Williams, Vanessa - Dreamin' Lyrics

For the life of me
I never thought that it could be
The way it stands right now
Emotions running high
Every night I wish that I
Could tell you how I feel
Those words are here in my heart
Oh but there is just one missing part

How to put it together
How to say it right
And let you know that
Every night

I'll be dreamin'
Hoping baby you will be there
I'll be dreamin'
Hoping baby you will be there

Let me take time out
To try and find out
If this could be real
Cause reality scares me
I've been living a fantasy
How should I feel

Those words are here in my heart
Oh but there is just one missing part

How to put it together
How to say it right
And let you know that
Every night

I'll be dreamin'
Hoping baby you will be there
I'll be dreamin'
Hoping baby you will be there

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Williams, Vanessa Dreamin' Comments
  1. kkk aaa

    Vanessa is so pretty!

  2. Shawnta McDonald

    One of my favorites,I used to stay up to catch this one on video soul and midnight love back then.

  3. Phillypride610

    Vanessa Williams May be the most stunning woman to ever live

  4. ɴᴅɢᴏᴄʜʏʟᴅ

    still bumpin in 2020...

  5. mauricey

    That baseline tho

  6. James Gregg

    Beautiful song

  7. Tim G.

    💕Vanessa Williams💕 💋😘

  8. Sherri Edwards

    This my song it’s 2020 🎉🥳

  9. donkeygospel6

    Who is the HOT AF guy in this video? Someone has to know!


    I think he's the one who got a sex change to a female

  10. Devin Hill

    When True Love Conquers Materialism. Nonetheless Materialism is Always Nice and Accepted. Timeless Classic Mrs. Vanessa Williams. Thank you...

  11. Helen Bestman

    This guy is a girl now.

  12. William Davenport

    This was a video I saw with my friend Brian before he passed away. RIP Brian! Miss you!

  13. Gwendolyn Appleby

    Wow i sung this song at a talent show and won wow i was like 20 so young so beautiful back then


    So youre fugly now?

  14. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspaniala vanessa williams

  15. The Divine Masculine

    Not easy to find a woman this beautiful today without showing everything on instagram. I miss how they carried themselves as wifys back then.

    Brenda Lockhart

    Beautiful song sung by a beautiful woman. She got some pipes.


    Wifey? Women dont have to restrict themselves to men ownership titles

  16. Aaron Chambliss

    Whomever disagrees has no taste in good music. This track is Fire play back music.

  17. Charlene

    Qui est là suite à la vidéo de Stevy de Musicfeeling ? 👀

  18. Ernesto Bardwell

    Thanks Vanessa For This Song I Be Dreaming About That Special Sexy Lady I Got Have Singer Ernesto B Nyc🤗🤗

  19. Tre Tucker

    Never heard of her or this song in my life, but Nispey Hussle's "Dreamin" samples this song. That's one of my fave songs of his and i had to do my research.amazing! Lol Good job Ralo on the production !

  20. Marvin Floyd

    This song for my only Daughter Marshawn Floyd RIP

  21. Simply Visual

    Still love this song all these years later! Love me some Vanessa Williams :)

  22. MAC TOWN

    I’m going to do what rappers do and sample this track, another classic that is timeless.

  23. Christopher Mills

    living proof that rick fox is the stupidest man that ever lived... saw that. thought it funny enough to repost.

  24. Juecong Cai

    Growing up I always thought Vanessa Williams is the perfect package, one of the rare people who had both looks and talents. Usually it's one or the other. Not only is she beautiful, she could sing and she could act. Ok so 12 year old me discovered her from the Pocahontas MTV where she sang Colours of the Wind. lol I would sing along with it on repeat until my cousin swore she would destroy my cassette tape if I played the song ever again in her life.

  25. TCP

    December 2019

  26. Lizanne Whitlow


  27. Karl Brown

    always is, always was, always will be Ms. America.DAMN THE CROWN!!!

  28. Jacklyn Morales

    Still Dreaming 2019♥️

  29. Lilly Nonay

    She is so pretty as time past.

  30. Nathan Nicholson

    Vanessa I think I understand your out of the music industry. Your voice and sound still remains magical to my spirit. Please release another one.

  31. Alexander Stefanov

    I bet we'll still be listening to this in 20 years.

  32. Simon F Zambrano R


  33. Melanin Queen

    Luv the song, but I also luv her love interest. Whose that guy?!

  34. C. Rodriguez

    It's 1992, I play this CD and I dream of a portable device than can play all my music on demand and maybe double as a phone or messenger, and might as well install a computer on this device... Dreams...

  35. Rory Sharrock

    Vanessa Williams will forever be peoples. Her mom was my music teacher in 4th & 5th grade.

  36. Marlowe Gregory


  37. ackackjohnnyk

    All hail Miss America

  38. Jamie Renee

    Here in December 2019, she was my idol as a teenager. Good Lawd she’s so beautiful and talented. Rick Fox is an idiot. Miss America pageant are full of idiots too lol.

  39. Clinton Francis

    Back in the days timeless music

  40. Antoine Townsend

    Vanessa William's Deamin

  41. Scott Thomas

    Who's watching in 2019? I could watch this video a million times over, and still love it as much as the first time I saw it.

  42. Thomas Jones

    She's awesome still Dec 2019

  43. Bridget Murray

    I like to listen to music♬ ♪ ♫ it does reaxing.

  44. snow flakes

    2020 :)

  45. Pazuri

    My Vanessa Williams 😍

  46. Milingoni Ratshili

    What a voice from a beautiful woman

  47. Icesis Searcy

    Dec 2019 still listening hoping baby u will be there ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  48. Kevin Savage

    Nipsey hussle "dreamin" brought me hear. Great sample r.i.p. Nip

    Tre Tucker

    LMAO came here to say the exact same thing! I aint know nothing bout this! Rip NIP.

  49. Curtis Michael

    She is absolutely stunning in this video!

  50. Dieanah Williams

    Girl I bee. Sleeping on this how did I not know. Dreamin before Christopher Williams dreamin

  51. Bridget Murray

    Music video.

  52. Donald Sheilds

    Old skool divas I miss this music.

  53. brian leonard

    My favorite love song of all TIME FOREVER IN MY HEART AND SOUL.

  54. S G

    Luv Vanessa

  55. Natasha Crook

    Where r my half's........xx

  56. Valentena Upton


  57. clyde elliot

    Hey..Vanessa ..here hoping that u have a chance to "tune in" to tonight's America music awards..2019 starring.ms Taylor swift

  58. Jacquettla Mitchell

    The original Tyra Banks

  59. Terrell Porter

    Still beautiful.


    the G.O.A.T. ; thank you VANESSA WILLIAMS

  61. Sarah Thomas

    I always admire Ms. Vanessa Williams! She worked her ass off that many today didn't have to go through! She still doing it! What a talent! All her hard work paid off! Dreamin!

  62. Kelly Thornburg

    Rick Fox was stoooopid - I am gay but I would NEVAH have left her, and we would have the purtiest little mixed babies evah. That being said, if I coulda got Rick Fox first, I woulda broke up that marriage and had half that NBA money and been walking funny from the RickD*ck. Just keeping it real lol

    Tre Tucker

    God you're funny! Lmao

  63. fireguy615

    Vanessa has always been pure perfection

  64. Dauseana Doingme

    I was in the 8th grade when this song came out. A lot of memories!

  65. Joshua J Lewis

    Her beauty is unreal..

  66. Race Bizzy

    This record is so fire💖

  67. J Johns Jr

    Love Vanessa Williams. Dreamin is my favorite, then Runnin back to you.

  68. Michael Beza

    She was fine...fine

  69. Igor Herculoid

    B.H. presente!

  70. Percy Frazier jr

    In 2019 this is still "Tha Girl", still "Tha Big #One😍😍😍

  71. Nathalia Herrera

    Que impresión de música , Vanessa Williams aún la escucho 2019

  72. Greg Blair

    The 80s was by far the best music ever played..I was born in 1970,yes I'm an old man now and grew up listening to this kind of music. They just don't play music like this no more..

  73. Lateshia Childs

    I love Vanessa Williams great singer

  74. Antione Smith

    It doesn't matter about her looks💯 She has a great voice when you focus on that you see how great she was💪💪

  75. Ruben Delgadillo

    She looked stunning in the infamous Penthouse photo shoot.

    Greg Padilla

    Yeah she did.

    Charlie Navarro

    Vanessa is still stunning

    Manny Avila

    I still have that original issue.


    @Manny Avila ……..I wouldn't say that too loud, I don't know officially if that is a "banned" issue because Tracy Lords was in that same issue and she was 15 at the time.

    Tre Tucker

    Wait! Is Penthouse the one where girls used to
    "Buss it open" (as they say where im from? Lol i remember finding those in my teen years!...good times..

  76. Fereshteh Amini

    Love song

  77. Tharan Manning

    Whatever happened to the quiet storm.

  78. Eric Binder

    I'm reaching for my smoked kielbasa Vanessa, hold up'

  79. DAB Smooth Beats

    Damn she was fine.

  80. virgil walker

    I'll say it again strong black beautiful woman they tried to destroy her but that girl is the best Miss America ever case closed straight up Legend young people may just be a lesson to everybody keep your head up don't let nobody tell you what you can't do

  81. Lacocobelldona

    😍 when before she started to break it down " i keep on dreamin boutcha every night" 💐🦄💗💋 Wedding Playlist for sure!

  82. Jasen Morganti

    Her eyes are so mesmerizing she is absolutely gorgeous

  83. Real Talk

    She was beautiful and still made one mistake while Beyonce, Jay-lo, Cardi B, and Rhinna dress up and perform looking like hoes consistantly!!!

  84. Real Talk

    A real woman of color beauty with angel like voice.

  85. Michael Beza

    Sexy...cute...young Vanessa...eyes

  86. Tharan Manning

    Brings back memories of the quiet storm kace.

  87. Tharan Manning

    Such a beautiful voice and woman.when black women had class and elegance.

  88. Eddie Garcia

    Just great music from better times truly things have changed since this was composed 🎶🎺

  89. Dr. killpatient

    Does Williams still sing ??? She should. She's damn good. I prefer her over Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston.

  90. Jessica Williams

    When folks actually sang the song where you can sing along, and not do whistle register the who song!


    She may have had Miss. America title taken away but in my book she was the BEST Miss. America ever. Adorable

  92. JAMES Pierce

    wat a truly wonderfuly beautiful woman with a remarkable voice "dreamin" sung with conviction on point 👍👍 u go Mrs America/ our Mrs Vanessa Williams LOVIN U!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  93. NIC FEL


  94. Andphel Mwanza

    When muzik used to talk to the heart 💞💞💞. I miss them those days. When life had a meaning demn.

  95. Hung Chung

    I'll be dreaming🎤🎵🎧🔊💯✔

  96. Raphael Bell

    RIP Nip