Williams, Paul - Waking Up Alone Lyrics

I took my chances on a one-way ticket home
Growing tired of strangers and the kind of life I've known
Thought the time for settling down had come at last
Guess I hoped to find a future in my past

Walk with me darlin' where the wheatfields used to be
I will tell you stories of my times across the sea
You're the legendary girl I left behind
Can't begin to count the times you've crossed my mind

And oh your children why the youngest looks just like you
She's the picture of her mother
But there'll never be another quite like you
You're an angel and a time that I don't know anymore
And so goodnight
I'll take my memories to bed
And know that I'll be waking up alone

I should have noticed that the years were slipping by
Still you're just as lovely as the day we said goodbye
Like an old familiar poem that still won't rhyme
I could get back to the place but not the time

And oh your children why the youngest looks just like you
She's the picture of her mother
But there'll never be another quite like you
You're an angel and a time that I don't know anymore
And so goodnight
I'll take my memories to bed
And know that I'll be waking up alone

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Williams, Paul Waking Up Alone Comments
  1. Rudd Ruddles

    Brilliant song writer

  2. Julia Read

    Rediscovered this great talent. Just beautiful melodies with beautiful and sometimes heart wrenching lyrics.

  3. Kenneth McGrath

    This song is a MASTERPIECE.

  4. ravenstrobe

    My flat-mate recorded this (I think from the John Peel Show) on his portable Sony cassette player back in '72, when we were both students at Sheffield Uni. I've lost touch with him, and forgotten who it was by, and several times over the last 40+ years I've tried to find it, and finally tracked it down tonight! What a song, what a nostalgia trip; I'm torn between pleasure and sadness ...

  5. Jorge Espinosa

    Paul Williams sings every song as if it were meant for you; everyone can relate to his songs.

  6. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly

    deathless ❤ ❤
    (sweet memories)
    sweet days
    are the good times really over 😢

  7. Pietro Bausano

    Señores conocía este tema de cuando estaba en Uruguay pero lo había escuchado muy pocas veces. Finalmente hace un par de semanas lo volví a escuchar esta vez en días de gloria on line, azul fm y empecé a rememorar viejos tiempos que (creo) no volverán. Espectacular melodía ME ENCANTA!!!!! Dicen que lo bueno viene en frasco pequeño como este señor de 1.57 m de estatura!!!!! Por esta obra de arte y otras más de su autoría, para mi Paul Williams es un GENIO!!!!!!!!!

  8. Darlene DeVegan


  9. Rick M

    The best singer/songwriter ever!

  10. Victoria Bao

    Un genio Paul Williams, quizás nunca bien reconocido por no ser tan comercial


    I love this song it reminds me of the place where we lived.the memories ..the hardships.sacrifices..

  12. Frank C.

    Lake Tahoe and Marsha, 1975

  13. Beckie Yarger

    My favorite song during the early 70's - lost a love at that time. It still makes me cry.

    Frank C.

    That makes 2 of us... same song, same time...

  14. Ursula Kur

    Someone wrote that the song didn't chart that well in 1972 (I think #62). It hit me like a ton of bricks and still does. What soulful lyrics. The age old dynamic of love lost and the pathos that goes with it. Captured beautifully here, wistful emotion coupled with a haunting melody.

    Patti Mareno

    Ursula Kur oh yes, Paul Williams wrote this beautiful, emotional song. I felt my ex wrote it for me 😯

    Louis Gray

    I was just a kid and I played the Hell out of this old song, still do


    Ursala, I think that Waking Up Alone was one of the truly great songs of the 70's. For someone who has patience listening to music like me, it is emotional and powerful. Amazing production too!

  15. john p murphy

    I love this song, The Sincerely That Only The Real Songwriter Can Convey. I love the line "like an old familiar poem that still wont rime, I could get back to the place but not the time", So Profound. As Paul; said himself "He Found His Angel" Karen Carpenter, She Saw What a Great Songwriter He was and They Both Did Very Well, Sadly Karen died very young.

  16. Dam Cayro

    hermosa cancion , tan simple , tan bella

  17. Norman Featherston

    One of the best living songwriters.

    Jorge Espinosa

    Norman Featherston stole my thunder.

  18. aussiness74

    Genius, pure and simple.

  19. vanislefan

    Now I'm really crying...

  20. Sophie DURAND

    I love this song too. Take care.

  21. Tom Prestopnik

    I remember this as a big hit on WKBW, Buffalo, NY at the time. Paul is still out there getting it done. Happy Birthday last week. President of ASCAP. Read his new book. Number one fan.

    Marilyn V.

    Tom Prestopnik I'll have to read that book


    Oh..i loved this song so much..! all songs of mr paul williams was realy beautiful..the lyrics..was so meaningful to me.it was 1980s

  22. Jaan Torv

    It's a bit like finding a jewel among pebbles...

    There's a chord sequence in the song from A to B to Ebm to G# that brings a tear to my eyes - matched to 'And Oh your children well the youngest looks just like you'

    There's not a positive comment here that I disagree with. And that voice of his - unique.

    Patti Mareno

    Jaan Torv true!!!

    Patti Mareno

    This song has impacted my life in so many ways. It brings me back to my earlier years and all that went with it.The old familiar pain still resurfaces when I hear it.

  23. R. Hi-Hat Carter

    This is the recording that I remembered while growing up in the eighth grade. It was my first exposure to Paul Williams the artist. He later did a remake of this song, but it was not as this rendition.

  24. ShanghaiJill

    Ironically, my first boyfriend used to play this on his radio show.

  25. Robert Frayre

    I really don't remember who introduced me to Paul Williams, but I do know his music takes me back to a great time in my life....I still have his albums in mint condition....fantastic lyrics....

  26. Kristiana Whitmore

    And I didn't forget your brother Henry. Get in touch if you see this Sandra. Think of you a lot and our childhood.

  27. Kristiana Whitmore

    I think of you often Garrison sisters. Charlottesville, Virginia

  28. Joe Milazzo

    I had forgotten this song until stumbling across it after many, many years.  It was always my favorite.  The man is songwriting genius.  I only wish I could see him perform live.

    Patti Mareno

    Joe Milazzo, I've never seen Blue Rodeo but their music has had a a deeply emotional impact on my life. Since I live 30 minutes from Boston Massachusetts, the chances of seeing them live are nearly impossible. I first heard their music in 1995 and have been mesmerized by their heartfelt lyrics and melodies ever since. If you or anyone you know, hears that they'll be in the states, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! YOU CAN MESSAGE ME WITH THE INFORMATION if you wouldn't mind. Thanks for any help you can provide .I deeply appreciate just knowing of others who appreciate their music 🎼🎹🎶🎵🎷

  29. MrVampiredog


  30. Nigel Bradley

    Jimmy Webb and Paul Williams, I cannot split them for being the greatest ever.

  31. Dandelion

    Paul, there'll never be another quite like you! :)

  32. Joe Herald

    "Hoped to find a future in my past"... "I could get back to the place but not the time"       This dude could turn a phrase.

    Phillip Brown

    I’ve always thought that.Since I heard this song!

  33. tralala1958

    paul williams is such a huge talent. no one does such spot on melody and words like he does. each line hits you in the heart and the head. i can never decide my favorite song, but this is one of them.

  34. Sometimes there's a man

    Just discovered Paul was the voice behind some great song...this one brought tears to my eyes...you're the man Paul...I watched your documentary the other day....good stuff

  35. Michael Pearo

    The greatest songwriter of our times. Every song he wrote has so much beauty and meaning. Wish I knew him personally, maybe some of it would have rubbed off!

  36. gubatsky

    i love the voice and songs of Paul Williams, where are u now Paul?

  37. LAzY Gigi

    love you paulie glad your back!

  38. eadie smith

    I know Paul!

  39. Michael Pearo

    You and me both. I have loved his music for many many years, great singer and composer totally under-rated.

  40. Virginia Lionatto

    I can get back to the place but not to time.... oh boy!!!


    Soo touching..i love this song..

    John Thomas

    "I guess I hope to find the future in the past" Wow. Irony???

  41. rac717

    It was a minor hit, but it was easily the finest song on the radio at the time.

  42. Elizabeth Turner

    my favorite Paul Williams song - brilliant songwriter, never tire of listening to him

  43. Jack Meoff

    I CAN'T BELIEVE this is not a hugh hit or #1 on the billboard charts
    I know a guy Greg Topper In OC, CA. does this even better ....damn great song

  44. 357344

    Never tire of hearing Paul William's songs......they are written from his soul.

  45. Nicholas Lupo

    he has something special ~ i'm lookin 4 a song to close a TV special back around 1984