John Doe

    The day Willie stops we all stop

    george compton

    True country music won't be the same without Willie Nelson

  22. DJ Trendsetta

    Shotgun Willie still shootin' with buckshot, baby.

  23. Kathy Grigsby

    I love you Willie. your the best ever.

  24. Nate Bayna

    Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson my favorite two country singers

    Buck Shot

    Oh c'mon! You can't just settle for half of thw highwaymen!


    Buck Shot I agree but there are so many good country artists both past and present


    Nate Bayna Johnny Cash is the GOAT 💯💯💯

  25. J Ferg

    Amanda you are so right

  26. Darla Simms

    i love this song i love you so much

    Suzy Harthcock

    Darla Simms. Ditto😎🌻⚜🙏🏻🌞💜💜

  27. Ed Collins

    Missing Leon RIP

    Josephine Hammick

    Ed Collins and Tony Joe

  28. Cindy Anshutz


  29. Jim Malcolm

    Nelson is Everest. or is Everest, Nelson. The highest peak of musicians.

    laughing crying emoji laughing crying emoji

    Jim Malcolm that is the highway man group

  30. cindy coleman

    can anyone tell me who is singing each line here...other than Willie?

    cindy coleman

    in which order?  I see 3 other singers listed....after Willie, in which order do they sing?  and thanks for replying.


    They are listed in order. First Willie next voice Tony Joe, next voice Leon and then Jamey

    cindy coleman

    thanks so much


    cindy coleman Tony Joe White's first line is "Born in the mud, washed in the Blood, God's Problem Child"

    Journey Calder

    Its says under willie

  31. jod6cindy

    One of the very few country songs I have heard in the last 15 years that I like. Of course, it's more blues than country (and NOTHING like today's "country music"), so that's probably why I like it (along with the extended instrumental passage, which I love in ANY song).


    jod6cindy if you want to hear blues or rather jazz inspired country music look up a song titled "Night Life" by Ray Price. it was the first Willie Nelson written song to chart.

    Aaron Hotchner

    jod6cindy Fuck Luke Bryan...

    Lucas Hendrickson

    Tony joe white makes this song The blues

  32. Derek Barriault

    Kinda better than his older works

    Buck Shot

    Just keeps getting better with age. 😊👌

  33. Derek Barriault

    Got a blues element to it

  34. Amanda Baker

    close your eyes and get carried away

    Andrew Pyles


  35. Candace D

    My Mother Loves this song

  36. Deana Williams

    Love this so much!

    joe gurule

    jack johnson

  37. Denton Ramsey

    This shit is so right willie still killing it

    John Oneill

    DR Outdoors his new stuff is sofa king great!!!!!


    john not as goof as his old stuff